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How to Become More Stylish Instantly


If you are always confused about what things you need in your closet that can make you more stylish.

However, I am someone who has been facing the same issue thinking about how I can instantly level up myself.

Meanwhile after trials and errors, I came up with a few items that I think are must-have clothing items in your closet.

In other words, If you don’t have these items it’s good to keep them in mind.

So, in case you come across a sale or you find a brand or style that you really like

9 things that can make you attractive and stylish instantly

  1. Oxford white shirt
  2. A crew neck T-Shirt
  3. Skinny/slim fit jeans
  4. Chinos trousers
  5. White sneakers
  6. Stylish watch
  7. Chelsea boots
  8. Leather jacket
  9. Denim jacket
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQs

1. Oxford white shirt

Firstly, every man needs an oxford shirt in his closet.

Also, It’s just a classic shirt and in fact, pick a color to start if you don’t any yet.

In addition i would go with white just to make sure that it’s extremely versatile.

Moreover, you can literally wear it with anything, dress it up or down to look more stylish.

For Instance, You can rock it as your formal outfit with a pullover, suits, or jackets never the less a white oxford shirt is a timeless classic any day.

On the contrary, if you’re on a budget you can get one white slim shirt and wear it in so many different ways.

2. A crew neck T.shirt

Secondly, this should be the first thing you need in your closet a solid crew neck tee.

However, you can get one with the pocket if you want to make it more interesting and dressy.

But it is definitely not necessary and you can go with black white or grey to start with. Because at the end of the day, it’s just a tee.

Also, you can definitely explore different colors and you should.

Because I don’t know how many black or white tees I’ve bought over the past few years.

Therefore, I can tell you it’s a lot because it just goes with everything plus they’re affordable.

I would wear them under leather jackets denim jackets and they look stylish and of course, own their own.

3. Skinny/slim fit jeans

Although this is one thing that I still see some guys denying even if it is 2020. Firstly I’m talking about skinny or slim-fit jeans.

Also it’s just the best fit you can get for jeans nowadays.

However, I personally don’t have any jeans that aren’t taped or slim or skinny. Besides the fact that it’s been the trend for years now, there are so many other benefits of wearing jeans.

You don’t have to go for super tight probably you shouldn’t go super tight but you can go. something that fits you in a nice slim way from your waist all the way down to your ankles.

4. Chinos trousers

So, a list of pants cant be completed without mentioning chino pants and trousers.

ALso, It can be very boring to wear denim every day just for a change. However, you should have at least black and navy blue trousers.

Firstly, they are more breathable more comfortable and more stylish.

5. White sneakers

Firstly, this is just one of those items you need in your closet regardless of the season or where you live or your budget.

Because you can get it for like ₹1200 to ₹1500 converse, H&M, Forever 21 on sale sometimes.

However, these are your go-to type sneaker for summers we can wear it go out at night.

Also, you can wear it to go to the beach, be it your casual outing or whatever you can go with white kicks

Basically you can pair it up and wear it anywhere you want.

Since they are white they tend to get dirty very quickly, they ned extra care.

Also see here to know how you can clean white sneakers:https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-White-Shoes

6. Stylish watch

Firstly a watch doesn’t have to be expensive. Also, it doesn’t have to be huge, just a watch that’s going to accentuate your outfits.

In addition, you can have as many watches as you want.

Also, I know some people who like to collect watches. Because they know the importance of having a watch this shows you value your time and the time of person standing next to you.

Every guy should have at least one stylish go-to watch, and if you’re getting just one.

I would say a black leather strap or metal band that is usually the most versatile watches to start with your collection.

7. Chelsea boots

I’m a huge fan of Chelsea boots they’re so sleek they add such a cool vibe to the whole outfit and make you more stylish, but how do you pick the right pair of Chelsea boots?

Firstly, it’s all about the shape go for something stylish modern and sleek. For example, something pointy which actually makes you look taller in terms of materials or color is entirely up to you.

I would say that suede tends to get dirtier and its harder to clean but it looks awesome.

However, I do understand that some people aren’t just fans of Chelsea boots and while I disagree with them. However, I get it everyone has a different sense of style.

So if you’re not into Chelsea boots you might like having a brogues very versatile piece of shoes.

Keeping you in mind that these works both for your formal or casual outfits so not only you’re styling you’re making the best use of it.

Above all wearing the right type of shoes at right time is important.

8. Leather jacket

However, the list couldn’t be completed without this stylish masterpiece, I always liked this bad boy jacket.

It makes just so easy to decide on a night outfit for example if you’ve one of these in your closet.

Moreover, if you’re getting your first one don’t go for the crazy ones with like all the hardware and crazy logo and details.

So, Start out the with classic black leather jacket. Because you can not go wrong with this.

Earlier, I used to think that I wouldn’t be able to own a leather jacket.

Because I couldn’t really pull it off it was too much for me, you know to edgy and id tell you now if that’s what you’re thinking you’re wrong.

So, try it try different styles at a store and see for yourself.

Also, I promise you can pull this off it is just about finding the right jacket for you and feeling comfortable and stylish with it.

In addition the number of looks you can achieve with on good leather jacket is insane.

Moreover, pair it with anything you name from t-shirts, shirts, hoodies to pullovers you can even wear with a turtle neck. To sum up, step out of your comfort zone it is not gonna hurt.

9. Denim jacket

And of course, I could not have my list complete without denim jacket

Firstly, the fact about stylish denim jackets is that you can wear them pretty much all year.

Especially in India that can be a layering option for warm evenings.

But maybe if you live somewhere cold you can still layer.

Also since they are light no heavy as a leather jacket or bomber jacket and since the ’90s trend is back,

So, it is going to be here for a while denim jackets are even more popular and stylish than ever.


The above mentioned style items covers almost all the things and when in comes to more stylish and fashionable items the sky is the limit.

The above mentioned 9 clothing items can easily be mixed and matched with each other to get a new fresh look and eventually can make you look better.


1. What are men’s fashion and clothing?

Fashion and it’s choices can be very personal depending on what you have been following and what you have been doing, what you should be focusing is to learn about fashion by reading articles, magazine forums.
But you should never forget the rule of following basics that will stay forever and ever, sometimes experimenting too much can make you look like a clown, so stick to basics and play the game around it.

2. How to dress for parties or events?

Depending on the occasion if it is too formal you need to put on your stylish suit or blazer with your dress shoes, or simple good shirt with good pants and dress shoes will do your work, for a casual party, you can put white oxford shirt, black trousers and brogues shoes.

3. Which are men’s fashion sneakers?

Sneaker’s trend is at its boom, every brand is trying to put out their masterpieces to customers, all in all, the sneaker game is more around the world. White and shades of white are really popular sneaker trends and look like it is going to stay here for a while.

4. Are men’s boots in fashion?

Yes! It was and it is and it will be there for the coming years. It started with winter boots to military boot, not you have so much to try and so much to experiment for example Chelsea boots they are the fashion statement right now, very versatile and stylish.

5. Which men’s jackets are in fashion?

Ok, so I will tell you which are in trend and as well as they are versatile. Starting from the masterpiece the bad boy leather jacket I mean yes wearing a leather jacket instantly makes you more masculine at the same time this looks classy, depending on your personality you can carry the way you want.
Number two on the list which comes from the 90’s era the denim jackets they are back and trending whenever before plus you can rock it all season you don’t have to look for the right time to wear it.
Bomber jackets, this is subjective some of my friends say it is not for them I feel its good if you have the other two, it gives you a casual vibe.



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