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How to Become Accounting Manager – Job Profile, Courses, Qualification, Salary, Scope in 2020


Today we are going to discuss all the Accounting manager.
Jobs, Syllabus, Skills, Certificate & Criteria in Accounting.

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well. Today we are going to talk about something. About a good job profession which most of us want to prefer.

And the topic and the profession are accounting manager.

Some of us are in love with financial transactions. We love accounts, and we have chosen the field of finance.

  • The accounting manager is a good profession. If you love accounts and financial transactions.
  • This one person who handles the team of accountants. With the aim of achieving the Company goal.
  • It takes many years of hard work to become a manager. From an executive-level with a good skill set.

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business.
The accounting process includes summarizing, analyzing, and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities.

Source: Investopedia

Accounting manager manages the accounting department. Where he monitors, analyses accounting data. Later helps in the financial statement.

Accounting Manager is capable of establishing financial data.
And making a smart system for collecting, analyzing, scheduling. Verifying and synchronize the related information.

All About Accounting Manger is here:

  1. Real Life Accounting
  2. Professional Skills Required
  3. Personal Skills Required
  4. Job Responsibilities
  5. Educational qualifications
  6. Accounting manager salary
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

Accounting in Real Life

You know in our family we teach to get a record of money.
Where we have to spend, is it the right investment or not.

So our family of bringing which has developed our interest in this field.
For me, I love to make records and make it written in my diary

Whenever we go for grocery shopping.

I used to count how much money spent on our shopping. Then after some time.
I have started counting. Many types of rupee note we have spent and how many we have got back.

This made my calculations so strong. And that day I fell in love with accounting.
I thought that in future I will be working this.

And after doing daily working like an accountant. Doesn’t feel like working it feels like enjoying.
To become accounts manager. It is not an easy task you need to go a lot of hours of work.

And smart ability to acquire things. Accountants are the one who drives business decisions.
With the proper calculations and financial analysis.

Want to know about Accounting in 2020

A Good Working Professional need some of the major working skills to become a Accounting Managers which involves

  • Manage all financial accounts
  • Prepare tax returns
  • Investigate solutions
  • Understand financial documents

Personal Skills needs to become a good Accounting Management

  • A good accounting manager must be multitasking
  • He should be able to solve problems
  • One should think strategically and make necessary moves
  • He should have negotiation skills to negotiate with clients
  • The accounting manager should be a good listener.
  • As there is a lot of necessary information to be recorded in the mind
  • He should have good verbal and communication skills

Account manager is one person who acts as a bridge between employer
And accounting customer as they tasked to handle the project.

Accounting Manager is a good problem solver.
There is some problem in the client’s expectation

So the Accounting Manager works hard to solve the situation

The customer needs some answers. He is available to answer those questions.

Accounting Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Accounting Manager is one of the people. Who acts as a bridge between firm and client and more duties.
  • Teaching the subordinates about how accounting work happens.
  • Providing information to the upper-level management or Boss.
  • Keep a check on the competitor’s action. And client’s needs which may affect business.
  • Check the client’s company accounts budget cost.
  • The gives the necessary changes to take.
  • Making the client give new suggestions. For the expansion of business to generate more revenue.

Education Qualifications Required

In our education system, any entry-level job position.
We need at least 10 + 2 or graduation so let’s take it if you are 10 + 2.

And wants to become an accounting manager.
But there is a thing it is entry-level. So the accounting entry level will be as a bookkeeper.

Account executive without any good Certificate. You want to become a government accountant. You have to study more and Crack government exams.

But some simple steps that I am going to tell are

  1. Apply for Undergraduate Degree

    Go for a graduation degree in specialization in accounting
    And Finance like B.Com- Finance, Honors, Taxation, BBA(Finance).

  2. Undergraduate Degree

    Earn a Graduation degree by completing 3 years undergraduate program

  3. Accounting & Finance Certificate

    Earn a certification like CPA, CFA, CMA & many more which will boost your career.

  4. Work & Earn an Experience in Accounting Field

    Gain work experience in the accounting field

  5. Apply For Position

    Apply and pursue manager job

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Acconting Manager Salary

  • So in India Accounting Manager.
  • A Chief Accountant on a basic salary of 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum.
  • But there is a major factor, which gives a difference.
  • Between earning 2 lakhs per annum to 5 lakhs per annum.
  • The difference is what area and expertise they have. In my reference, some accountants.
  • Financial literacy more than. Anyone but some have good negotiation skills.

I want to conclude that a salary. It will depend on your hard work your experience. And your ability to learn new skills in the field of finance.


You have understood that. You can become accounting manager with hard work and dedication. Accounting Manager is most reputed positions in the financial world. Takes a lot of years to reach there.

But if you dedicated in your work it is possible. Some successful accounting people are leading our country. In Finance ministry, which is helping a nation to grow widespread.

It does not only give you a good position. But it gives you financial, personal, society benefits. These are well enough to survive in today’s scenario.

Your skill set will make you one of the best accounting person. Or financial assets to any company where you are working. You are not working in any company.

You are able to organize these things. And work for your own self to be a self-employed person. Accounting has changed from years by years. From letter pad to transcript or to computers and it is moving forward.

You can be one of those who has expanded. These things to next life so,
I wish you all the best to become a successful person in your life.

I hope you find this information useful and best of luck for your future .

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions) about Accounting Manager

How to get government jobs in Accounting?

Government jobs available for accounting field, especially there is no managerial post in government jobs
But there are lots of good positions in Finance ministry, Railway, banks, municipal Corporation etc.
As there are surely need of financial expert who can handle all the the accounting work.

How to become Accounting Manager?

To become a accounting manager you need to have a bachelor degree with a good work experience
And good skill sets which are mandatory for becoming a good accounting manager

How much Accounting Manager make?

Accounting manager makes around 2 Lacs to 5 lacs per annum depending on his skill set and experience
But in some of the top companies they are getting much higher than this value

What is Accounting Manager position?

Accounting manager position is one of the top managerial positions which takes lots of hard work
And years to achieve by working and improving the skill sets which are required to handle lots of pressure and give maximum outcome

Who does Accounting Manager report to?

Basic accounting manager reports directly to the firms owner but if the the company is following decentralization.
Then the accounting manager is the one who directly reports to the financial expert or financial officer of the company



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