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How to be Confident l Greatest Hacks (2020) to Transform You


The simple definition is, the confidence is a mindset to do something that is right for you, for that you are capable,to know that you can do, that is possible for you to do. And knowing how to direct your energize in that work. that’s it 

What is for you to know?

  1. Confidence Meaning
  2. External Promoter of Confidence
  3. Internal factor of Confidence
  4. How to be Confident
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Confidence Meaning

The simple definition is, the confidence is a mindset to do something that is right for you, for that you are capable, know that you can do, that is possible for you to do. And knowing how to direct your energize in that work. that’s it 

External Promoter of Confidence

You should know, some factors which affect your confidence (maybe it decreases or increase ) 

From the outside, over there out of your body and mind.

Lets me tell you one by one 

Successful People

 It gives you reason that if they can do you can too.

Listening Energy Music

listening inspirational and high power motivational song feels you high but it’s temporary


Cause sometimes other people’s negative statements about us touch the heart and there is an old saying whenever someone’s heart is touched by any harsh words. it creates some positive big changes.

Influence of Nature

-Being in the natural environment also improves confidence for a while.

Internal Factor of Confidence


When you see the most of the successful people today, built their empire , business, extraordinary health, fame, or whatever the achievement just from zero and even few of them from the negative ………. yes 

Maybe you ‘re thinking what do you mean by more negative here. i mean few people in their journey of building a business. he took the loan. Because they don’t have their own money to start journey …

Lots of that type of sacrifices….

But , you know. when you think about them deeply .and trying to understand things properly. it will cultivate spark in your confidence level … 


How To Be Confident

People Around You


Think about people around YOU with them you spend more times, it matters more 

“Cause you’re the average of those 5 people which you spend more time with.”

Search people of high inner true self-confidence, high in clarity, do they reflect positivity form inside. 

So, that all of the energize will come into you.

It also takes you away from the waste your time, energy, money in useless thing 

They always give you better advice.

This is my first advice of how to be confident

Gather the Knowledge

There is a very important point knowledge itself has power inbuilt. according to me, where there is knowledge there is confidence also. First, you have to know what knowledge should you take. I calls it “ filtration process”

After you have done filtration task .now simply put knowledge (learn) within you.

As I mentioned above over there “the confidence meaning power (inside out)”,it is nothing but the ability to do something ( which you want to do ) when you are filtering knowledge keep in mind that you have to find relevant knowledge which will help to do your that “something:”

Delete Self Doubt

I am the bruice lee fan 

Bruce Lee said, “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

By the way, You can know more Here’s Bruce lee

He wanted to show to the truth of oneself, according to him , don’t jump upon the other successful people for only copying purpose. you are unique, special, if you will identify the truth of what are you for, what can you do that no one cant do. 

If you wanna take my advice,soooo….ok 

Let me ask you a question, “What if you do the biggest discovery in this world?.” …..

Well maybe you re thinking what do I mean by biggest discovery? , what is it? how can you do that? You re not a scientist ..

Wait I mean, the biggest discovery for onself,is to discover true potential what you are made up fro ……. That it 

Doubt mostly comes from the uncertainty, but some people are himself a cause for their doubt. This is how you see yourself as a person. Cause you create self-limit only on the level of thought that is created by you. 

Take massive action ,it is the enemy of self-doubt 


The greatest person says, “you can do anything which you can imagine .”

I believe that what do you visualize comes into your action, your behaviour , your body language,your charactor.In simple words- it dissolves and assimilates into you.

Daily visualize you on the higher position whatever your highest would be. it doesn’t matter how big you want.

Just imagine the whole scene that you already achieve that. imagine how you are feeling, imagine what are saying about you, imagine what appreciation you re getting by your fans ……… and so on.

Really, keep it into practise will give you boost in confidence …

Hard Task First

My favorite book “EAT THAT FROG’ for productivity secret helps me a lot.

You know, in this book, one principle which i think very awesome to give nitrous just like sport car in your confidence increment.

In the book words, “If you have to eat a big dirty frog one day, then what time do you prefer to eat”

Morning, afternoon or night ……think about it 

And also another very dangerous question in this book,” If you have given to eat some frog,(including smaller ones and larger ones _)” 

Then in that case what would you think ?…….

What would you like to do ….what action would you take ?

Well the author said, “ you should eat the bigger ones first of all

Yeah….. I know it sounds very bad …..ugly , and also feeling vomiting.

But here that learning that the author was trying to put it into your mind .- whenever you have some easy task and hard ones and very hard ones, you should always do the very hard task first of all, after just getting up in the morning ……….

DO HARD THING first makes you feel a high achiever on the subconscious level


So many religious preacher says, you have to be grateful what you have today.if don’t be grateful for what you already have so you won’t get what you want.

Cause being a thankful guy make you feel resourceful…… 

And open minded 

Body Language

Your body and mind are interconnected to each other .what your mind think about . it express through your body moves or simple say body language .and in what manners your nonverbal communication communicates revealed your mind thoughts.

And the thoughts pattern are connected to your confidence.

So finally body language has a indirect connection to confidence 

Be open-minded and become getting in open body langauging

Change the way you breathe, the way you move (maybe you do not moves ) your hand to talk to someone, see your posture, think about how you stand, and when you meet someone how you shake your hand.

Note- you know open body language helps to overcome stage fear also .

First Say Love You to Yourself 

This is the first step of stairs to be confident in the relationship.

You have to love yourself, believe in yourself.

So above all are the tips about how to be confident


Confidence gets you a strong dashing personality guy.

Its make you powerful in terms of whatever you do 

You become limitless and boundless Being Confident is most important important thing for you for all the pillars of your life. Whether it could be personal life or could be professional life or any part of your life.

Now, you know, you know many great tips on how to be confident.

Let me know , which of these you like the most and which of these you’re gonna implement in your life now .

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1. Why confidence is important at work?

Confidence comes form an “How” not from “what”.Suppose you want to start your gym business and you want to have confidence in yourself to do excellently.So, you need to focus on “how” part of gym business. Gather the knowledge from various sources about how successful business run. what are mistakes usually fails business do. what to need to have an excellent gym apartment. and so on. you need to acquire and understand inside to outside of gym.Note- get knowledge from right source, observe the reality as it is.

2. How to build confidence in job interview?

First of all, make yourself free from over thinking about outcome after the interview whether you think about positive result or negative result.Because thinking about an result you only get lower self esteemadn get fear etc.
Secondly, What you really want to do that observe and get real knowledge about what an interview look like what question are owner generally asking.And then prepare yourself.say true to yourself that you’re capable of their company or not. If yes, then be free from result. and focus on the process.

3. Why confident important?

Being an confident help you to do  any work effectively and more efficiently. People will like you. you won’t be afraid before began to any project of your business.you’ll be able to control your emotions & become more responsible.You won’t procrastinate.

4. Why confidence is important in public speaking?

Confidence is like energy. If there will confidence inside you,will radiate out there in from of invisible energy. you will be able to connect your audience with you by heart.

5. Is confidence means be fearless?

LIsten, A person become first be confident at certain thing and then he or she be fearless to do that.Got it.



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