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How to Clear Past Karma – 2 Best Spiritual Ways

How to Clear Past Karma

Today you will learn that How to Clear Past Karma.

Sometimes things happen with us and then we say why this happened to me

And why they did behave like this to me , these are all the past karma which we have not cleared in the past life,

With just two method or techniques which are meditation and vibrations of food are fully discussed below. So let’s follow the following steps that how to clear past karma easily.

Let’s Find out :- 

  1. Meditation
  2. Vibrations of Food
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ

How to Clear Past Karma

1. Meditation

Meditation will help that how to clear past karma. we are living in times of uncertainty,

A lot of unpredictable karma’s will come before you and very close

People will do something you had never ever thought of it can happen

So take care protect yourself, don’t respond with that same quality of karma back to them,

Protect yourself and when you do that you are also protecting them so

If someone is doing which is little not right every morning keep three minutes of your meditation for them

And we do in that three minutes, three lines only.

Read the following explanation that will help that how to clear past karma

First line bring them on the screen of your mind and

Say i am sorry for what i had done in the past to you , I don’t remember what i have done

But i am sorry for what i had done in the past to you,

I forgive you for what you are doing to me, past is over from today

My every thought for you is full of love, respect and blessings and karmic account between you and me is over and this will finish the energy exchange happening

And i hold nothing against you for what has happened in the present after

That there is only love and respect and blessings between us change.

What the person has done to us is only a consequence of the past,

The law of country will take action

It doesn’t mean okay let him if someone harms you physically badly


In our mind we don’t want to remain entangled with this person even with the energy of hatred because if think of that person

Then you are in a closed karmic connection with that soul even in the present

And also will remain even in the future.

Read the following explanation that will help you that how to clear past karma easily.

So Repeat these three lines in your every meditation time that is Sorry for

What i have done in the past and

I forgive you for what you are doing in the present and Past Karmic account is over

And from today my every thought for you is compession, love and blessings and

When we do this then in our mind all that we have been holding for years will started cleaned up

So we jave just gifted ourselves peace and happiness

And that will radiate to our body we have just gifted ourselves physical health

And mental health and no depression and

That will give peace to the mind and that will radiate from you to the people around you and

You just gifted yourself beautiful relationships and that purity of your mind will radiate into the world and

You have just contributed towards creating a peaceful world so much by cleaning in mind,

It is so beneficial for us , we are not doing any favor to them so focus only on our karma.

So now you have learnt that how to clear past karma by understanding meditation concept and

You can now help others by sharing this article that how to clear past karma easily.

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2. Vibrations of Food

Vibrations of Food will help that how to clear past karma.

Three Energies which we have to take care of One Energy the money we earn should be very pure

Which means the people we work with the people we work for should all be happy and contented with us our workplace and when they are happy then the money which we earn is coming with lot of blessings, Second Energy the food we eat,

Food plays a very powerful role on the state of our mind,

Today we want to have emotional health, we want our family to have high emotional health

So please check the quality of food we eat, don’t focus on the physical nutrients, check

What is the vibrations of the food i eat that is the emotional nutrient of diet.

Read the following example that will help that how to clear past karma easily.

Example :-

An animal in the slaughter house for 10 days, 15 days or 1 month then the state of mind of the animal will be fear, hatred, pain, anger, helplessness, violence,death

And comes on the plate protein which is totally wrong we can’t call it Healthy

But it may be Healthy for the body but there it can be nothing more toxic

Than that for the mind because it is rich in negative emotions

So please take care of the mind and please experiment with high emotional nutrient diet so

We say you are what you eat and it’s not about the body, it is you are what you eat

Because the food i consume will influence my thoughts and my thoughts will write my destiny

So if i consume negative emotional nutrient diet then i am writing my destiny there.

Read the following explanation that will help you that how to clear past karma easily.

So experiment three months with good positive diet, a diet which is not just Vegetarian

But a diet in which the food has been cooked in a very pure peaceful state of mind.

Prasad is not only that which we get in the temple and the guruduwara,

Prasad can be cooked at food at home every meal

But today we are so busy in earning money that we don’t have time to cook for our families and

When we are cooking we are a little irritated, tired and carrying a lot in the mind

When we are cooking so please take care


You are just transmitting your irritation, fatigue, pain all these radiate into the food and

Those will be the Thoughts of your family after eating that food please be careful, we are working hard

Because we want a happy family but working hard to have a happy family does not mean only earning more,

It means taking care of all other dimensions of our life

So 15 minutes half an hour of cooking has to be like a ritual in a very pure peaceful stage,

Kitchen should vibrate with beautiful spiritual songs at time when you are cooking.

While cooking say i am cooking for the happiness of my family, my children will become

More emotionally strong when they eat this food.

It’s not point sitting and saying what to do with our children today they are going through depression and

Somebody is going through addiction and somebody is going through so many other things


Do this trick which has explained above while cooking in the kitchen that’s

Where the magic can happen from there so you want to change the way they are thinking

Just put that in the food like if your child doesn’t talk to you with respect just

While stirring or making food say child loves me, respect me,

He is very polite and give that food to your child and after a few days child will not know

What is happening to him or her and he will say what happened to me.

The effect of vibrations of the one Cooking directly reaches the people who is eating the food so take care where you are eating

And who has cooked for you but nowadays we are not even aware of who has cooked for us,

We don’t know who’s Cooking for us because we just say i had my breakfast, i had my lunch. I just a bite from somewhere so it’s not for the body it’s first for the mind.

