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High paying jobs (Top 5) in India| Earn in Lakhs without degree


Have you ever wondered that, are there any high paying jobs without a college degree? You have heard it right that many giant companies like Google, Amazon, Apple etc. they don’t ask for degrees. Moreover, we all know getting a degree is not a big thing and the right skills are not available to everyone.

Every year lakhs of students graduate, how many of them find a good job or get placed in companies like Google. But, here I am not discussing about getting jobs in big tech companies.

If we look five to ten years in the past there was no or little internet, social media, and other digital platforms were available. People were not aware of the internet and they could use it in several different ways. After the digital revolution in India, people started exploring the internet and they realised the power of it.

At that time, before the digital revolution, careers like photography, graphic designing, animation etc. were not in demand. But the time has drastically changed now youngsters are heading towards these careers leaving the myth of career options only as engineering and doctor.

So, let’s discuss about five high paying jobs that you can do without getting a college degree.

What’s here for me:

  1. Graphic designing
  2. Website design
  3. Photography
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Video production
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently asked questions about high paying jobs

NOTE: Here I am not explaining ideas or tutorials to do. I have just shared some points about skills. For details and tutorials of specific skills find in detail on google, youtube or buy courses to learn.

Have a look on short summary of 5 high paying jobs below.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the domains whose need is required and increasing in every industry. In the advertisement world, the corporate world, software industry, automobile industry etc. everywhere you need a graphic designer.

Any digital design you see, it may be a logo, banner, poster, greeting cards, illustrations, website prototypes, vector images etc. All is the work of a graphic designer.

So, to learn graphic designing you can start with the basics of Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator. As you practice these later you can switch to more advance software.

Many online courses are available for free. Several YouTube channels are there which have great content on graphic designing.

You can also buy courses from Udemy, Coursera, EDX, skillshare etc. which are made by professionals and are not too costlier.

Once you are well trained in any software, start making your portfolio of the projects you have done. You can find clients on freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, 99designs, guru etc. and many platforms are available where you can find jobs or start your own business.

Website design and development:

Website designing is another high paying jobs. Many small companies and businesses hire web developers through freelancing sites and are paid very well.

In website design and development, here I am talking about the front-end development, means how your website looks when someone lands on it. The overall design and looks, graphics, illustrations used in the website come under website designing.

In front-end development, there are many languages available to learn, but you need to learn some basic languages like HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. You also need to learn some frameworks, libraries etc. but the three languages are must to be practised.

However, this is a growing field and you don’t need a college degree to learn the development of websites. Too much content about website development is already published on the internet in the form of videos, blogs, online courses paid or free all are available.

Also, some best platforms to learn website development are Coursera, EDX, and Udemy.

In fact, this skill can anyone learn from any background if you are a commerce, arts student. It’s a misconception that only engineering students can learn website development.


From the last few years, photography has attracted many people to make a career in it. Now photography has become an essential part of every industry. Actually, there is no requirement of a photographer, but the skilled photographers are in huge demand.

So, if you learn and practice essential skills in photography, you can’t imagine how much money you can make.

For example, you can earn money on the basis of hours spent on projects. Like, there are many photographers who earn ₹5k to ₹10k for just one-hour work, depending upon how strong their portfolio is.

In this profession, there is some investment like buying a good DSLR camera, lightning setup etc. but you should not leave this option.

Nowadays smartphones are also too powerful that if you have the right skills you can click awesome pictures. So, don’t give up and try some new ways. Initially, you can start learning photography with your smartphone.

Publish your work on Instagram, Facebook and all other social media platforms. Start finding projects and do that for less price than others or for free. Initially, this will help you to make your portfolio strong.

Social media marketing

Since the growth of the internet, social media has tremendously grown in some few years. And in future, this will be the most in-demand skills required. Those who love to sit in front of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, etc. will love this job.

If you observe from the past two to three years, many companies are switching their advertisement platforms from television channels to social media.

As running advertisements on social media is far cheaper and easier than television channels. Also, you can advertise to the targeted audience, whom you want to sell the product.

How to start? Firstly, learn to run ads on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. You should choose that platform with the most number of monthly users, no one can compete with Instagram and Facebook. Facebook has 2.45 billion and Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users and the number is increasing.

Source: Statista

Secondly, now you learnt, you can approach small companies or famous businesses in your city and start handling their social media accounts. Gain some knowledge of marketing, how to display ads to your targeted audience. There are many courses available for free on YouTube.

Initially, you will not earn and it can take at least six months to one year to make good reputation. Once you start receiving projects and do quality work, your value will increase in the market and then you will be earning a handsome amount.

Video production

We are seeing that videos are growing at a high pace. Everyone is coming on YouTube and daily content is uploaded on it. Video is the future, as all industries are going digital like, education, entertainment, health industry all are now delivering knowledge through videos.

This domain is very broad. As many video platforms are available now like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, IGTV, twitch etc.

Do you know? Every minute 500 hours of content is uploaded on youtube.

What is client based video production?

A client approaches you and asks for a video to be made as per his requirements. It can be any topic, product, service, events, functions, video ads etc.

This skill is very much demanding and rewarding. As you can’t make a video by just sitting in your home, you will need the right skills and production gears like cameras, mic, lighting, editing software also you will need a small team if you are switching to the professional level.

Initially, you can start alone. But in the starting days, you will be spending some money and can’t find clients.

Also, make your Instagram page where you will post your work and increase your followers. You can make your website where you publish your work, this looks more professional in front of clients.

So, hard work, consistency, patience all are required in starting to grow. Once you start getting clients the journey will become smoother.


These were high paying jobs that are now in-demand and for sure in future too. Anybody can learn these skills without taking admission in colleges, no other specific skills are required to start, if you are doing a job you can earn from these skills as part-time.

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Having more than one sources of income is always better for us. Most of you would have read this:

“Don’t put your all eggs in one basket”

We should upgrade with time and avoid that traditional jobs that may be less secure in future. If you are in college, pick any one skill and work on it with consistency. As it takes time to become perfect in any skill.

So, by the third or fourth year, you will be earning a good amount of money that you don’t have to worry about placements.

Frequently asked questions:

What graphic design jobs are there?

Web Designer, Logo Designer, Film and Video Editor, animator, product designer are much more.

Which website design software is best?

Some best software are:
WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver, Wix, and many available in the market. Otherwise you have to manually design by coding.

Which social media is best for marketing?

Facebook is most prefered, then Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, are also widely used.

Which photography makes the most money?

Fashion, Wedding, Portrait, Food, Architecture are some categories which are in demand and paid well.

Which video editor do YouTubers/video producers use as a beginner?

Generally, beginners use Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows users), and imovie free software (mac users).



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