7 Effective Ways of Sleeping Without Medication

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In this article, You will know about how sleep fast without doing any hard task.First you get to now why sleep is important how sleep works and what are the benefits of taking proper rest.Although some external factors which alters your sleep cycle but don’t worry in this article you will get to know about how to tackle with that.

What you’re gonna read in it ?

  1. What is meant by sleep?
  2. Why sleep is important?
  3. External problems of sleep
  4. How to sleep fast 
  5. Conclusion (What you have learned )
  6. FAQs

What is Meant by Sleep?

Most people consider dizziness as that the body gets into the shutdown state.As well as most people wanna know that how to take better sleeping and why sleep is important…….

But that’s not true, “sleep is a shift of consciousness that reduce all outer stimulus,very low or temporary shutdown of your voluntary action, low muscular activity, go into a rapid eye movement cycle, your body energy and action align to repairing and restoring all parts of the body throughout the sleep.”

Why Sleep is Important?

Sleep Is very necessary for all the human beings.Why? because it repairs and restores all your body functions. but also your immune systems, and your energy as well as your brain capability to do work all the day long and ………

The most important work of the sleep is it normalize the hormone level in your body. Such as insulin hormone, sex hormone, calcium hormones of the kidney. I could go on and on ………………

If you don’t sleep properly you will not get the restored state of your whole body.

External Problems of Sleep

Light Effect

Perhaps you don’t know but the light is the most common factor that directly influences the internal clock of brain. Incidently,that is names as Diurnal Cycle (also called the circadian rhythm)of your brain. In short, its controls your sleep-sacks, maintain at the proper level of your dizziness and track record of your snooze activity.

If at the night time you sit in the very bright light. As a result,that bright light sends a signal to your brain that now is the time of day so you don’t have to take rest or snooze (message of the brain )

So in that way your brain sends signals to your body that the present time is daytime not the night time so you don’t feel sleepy and disturb your rhythm that the internal sleep-sacks according to that.In consequence, you don’t feel sleepy and laziness at the night time

Coffee and Tea

If you take coffee or tea at night time it will spoil your brain very badly.

Because the truth is taking coffee or tea keeps you awake and reduces the duration of your sleep as well as the quality of your sleep, by the way finally it keeps you in sleep debt. that is also called the Sleep Depreciation.

Nighttime Mobile 

If you use mobile or be in front of any type of screen at night time it also gives you the signal of daytime because nowadays in that type of screens have the blue light which is very bad for your brain and Sleep Cycle.

How to Sleep Fast 

First Advice

You have to take more and more work through your body all day. So that you feel tiredness at night time and when you feel tiredness. Fortunately it’s a very deep and effective signal of your nap eventually you get to the bed and lay down immediately.

Dark Environment

When night time comes maybe between 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Off the lights and close the window and away from all objects that EMIT light. As well as be in the dark environment. Before at least one hour from your bedtime

Over this one hour of a dark time, you are going to properly prepare for your deep rest.

Dark environment brings you very positive and wonderful signals to your brain of zzzzzzzz’.


Make the regular schedule of your bedtime don’t do partiality to bedtime when your bedtime comes you have to hibernate.

I believe you should take rest of regular 8 hours between 11: 00 p.m.. to 7 am daily

Here’s,What you have to prepare before sleep.Always wear lose clothes,Put Thin pillow below your head,Eat dinner 2 hour before,set alarm of get up early morning,And so on.

this image is about what we should prepare before bedtime in order to take better sleeping even you are a mother and gonna sleep during pregnancy.
get to know exact idea of sleep time and in this way you take good sleeping choose the right pathway

Best Bedtime and Duration

So by now , as we know how important to take proper rest. how much beneficial is this.Anyway now you might thinking what could be the best bedtime for you and good duration of taking rest … Here’s below your answer is ready…-

It’s not an hard an fast rule to take rest at exact time but yeah it could be better if you take before 11:00p.m. for all ..

