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How You Can Lose Fat Easily Using Metabolic Equivalent


The metabolic equivalent is the amount of oxygen you take while you perform any kind of activity, if our body takes more oxygen then it can burn more calories which you can say fat as well use it as a tool which is very powerful for any fitness goals either you bulk or cut you just need to understand and you can stay shredded throughout the year even in your bulk phase.

especially you can eat junk and still get ripped. It’s not that complicated just a sort of calculation and you’re good to go it’s all about calories in vs calories out that’s it.  

This is one of the favorite topics in the fitness world. And I can talk it about all day on this. Because of the flexibility that provides you with your daily life style.

Let me tell you this that no one is talking about it. Not even your favorite fitness bloggers and vloggers in on YouTube, Do you want to know why?

Just because they want to give the information that is good of course but at some point. They don’t teach you practically “How you can be your own trainer or dietician”

That is what I am going to teach you today so let’s begin.     

About me

Hi I am Sparsh and I am a fitness enthusiast but not from my childhood. I used to be very fat even on my last to last birthday my body weight was like 105kgs and I was really concerned about my body structure. But the day I make the decision not being in the body that I’m currently right now.

Then I started searching on the internet about fitness related topics like losing weight or burning fat.

There was not much clear information on the internet even though I try every single way of losing fat but none of the work.

Then I purchase the course and I become my own personal trainer. I want you to help with the same knowledge because I’ve already put time and my energy in this by learning and applying this on to myself.

We read books because in that book the writer puts his almost 5-10 years of experience in a few pages. And you are talking all of that experience in just a matter of weeks, that’s how human beings learn, isn’t it sound commonsense? 

What’s in this?

What is BMR?

The BMR (basal metabolic rate) shows the number of calories you need to sustain your organs and other internal processes like Digestion or excretion or respiration etc.

So to find your BMR. First you need to take some measurements like height, weight, age, and sex also plays a crucial role in this, and there are different calculations for both the sexes as follows.

For all the Man out there this is how you determine it.

  • BMR = 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (years) + 5

And for the women

  • BMR = 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (years) –161

Now we’ll discuss about

Harris-Benedict equation

So to determine the total daily caloric need, you have to multiply your BMR by the situations depend on to your lifestyle as follows.

  • Sedentary (little or no exercise / desk job) : 1.2 x BMR
  • Little activity (little exercise / sports 1-3 days/week) : 1.375 x BMR
  • Moderately active (moderate exercise / sports 3-5 days/week) : 1.55 x BMR
  • Very active (hard exercise / sports 6-7 days/week) : 1.725  BMR
  • If you are extra active (very hard exercise / sports & physical job) : 1.9 x BMR

Making your diet healthy and use Harris-Benedict Equation to keep up with your BMR and it will make your life so easy and yourself healthy if you do it correctly

Then you’ll have the near to the perfect amount of calories that you want to have to get your results on point. Either if you want to lose weight or gain muscle.

This BMR merging with Harris-Benedict equation you’ll get your total daily calories. And at this weight we can maintain our weight so

if we want to lose weight we need to eat slightly caloric deficit or if we want to gain weight we have to increase the calories like 200-400 cal if you just starting. You can go ahead only if you know your maintenance calories of the day.

The metabolic equivalent is just about adjusting the calories in vs calories out.  We will learn how we can do it.

There is a second way

Determine the BMR which is a more accurate and real way of finding out your BMR. You might want to know why the above method is not accurate because that method gives you the rough estimation of any person like you having the same height, weight, age, and gender with their activity level, which is not specifically for you.

 There are very few legit fitness gurus out on to the internet that can give this knowledge because this is the way that can give you the real results. So jump on to the topic but things which work need real hustle, so sit tight and put your pen and paper if you want deep info for this whole metabolic topic. The method I will tell you today is pretty easy and more accurate

1-2 weeks

Look now, if you eating the same food that you’re eating (meaning if you’re taking the same amount of calories )  on to those calories your weight stays the same and you’re testing this from 1-2 weeks then take a pen-paper to write down all the food that you have eaten for those 2 weeks.

Then open Google and search for the calories for that particular food and count you total calories of the day. When you have the calories of all the days in the first & second week, count the average calories of the first and second week.

The average total daily caloric intake for two weeks will be your BMR which is more accurate and specifically for you because your weight is staying on to those average caloric intake/day.

Now you know the BMR but you need to know about your goals (meaning you want to lose weight or gain weight or stays the same but why do you find the BMR if you want to remain the same)


The full form of TDEE is “Total Daily Energy Expenditure“  Which means the total amount of calories you burn throughout the day, it includes every single work you do no matter what it is Here I want you to know one more thing which is



Metabolic Equivalent (MET)

The metabolic equivalent is the amount of oxygen you take while you perform any kind of activity , if our body takes more oxygen then it can burn more calories which you can say fat as well. every exercise has different oxygen consumption like in here below

metabolic equivalent activity chart

So suppose if you are doing yoga and its MET value  is 3 and what you just need to do is put that in the formula of MET which I’ve shown in here

( MET x 3.5 x body weight (kg) / 200) x total minutes

For ex: (3 x 3.5 x 70 / 200) x 30 minutes

Then whatever the answer will be that will be your rough calorie that you’ve burnt through out that yoga.

I cannot tell the whole thing about this because this topic is so broad that it can’t even cover in one blog and you’ll sleep as well with that. I’m giving you the simplest language possible and every essential knowledge in parts so stay tuned in here and if found this helpful please share with those who in need.

So you have to determine your energy expenditure shown in the picture with the help of the formula that I’ve given you. You determine your sleeping MET, sitting MET, and every work you do within your day. So to determine the whole day is easy to let me show you how

Total BMR : {(1 x 3.5 x b w (in Kg) /200) x 60} x 24

Calories burnt while sleeping : {(1 x 3.5 x bw (inKgs) /200) x 60} x number of hours sleep.

Actual BMR = Total BMR + calories burnt while sleeping

And if you want to find out for some particular activity then

MET(for particular activity formula shown you in an upper paragraph) –  (actual BMR /1440) x minutes (which activity is performed)

I know this is confusing and if you have any questions regarding this you can ask me in the comment section.


So the main point of talking on to this topic is to enlightened you so that you don’t afraid to the fitness and don’t have any sort of thinking that if I eat that burger or pizza that will put on fat to my body.

Just understand the basics of fitness and it will hell a lot easy for you to live life according to your situation not with your strict goals. For more information on low carbs or keto diet you can visit my blogs by clicking on them.


How it make me shredded throughout the year?

It’s not gonna make you shredded but you make yourself that one by learning the fitness basic at least.

Is this really work for the normal desk job person?

It works for everyone out there in this whole world who want to embrace fitness lifestyle

How is metabolic equivalent calculated?

I’ve already shown every thing above go and read this blog properly.



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