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How Honda was Found in 1949 | Complete History


Honda has been recognized as a renowned company having numerous products and spread worldwide.

It was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda who lived in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.

Therefore, the company is known for its groundbreaking technology and futuristic designs.

Soichiro Honda

The company started manufacturing motorcycles in 1949.

Honda consequently becomes the world largest bike selling company with an estimated bike sales of 24 million per year throughout the world.

Further,the company is known to introduce new and innovative engines, the best in their field.

However, for the innovative and best engine and to stay ahead from competitor Honda spend a huge amount of their investment in R&D.

Marketing is a vital part of selling a product as it requires various method to attain the desired result.

The company practice various promotion method most famous in all is Honda’s racing team in MotoGP and Formula1.

Therefore, Honda racing team has won numerous racing championship both in Formula 1 and MotoGP.

Company has a diverse field, for instance, Honda has an aerospace vehicle sector which manufactures private jets.

Honda has a big supply chain management because of its global reach.

Hence, they ensure that to adopt the most effective way to minimise pollution with their supply chain.

What we will learn Honda History

  1. Beginning of the company
  2. Expansion of Honda
  3. Company’s Journey
  4. Honda crisis in the economic slowdown
  5. What are Honda plans for future
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ’s

Beginning of the company

Honda, a Japanese company founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa.

Therefore the company had specialized in making automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment and have a well-known reputation.

Soichiro worked as a mechanic in a garage and having keen interests in automobiles.

Soichiro started a manufacturing business of piston rings. Meanwhile, the business was financed by one of Soichiro acquaintance.

Hence the company approached Toyota to sell its piston rings, however, rings were unable to qualify the standards of Toyota.

Soichiro wanted to know the cause of why its product was not able to pass the standard quality check.

Firstly Soichiro graduated from engineering school, secondly, Soichiro travel all around Toyota factory to learn quality check processes of Toyota industry.

Growth Phase of Honda

During the world war, the country was in a state of emergency so as the industry because the government asked the industry to contribute to the war.

Soichiro was demoted from its senior position during the world war, and their facility was used for making war aircraft.

Therefore Soichiro decided to manufacture business of motorcycle in 1948 and Soichiro launched its first bike in 1949.

The company slowly had a steady growth in the Japan market as it was less competitive gave a boost in the confidence.

Consequently boost in confidence made the company keep working unless of the hardships they experience Honda expand globally.

Honda Bikes in late 1949 when they were used as transportation.

Expansion of Honda

After the official launch of the company under the brand name Honda, the company launched its first bike in 1949.

Therefore the company saw huge growth in its sales after the launch of its first bike.

The company soon become the word largest manufacturer of motorcycle all around the world.

The company launched its racing team after 5 years of its establishment which was drastic and valiant steps that the company took.

Soichiro was very fond of racing from the beginning so he decided to make a team that will participate in the racing event.

The company launched its debut its team in Man TT Race in 1954 which was a huge gamble and later it was paid of by winning the championship.

Honda Revolutionary Product

The most revolutionary and mainstream bike that the company introduce was Honda CB750 that change the future of the motorcycle industry.

Therefore it was the first bike which came with a 4-cylinder engine which was invented by a corporation.

This bike was made symbolic in history and further was called “Motorcycle of the century.”

The always company came with an innovative idea that was a light bike which was termed as ‘scooter’ which can be driven by everyone.

The corporation thought of this light bike because of the youths and for ladies who wanted to enjoy the ride of the bike.

Honda racing bike in isle Man TT. 

However, the company was expanding and the company was in the big league with its rival so the company decided to establish an R&D facility in 1960.

The Company achieving in racing motorcycle further, decide to participate in Formula racing debuting its team after the launch of its first car.

Therefore the company forming its team in 1962 and debuting its team in 1964 formula racing.

Honda introduced its first formula car engine which was iconic in itself and named Honda V12 engine.

The car was impaired V12 engine which was ahead of its time because even was using Ferrari V8 at that time.

Honda V12 engine produces 12000 to 14000 RPM, therefore, the company was the first car to implement V12 engines in its car.

Honda first formula car RA271

Company’s Journey

The epithet of the D-type as “D” signifies the founder Dream for the company beliefs was to think about the future what innovation can be brought in their technology.

After the decade of their first launch bike, the company register themselves in Los Angeles (USA) as first oversea Honda incorporation in 1959.

As the rapid development of the company further resulted in them to sell around 1 million motorcycles in the US by 1969.

The company launched its inaugural four-wheeler in 1963 it was semi-trucked for the rural roads.

The company launched several semi-trucks for the markets and then they launch a four-door liquid cooling 4-cylinder engine.