  • If in your family there is any infant about 4 to 12 month so He or she have to take deep rest of around 12- 16 hours totally .
  • Small kids 1 to 2 years old should get 11 to 14 hours of total
  • End 10 – 13 hours of duration for 3 to 5 yeras old kid
  • Energitic children of 6-12 years of age should take effective 9-12 hours time duration
  • Teenagers of 13 to 18 years shouldn’t take more than 8-10 hours
  • The last, adults may take 7- 8 hours thats sufficient for them

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Position of Sack Time

So many people are there who laydown in different positions according to there likes and dislikes but there’s a question is what is the best position of snooze for your health?

If you look to the left side of your sleep position then you get to know that there is a huge and largest blood circulation over the left side of your body because heart is also present on the left side of your body.

So that when you sleep on your left side it will alter your blood flow or arrive Discontinuity in your blood circulation throughout the body because your vessels compress to each other

If you take my advice you have to lay down on your right side it is very relaxing for your body and mind and also it is very beneficial for your health.

Although there is so many controversies on this topic out there but you don’t have to take care of that i have told you true thing.

Day Sleep or Quick Nap ?

At your day time after lunch, You don’t have to go to for sleep of 2 to 3 hours.

After the lunch if you feel sleepy you simply laid your head on the table and set the alarm of 10 to 20 minutes and take a short nap means very short sleep which will increase your alertness performance and also make your mood good. and happy.It’s not like deep sleep that you take on night okay.it’s quick jerk energy restoration process.Anyway, You know that some peoples, Naps works as an best restoration and feel fresh as an night.

Taking nap can improve you mood,improves your memory power can also help in decreasing tension at some extent.Remember,Don’t take nap too late after lunch.

Sleep During Pregnancy

Here’s is a very very important knowledge which you should know you may have read the position to take a sleep in the above paragraph but now something like opposite to that advice

A pregnant lady circulate her blood throughout her fetus to provide nutrition and other materials.

So the better position for a pregnant lady is to sleep on the left side by doing this way, which will increase the flow and quality and quantity of blood with the nutrition to reach her baby. And the mother should keep her legs bent and has to put pillow between her legs .

In the pregnancy period you may feel tired due to protecting and providing nourishment to her baby. So chances are mother may take sleep more hours than normal days to overcome tiredness ….

Actually in the first three months of pregnancy this happens the most.

But don’t worry its a natural phenomenon.

Conclusion (What you have learned )

Sleep is the miracles for restoring your body totally and completely within one night without doing nothing ( consciously).

And You know,most people don’t take sleep as an very important part of your life.But now i have mentioned how much sleep is important and why everybody should have to take proper sleep.

In addition,You have read that right position to sleep and also there is another way to take care of sleep in during pregnancy.In pregnancy your sleep duration and sleep position both change.Besides, you also know about day quick nap and deep night sleep.

You also have read about what are external things that effect our sleep may be most time bad effect.Don’t use mobile phone or any other screens in night atleast before 1 hour to go to sleep.Coffee and tea also effect your sleep.

Take care of sleep, always take healthy sleep.

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1. How sleep affects mental health?

Because sleep directly connect to your mind . When you take proper sleep your will restore and repair all of the things you put into it.Because our mind takes rest.

2. What sleep deprivation?

For an normal person, Its need to take rest of atleast 7 – 8 hours everyday.But when you don’t care about sleep ,and if its long time that you keep doing same. Its lead to so many health problem after consistent non proper sleep.Which you can call sleep deprivation.

3. What sleep does for the body?

It restore all energy in your body. rejuvenates completely.

4. Why sleep is important for kids?

Because kids are in overall growing stage. in order to develop in an right way they have to take better rest.

5. Will sleep get rid of a migraine?

No, I don’t think it so . There’s no any as such research yet which says about it.

6. Is sleeping pills good ?

No It’s not good at all. It disbalance your whole body function. whether you feel or not it effect badly in an long term.And also makes you addicted to it.

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