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How to buy the best car in your budget?

Willing to buy the best car in budget but confused to select one? 

If you want to buy a car, then this is the right place for a perfect guide. 

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What is CAR?

car (or automobile) is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation. Most definitions of cars say that they run primarily on roads, seat one to eight people, have four tires, and mainly transport people rather than goods.

Source: Wikipedia

Abhishek wants to buy a car of the X category but confused between a few models. He is mostly confused because most cars look even the same from different brands.

He is right at his place because it’s his first car and doesn’t want to spoil the enjoyment with the wrong purchase. Here’s how he understood all the things in the car, what things to be differentiated. 

Many people are here like Abhishek who are ready to buy a new car but didn’t know much about them. 

I can promise you after reading this blog you will no longer be the same person in car buying knowledge and adds something more relevant to your knowledge which helps you in making good decisions for opting for a car in several options. 

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What you’ll get to know

  1. Explanation to topic
  2. Define your need  
  3. Define your budget 
  4. Chose the best car
  5. Know the right value what you are paying for 
  6. Conclusion 
  7. FAQ’s 
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Many factors need to be kept in mind before buying a car. It depends on person to person which car they want to buy. Is it a hatchback, sedan, SUV, jeep, etc. 

Every category whether hatchback or sedan, jeep, or SUV has a ground sky difference. Difference not in features, but in price, maintenance cost, taxes, etc.  

There are some tips also which you should keep in mind before taking the next step: 

  1. Never rely on one person who advises you to go for that one particular model without knowing the pros and cons. 
  1. Excitement is always there when buying something new, that means never hurry up for something which you are keeping for a longer period of time. Car is one such product that never took your decision of buying in a hurry. 
  1. When you reached your final step I.e. when buying sales executives, tried really hard to divert your decision into their product, but you have to always keep calm your mind and took decisions calmly. 
  1. They even tried to offer you some extra discounts and after-sales offer which mostly are a fraud because the truth is you cannot do anything once you buy a car. Their aim is just increasing the number of units sold by hook or crook even by using dirty tactics. 
  1. Always keep in mind that you are buying a car to fulfill your desire which your pockets allowed easily. Many people are around you who may have luxury cars but don’t get fascinated by them and don’t push your limits. 


“You have a family to feed, not a community to impress” Anonymous  

I hope you understand with this quote what I am trying to say with all the above points.  

Maybe it’s hard for you to leave your dream car and buying an ordinary car, but believe me you live more happily with an ordinary car than your dream car. We will discuss it later in detail about this in this blog. 

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Define your need

Before going for a car, define your budget which means why are you buying a car? For family, yourself, or you already have one? For family, yourself, or you already have one but want to purchase another one. Asking yourself such questions helps you a lot in your decision building for car buying as well. 

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Every situation where you are confused between several options. Asking yourself relevant questions related to your problem always helps a person in coming out of a  situation.  

Every thought has a reaction, when the idea of buying a car first comes to your mind,  surely many cars are roaming around your mind. But you are going to purchase that one car which best suits you and is in your budget.  

Define your budget

Many times it has seen that people walk in with a different budget and walked out with a car with an over-priced budget and again that is the situation where the trouble begins.

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In this crowded world, there are many out there who are wealthier than you and there is a huge possibility these wealthier people can afford better luxury than you, but don’t get fascinated seeing them. It’s their wealth which allowing them to buy the luxury.

You can also buy luxury but with a loan, if you are not that much capacity, but remember one thing loan can lead you nowhere. Afterall car is a depreciating asset. 

Let’s understand this point more clearly moving ahead one step further: 

Assume that your budget is 5 lakhs keep in mind that in this amount you can only buy a  hatchback because no company offers any other category in this range.  

If budget is 10 lakhs, only you can think for Hatchback and sedan, no SUV in this range. 

If budget is 15 lakhs, now some SUV’s start in this range. 

This range is limitless. So, the best way to identify your best car is to visit and explore different brands to get your pros and cons. Because when a car is manufactured, a lot of research is done on the ground level because the user knows well what they want and can describe better. 

Every car is good in its own way, but you need to find out which is best suitable for you. 

Chose the best car

After defining your need and your budget, it’s time for the final call which car to buy. Don’t hesitate to take a test drive if you know driving, you will get to know about basic details like steering position, seating, roof, turns, etc. 

Stock clearing method: This is a money-saving trick. When you go for buying a car in the last quarter of a financial year which is January, February, and March. Ask for the old stock of the car for e.g. if you are going in January 2020 ask the dealer if they had any previous year stock which is of 2019 if they have one ask them for discount. Dealer offers great discounts on previous year manufactured cars. 

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The hack is the car is just 5-6 months before manufactured but because as the year changes and nobody wants to purchase last year’s car but in reality that is a great deal if you find out one. 

There is no problem with the car as no one is running that car it’s just standing in the warehouse. That’s it. 

But also, be aware of the same trick because the dealer can put this trick on you, they can sell you the old stock if you are not aware.

Always verify your papers before leaving the showroom.

Verify each and every little detail by yourself. Believe me this little thing can sometimes become a lifesaver. 

Know the right value of you are paying for: 

Bargaining is necessary when buying anything. Here, in the car’s scenario, it also plays a major role in discounts.  

Know the art of negotiation: Never pay for a car what the dealer is asking for always negotiate the price. The decline at first but with continuous efforts and your negotiation skills they agree. 

Always remember neither you are making any favor by buying a car nor they are making by selling. 

Also take proof if you booked your car. Proofs are your token no, receipt no, etc. 


Everybody needs a car, but do remember somethings make your decision a good decision. Points to remember: never hurry up or exaggerate for anything, it makes the other person greedy and they try their best to loot you. 

Never rely on a single source in car cases. Always takes advice from different peoples but many people can put in dilemma also. So, take advice from experts and one who already has the same car you are thinking about. 


1. Is it necessary to buy a car? 

No, it’s not, the car is not a necessity it is a luxury. So, it cannot be recommended to you by me or by anyone else. 

2. Is budget necessary while going for a car? 

Absolutely, it is. Because the budget and you’re the decision-maker which car to buy. Always purchase a depreciating asset being in your budget. 

3. What if I am not happy in my budget car? 

You learn to be happy because that short time of sadness is much better than your budget honey trap.
And also, no one can stop you from buying a dream car. But with lots of stress of loan, your dream car may become your worst nightmare also, if you won’t control your emotions. 

4. Who can give the best advice for a car? 

Only experts which include who knows cars better, your mechanic, friends, and the ones who have the same car you are planning to buy.
There are lots of review blogs and videos easily available on the internet for almost every car.
You can easily access them and make your decision after making your own pros and cons. 


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