This was companies largest production car as it was the first sedan car further making Companies first front wheel drive car.

Therefore the company found its first hatchback car Honda civic was gaining wide popularity internationally.

However, the corporation created minibikes considering the youths as keep it cheap from their mainstream bikes.

As for the youth can afford it which created huge popularity in the market.

Honda D-type Motor bike

Company Looks for different possibilities of business

After capturing the car market the company further looks for different possibilities they can enter and they tried their luck in marine, automobile business.

Therefore the company launched its first 4-stroke outboard the marine engine which they claim to be more economical, more powerful and quieter.

Soichiro Honda said in a conference that “if they keep on using two-stroke marine engine it will foul the water.”

However, it had a problem of leakage of oil which will mix water and pollute the water and harm the inhabitants of the water.

Soichiro further invented a 4-stroke outboard engine as it was cheap in maintenance and less hazardous.

Honda Outboard engine

Honda started the initiative of “Leaving Blue Skies for Our Children” was an awareness act to restrict pollution.

However, contribute Honda contributes to the act by, making vehicles which emit less CO2.

Therefore, they created the first groundbreaking CVCC engine which uses a catalytic converter which helps reduce the pollution and meets the strict emission standards of the US.

A series of events went by company compete with events and However state din the business in difficult times also.

The most popular car of all time from the company was Honda Accord, which was launched in 1976 with a hatchback and it became the most popular car.

However, the car became an iconic Honda sedan and the company is still keeping the car in production.

Honda crisis in the economic slowdown

When the company was expanding its business to a different country they had faced a crisis in 1990.

Honda cars became relatively expensive from their competitors so that reduce the sales of their car in the market.

However, that led to into incurring huge losses later on they had to fire employees just come out from the crisis.

The crisis follows up when the wheel of the car was embraced by the US authority that leads to an increase in the problem of Honda

The company suffered a huge loss as the company was not able to abide by their safety regulation.

Honda did come out and speak about it that “they faulted their R&D department, which causes this problem and will try to fix it.”

But the sales for that year was gone because it created a sense of insecurity amongst the buyer and the problem.

The company came with a fixed at the end of the quarter making them have the worst sales result of the century.

The company had to face a crisis in the year 2008 due to the financial shortage which was caused due to an economic slow-down in 2008.

Further, the company had to fire thousands of employees from their jobs and it was a very difficult time for the company.

Therefore it was a very difficult time for the company as the company was suffering because of losing manpower in a business where employees are key factor will be difficult for them.

The crisis made them back out from Formula racing because they estimated they have to bare $500 million in expenses annually for the team to stay in the race. The company had to shut here factories in the USA.

Honda cars in production line

Comparison between Honda and Suzuki

FounderSoichiro HondaMichio Suzuki
Year of foundation19491909
OriginHamamatsu, Shizuoka, JapanHamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
ProductsAutomobiles, Motorcycle, Water mobiles, Jets, Aero-engineAutomobiles, Motorcycle, and Outboards engine
Joint venture in India(Year) Motorcycle-1984
cars only-1982
Joint ventured company (India)Motorcycle – Hero
Car – Usha International
Reach (countries)150 countries192 countries
Plants around world12 plants 35 plants

What are plans for future

The company has claimed for the future that they will cut model from their line-up so as reduce the cost of production because the whole world is going through an economic crisis so they decide there will be less number of products further on from this year.

Honda has also opposed the government’s proposal of selling the sale of a battery-powered vehicle only by 2025 which are below 150cc.

The company believes that the two-wheeler battery power bike is not being fully prepared for the market.

The company still believes people are still unfamiliar with the battery automobiles and accept it.

This will take time for the consumer as well as the company to manufacture motorcycle which can be run battery.

The price of the vehicles initially will be expensive but will reduce in future due to future advancement

Company is looking for a promising future as they have decided to launch more electric cars that of petrol cars.

As they are looking to see a market in e-automobiles here other competitors are already in the business.

Honda E-car prototype for future


History of the Honda origin depicts the Hardships and patience the founder took to established the company.

The Company launched diverse their business every and strive that sector perform.

Honda had diversified its field so much that no other company can do it. Honda has product power equipment to the Jets.


1.What is future plan of Honda?

Honda plan for future is to comply with the new vehicle
norms of the countries and produce their product according to the standards of the country.

2.Is Economy slow-down will affect the company?

Yes, The company will be affected by the slow-down of the economy so they taking measures to reduce the impact on the company.

3.What are the new product we can from Honda?

There are a various new product you can see from Honda, starting with their sports bike as Honda has fully revamped their sector following up with E-cars and E-scooters.



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