If someone is going through a problem is worried or is in pain and cooks for you, you won’t know after that why you are worried in life so you may be very occupied with your work


Cooking for your family should be the first responsibility for having a happy not just a rich family,

They are two completely different things and sooner we stop equating wealth with happiness,

We will come back to our happiness again but we thought to be working hard to get everything for them and

They will be happy and we have seen the consequences in the last few years then WHO says depression, cancer, divorce, diabetes rate high is that for what we were working so hard ‘No’.

So work Hard, earn a lot but don’t compromise on the emotional health for the family.

Don’t cook on one Sunday and keep it in the fridge for seven days

Because it’s low vibrational but not safe for mind actually not even for the body, low emotional health so cook at least one meal but make it high vibrating energy.

Even Basic cooking principal says never even reheat food, Food should be heated only once and eaten fresh that’s where you can give health to the mind and the body both.

Don’t think and say this is very difficult because you are writing your destiny.

Take care of the Thoughts, so Earned money should be pure,

Food should be pure and while cooking radiate all your blessing into the food.

Be take care, While eating don’t watch tv, don’t on the phone, don’t talking business, don’t discussing problem,

Don’t arguments while eating because it is the most damaging thing we can do for ourselves because while doing things all these gets absorbed in the food and then in the mind and

Don’t even take a glass of water while you are talking problems, problems will intensify food absorbs the vibrations, water absorbs the vibrations


Be very careful and while eating 10 minutes  first 30 seconds pause and connect to God and

Take all the god powers and put it in your food, emotionally clean the food,

Don’t just check the physical hygiene of the food also check the emotional hygiene of that food

So take his(God) power and out into the food and clean this food of his(God) powers like God’s love,

Blessings 30 seconds 10 minutes in silence to eat the food or only happiness conversation.

Dinner time with family is not the time to discuss all the problems of the day better not to eat with everybody if we can’t happy conversation while eating,

Keep the mobile phone silent for 10 minutes while eating and always tell your mind that i am eating for emotional health not just physical health

So that you are what you eat so please take care of the food and take care who is cooking for you.

Don’t eat what someone has cooked in an upset state of mind, if you are feeling upset or stress while starting to make food then just for 10 minutes clean yourself emotionally before you start Cooking,

We all remember to wash hands but we don’t remember to wash our minds that’s

Where the infection is going so pure food, pure money, pure mind, pure body.

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Begin the day with atleast 15-20 minutes of consuming high quality information not the world news, the world news is the lowest quality of information

We can absorb so first thing in the morning, we don’t need to know what’s happening in the world,

So we only need to take care of strengthning the inner world so Morning starts with an half an hour with study of the spiritual knowledge, spiritual thoughts like full of compassion, forgiveness, love, respect, unity, earlier life

And we used to start first thing in the morning with violence, Terror corruption and the rest of the problems of the world just we have to one shift of emotional diet then destiny changed.

So 20 minutes in the morning to study of spiritual knowledge and meditate

And 10 minutes before going to sleep and take care of the day no absorbing emotional infection of people around us and

If someone comes and talks to you about another person tell them i am sorry i am fasting today i cannot listen to this, don’t listen anything about another person

In this way we are polluting the world by only thinking and talking about other weaknesses, protect yourself

So learn simple techniques of meditation that how to clean my mind daily and how to connect to God and channelise his powers and knowledge, wisdom

And love and purity and then doing the right karma in every thought word and action will not be an effort,

It will be a natural way of living and Anything which is coming on the return of what we had thrown earlier then nothing to do we will face it with absolute with dignity

Because we have the power now.We are now ready to change our destiny and if i say it is difficult, it’s a thought which has just changed my destiny.


Gift yourself these three hours one and a half hour daily just to learn this meditation to empower yourself from you mind, to create the mind thought always

And to have the power to choose and write a beautiful destiny, not just for yourself but also a beautiful destiny for your family.

So do meditation and if you go in the meditation room which is so powerful and just go and sit there and the battery of the mind will get charged and use those high energy places for yourself and your children take them there,

They need not know how to meditate but they can just go and sit in those high energy rooms and their concentration power will increase.

So now you have learnt that how to clear past karma by understanding vibrations of food and you can now help others by sharing this article that how to clear past karma easily.

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3. Conclusion

So These are the 2 Best spiritual ways like Meditation and Vibrations of food,

In these points all ready explained vastly above with examples that Do Meditation which is one of the most important thing in life so if someone hurt you it is only because you have also hurt them in past life

So close your eyes and bring image of that person in your life that hurts you and then say i am sorry what i have done with you in the past life and i forgive you what you have done or said to me in the present life and our karmic account is now closed, we have only positive thoughts for each other. So repeat this things every morning.

It is very beneficial to clear past life karma and second one is Check the vibrations of food that you are going to eat means don’t eat that food which is made by in the angry stage of mind means, if someone is not happy and have stress in life and making food for your with thinking of their angry stage then food will absorb that energy and you will also become that type of person after sometime.

So eat only Vegetarian food and before eating food connect to god and take god’s vibrations and transfer to food and then your food is clean from low vibrations then eat food So these are the all points  which will help you that How to Clear Past Karma of your Life.

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4. FAQ

1. What is past karma?

Past Karma is that karma which you have done in your past life whether it is good or bad.

2. Can your past life affect your present life?

Yes definitely, if you have done wrong with somebody in past life then you will definitely absorb when you will also be get hurt by someone then you have to think that you have also done wrong in the past life.

3. How do you release past karma?

You can clear your past karma easily by doing meditation which is the only solution for life.

4. How does Karma impact your next life?

In simple words, if you will do good for everyone, you get your next life good as well as full of happiness.



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