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How to be Happy on Difficult Days – 3 Best Spiritual Ways

How to be Happy on Difficult Days

Today you will learn that How to be Happy on Difficult Days,

Happiness is not something that comes from outside like from buying new gadgets, by travelling or something else,

But it is the only one that comes from in our inner soul which makes us happy in every situation whether it is difficult days or something else. By knowing the three main points like repeating good thoughts for every negative thoughts,

You will know the meaning of happiness and how to achieve this happiness and in last topic you will learn that how to clean your mind with small Practices.

So by following given steps you will be a to think that how to be happy on difficult days,Happiness is the beautiful important part of our life that we can create easily

But we don’t want to try it but some people remain happy and keep smile on their face. So let’s read the following ways which will definitely help you that how to be happy on difficult days

Let’s Find out :- 

  1. Repeat Good Thoughts
  2. Meaning of Happiness
  3. Cleaning of Mind with Small Practices
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

How to be Happy on Difficult Days

1. Repeat Good Thoughts

Repeating Good Thoughts will help you that how to be happy on difficult days.

Peace is my nature, Peace is who i am and Peace is who you are so Om Shanti means,

Om is ” I am” and Shanti Means “Peace”.

So every time just repeating the word as a greeting then very soon start becoming a reality. Anything we repeat or anything we affirm then very soon it becoming a reality.

If we let the opposite energy words radiate all out in the world then very soon

We will make them a collective vibrations in the universe and makes that a stress, fear and anxiety a reality,

So we don’t want that to happen because we want a happy world and to have a happy world

Because we will have to be very careful that what we are repeating.

And we cannot keep chanting that i am stressed and create a happy world, it is won’t happen. 

Chanting is not just a mantra means any thoughts that repeatedly is chanting is a mantra

And we have to be a very carerful that

We are not reciting any low energy mantras like i am stressed,

I am busy, i am upset, i am feeling low, i am worried

And then the best mantra it’s normal to be this way.

So when somebody ask to you that what do you want in life you say i want a happy life,

And if somebody say why you work hard then say i want to become my family happy so,

Repeating this happy word will make you happy because what you say in mind

What you become later so be think positive and be positive.

Read the following example which will help how to be happy on difficult days

Example :-

If we meet somebody who’s not stressed and not worried we say something what wrong with this person that they are not stressed,

They are not worried and If Tomorrow your child has a exam and the exam is not stressed then we teach them that how to create stress,

We teach them that how to fear as well as we teach them that how to worry and after teaching them for twenty years how to do it.

So we should only create good vibes

And positive thinking and don’t ask somebody that give me respect, give me love

Because you are child of god which is a ocean of love and ocean of respect, God knows everything what is happening around us

So what we will repeat in our mind what we become soon,

So be careful while repeating negative or low energy Thoughts ,

Only think that i am happy soul, i am peaceful soul, i am not worried, i am not stressed

So think like this everyday Morning and later you will become what you repeat.

So now you have learnt that how to be happy on difficult days by Repeating Good Thoughts.

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2. Meaning of Happiness

Short Explanation :

After learning Meaning of happiness will help you that how to be happy on difficult days.

Happiness means my state of mind stable and not fluctuating, not disturb,

Not creating any waste thought of the past, not worrying about the future, do not internally criticising somebody, not been judgemental about someone’s else behaviour,

Do not creating anything inside our mind which shifts our calmness to get disturb

And if i am not creating disturb inside then i am happy and

We need nothing , no situation, no person, no event, no achievement, no new object to be happy.

When i am not disturbed then i am happy because happy is a normal state of being,

It’s being like am i Healthy, Healthy is a normal way of being

So if i am not ill i am Healthy because i am not ill but the day when i am not healthy

Otherwise i am Healthy other days so same for happiness and that’s why if we really sit back and

See most of the time we are happy but we need to check when are those moments

When i shift the words a little disturbance, a little fluctuations

And when i shift then I allow my mind to continue to be in that disturbed state like one another and

Another and then a series of waste Thoughts and that’s when i have shifted from my emotional health

Otherwise i am healthy and normal always and what i need to do is just to check

Which are those little scenes of my day in which now i again need to practice that i will not allow my mind to shift to get disturbed.


It’s my mind and i have the power to take it where i want it to be and if i don’t take care of that mind then it gets into the habit of being disturbed gets very normal but one little practice and

I will have the power to keep this mind very calm , very stable always and if this mind is calm and stable which is happiness and peace then it radiates very beautiful vibrations to the body so the Health becomes normal.

If i am holding a lot of clutter, lot of past lot of baggage not being able to forgive, not being able to let go, holding old memories

Then it will constant radiate those vibration to my body, so if i am silent and peaceful then my Health is normal

And if i clean my mind from negative thoughts then i radiate clean vibrations to people around me.

