So we know that without sleeveless jacket known as a vest or leather waistcoat. It is specially wear in suits like formal wear to look rich and professional in the attire.

So as we know that the waistcoat is basically wear for formal wear or semi-colon wear. As most people wear this sleeveless jacket in suit as three-piece suit. 

But when we talk about the sleeveless skin-made waistcoat it is same as normal waistcoats and the different is it made of leather skin for protection of our body.

You can wear this hide waistcoat with formal shirts, casual clothes, semi-formal shirts, etc. It can be wear in larger coat, in all-weather season.

As we see that hide waistcoat has open just like a suit but with not more than 2-3 buttons which can easily remove or wear. Well this vest has lots of pockets to store accessories like wallet, hand watches, pen, keys, etc.

What’s in it for me ?

  1. How to wear leather waistcoat.
  2. Types of leather waistcoat.
  3. Can leather waistcoat wear by men as well as women.
  4. Trend of leather waistcoat
  5. Difference between leather waistcoats vs leather jacket.
  6. Can leather waistcoat be customise?
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs.

How to wear waistcoat.

So as we know the sleeveless leather vest can be wear in office wear. Because when you wear vest with formal wear in winter season it might help inside the body.

It will heal your chest and provide you the warmth temperature so that you can wear with a blazer or coat when you dont have in your wardrobe.

You can wear this vest while riding a bike means it can also be used by bike riders specially. When bikers where it outside shirt or any clothes, it will give better temperature and with full protection

Because leather skin material is made of mammal which are not hunt, the skin is directly remove from animals first then they digg the flesh in the ground.

As you know the lifeline of leather is use for many years. So their vest will just get a marks or scratches but it will not get tear by accident also.

Leather waistcoats are used as party wear or event wear, we know that every leather products known for their fashion purpose, this vest is also used in casual wear.

Because there are not having the design in waistcoat but have some colors in vest like black, brown, tanned colors, navy blue and white. So whenever you wear vest try to take some combination of dark and light colors together.

Because when you wear light colors clothes so wear dark vest like black and brown, same as when you wear dark clothes try to wear light sleeveless jacket like white and navy blue.

Types of leather waistcoat.

When we see to leather waistcoats, there are only default colors but with different textures which are as follows.

Classy waistcoat:-

  • It is normally use for bike-riders.
  • It has only one color i.e. black.

Stylish waistcoat:-

  • It can be wear for party wear only not for formal wear.
  • It has different colors to wear with outfit apparel.

Now when we say about the types, there are different type of stitching process for your look.

There are different stitch waistcoat like 

  • V – Neck leather vest.
  • Diamond stitch leather vest.
  • Two chest pocket waistcoat
  • Four chest pocket waistcoat

So these are the types and stitched leather waistcoat. But which type of leather are used in waistcoat like synthetic, pure leather, faux leather, etc. So we will discuss about the skin material used in leather waistcoat.

Lamb leather material is used for their softness, flexible, and average durable. It is not strong as cowskin.

Cowskin has strength, more durable, flexible, etc. This is the only skin which gives competition to all other skin. It is one of the best skin leather used in waistcoast.

Sheepskin has soft skin, light weigh, very smooth and stretchable according to the size of your body.

Can leather waistcoat wear by men as well as women.

So when we choose leather skin we check that for which skin will be suitable according to the gender.  Because every human skin has different temperature to hold.

Now these waistcoat can be wear by men as well as women. But there are no unisex waistcoat who can wear single vest by both gender. Every vest has their size and suitable for men and women.

But the design of women is quite different because men has default waistcoat but women waistcoat has different design of waistcoat like one-side breast waistcoat, double-breast waistcoat.

This are the names of women stitching leather.

Trend of leather waistcoat

So when we do lot of research of last 5 years ago, the ratio of trending of waistcoat is 65 to 75%. When we see the manufacture sell the waistcoat in different countries.

But there are top 5 countries who sell every year in their place like United Kingdom, USA, India, SriLanka, Russia, etc. From tradition of normal waistcoat people choose leather waistcoast very less

But most of the people buy leather vest in winter season for their warm temperature. As we see that it can be wear with leather coat, leather suit, leather jacket, etc.

So the trending of the vest will be for the military purpose, police person, sportsperson, etc. and it is made for fashion person to know that this waistcoat can be used in the Hollywood movies too.

Difference between waistcoat and leather jacket.

Leather waistcoat

  • It is not expensive then leather jacket.
  • The size of leather vest is not close to belt.
  • It has default design with limited colors.
  • It has soft skin from outside as well as inside.

Leather jacket.

  • It is more expensive than husk waistcoat.
  • The size of leather jacket is below the belt.
  • It has lots of design than waistcoat with unlimited colors of jackets.
  • It is hard from outside but soft and smooth from inside for the normal temperature.

Can leather waistcoat be customised?

When we see the readymade leather waistcoats the size is for slim people and those who buy XXL or XXXL size of the vest for fat or healthy people. So they might get over loose or gets tight when it gets used to it.

What they do that they go to tailor shop those who make leather products waistcoat then they give proper size for their comfort and give some device to store small accessories like pocket watches, pen, coins, keys, vaccine, in pockets, etc.

You can make lots of pocket in your waistcoat but take advice with tailor too & not look extra bulky. So you can provide designs with pocket and they will create regarding the your custom leather waistcoat.

But there are few leather craftsmen who customised the waistcoat so research the shops and you can make your own vest.


We see that there are very few people who buy leather waistcoat as compare to leather jackets because most of buyers buy jackets because it also has sleeves.

And i personally see the result that waistcoat can’t compete leather jacket because of its style , glossy look and can wear anytime, any wear, any day and all seasons.

Where leather waistcoat has some seasons on that particular weather can vest be wearable.


1. How to take care of leather waistcoat?

waistcoat are mostly wear in coat or in jackets to comfort their body while riding the bike, but while maintaining the vest you have to avoid folding the vest because when we fold the leather scratch marks comes in the material.

2. Leather waistcoat can be repaired?

It depends on the waistcoat because if the vest are readymade and you want to lose the size you cant while cusyom vest can be repaired by the craftsmen.

3. Leather waistcoat can be washable?

Yes, take some soap wate and cloth and apply in the the leather and then remove the soap water with clean water to look new.



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