Read the following example which will help how to be happy on difficult days

Example :-

If i am cluttered or unhappiness in my mind, i may speak nicely to people, i may behave in a perfect manner but i don’t radiate very good vibes to people and

Try however hard my relationship don’t stand on a very strong foundation because relationship stand on the foundation of the energy we exchange with each other in our minds

So if i just take a little care in my mind then beautiful relationship becomes normal so if i clean my mind

Then i radiate beautiful vibrations into the world and a happy world will very soon become normal because all begins from mind and yet throughout the day if there is one part of life which we are ignoring not taking care of it’s our mind.

So now you have learnt that how to be happy on difficult days by meaning of happiness.

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3. Cleaning of Mind with Small Practices

This point will help you that how to be happy on difficult days. It also play an important role to teach you that how to be happy on difficult days.

We clean our house everyday , we clean our body everyday because it’s human nature that love cleaniness and purity but we looking cleaniness, purity and perfection outside

But not our inside the mind.

So follow the simple method that their behaviour will remain their behaviour,

Their behaviour will not start living in mind and do consume their appreciation.

Read the following example which will help how to be happy on difficult days

Example :-

If i drop something mistakenly on my dress then i will immediately clean it with the help of tissue paper, water soap etc.

So similarly In the past someone said something to me and did something which i believe that was not wright and ask myself why i am holding that hurt and

Why it is still paining so many wonderful things have happened in last 20 years, i forgotten so many of them,

People have said such beautiful things in last 20 years i forgotten most of them

And why i have not forgotten this one and why it is so fresh as just it is happened now

Because they were the ones who hurt me which means who put that stain(low vibrations word) in my mind and i think they will clean that stain and i am waiting this is the only reason ,

They were the one who caused the pain and when i hold this this make me emotionally weak and when i emotionally weak the chances of me getting hurt increases another time.

Short Explanation :

Even people get hurt if somebody don’t like their post on social media and will say she didn’t like my photo yesterday this is why

Because they are emotionally slightly weaker so we don’t need people to do anything big for us to hurt anymore.

Let’s set one equation right today They and their behaviour is the reflection of their personality wright or wrong we are no one to judge,

We may label as it is wrong they find it perfectly wright , does that happen what we call wrong they call wright so we are no one to judge wright or wrong,

It’s just that it is not comfortable for me but it’s normal for them,

It is wright for them Now do some method and practice like their behaviour will remain their behaviour, their behaviour will not start living in my mind.

So now you have learnt that how to be happy on difficult days by cleaning of mind.

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4. Conclusion

These are the 3 Best Important Spiritual Points like Repeat good thoughts,Meaning of Happiness,Cleaning of mind with small Practices.

In these points allready explained vastly above with examples that Repeat good thoughts in your mind every morning say i am peaceful being, powerful being, nobody can harm me, i am a son of god. You become whatever you say so repeating only good thoughts in your mind and 

Meaning of happiness means our happiness should not depend on the materialistic things, real happiness comes from inside that doesn’t depend on anything.

So for getting real happiness you should have to do meditation, create only positive vibes in mind.

Cleaning of Mind is very essential in our life like we clean our home everyday so similarly clean your mind like don’t hold any past talks or anything else which hurts you because it can damage your brain so let go any bad past talks and step forward, do meditation, if someone say you something bad that’s means they are showing your unstable mind, their behaviour,

Whenever say you something bad it’s means may be you have said that to that person in past life, so all people have soul and body is like a costume, see other people’s soul that it is on journey , don’t vibrate any bad words to other, create only good vibes.So these are the all points that will help you How to be Happy on Difficult Days in a simple way.

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5. FAQ

1. What makes life happy?

Spirituality makes the life happy. You can make your life happy by doing meditation every day, repeating good or positive thoughts in mind, cleaning your mind means let go past talks or don’t overthink by doing this your life will be happy. 

2. What is happiness in life?

Happiness in life means our happiness should not depend on the materialistic things, happiness comes from our inside by doing meditation daily, following spirituality Knowledge, Spiritual videos.

3. Who are the happiest people?

Happiest People are those who don’t react on the bad behaviour of other and happy people are those who does mediation daily, exercise daily, consume high vibrations positive thoughts, don’t say any bad words to others and having stable mind with giving blessings to everyone.

4. What is the happiest stage of life?

Each stage of life can be happiest when we understand that what is good for our mind, so these are possible by don’t reacting on other behaviour because they are mentally disturbed, focus on your daily work, don’t overthink so much, don’t hold negative thoughts, exercise daily, consume good vibes, eat good hygiene food.



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