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How to Control Your Mind Immediately | 4 Best Spiritual Ways

How to Control your Mind

Hello Spiritual people, Today you will learn that How to Control Your Mind. Nowadays, Everyone wants to become a peaceful person or something they want to become in their life

But there is one major problem of controlling the mind so that with their focus and stable mind they can walk in their Successful path.

Controlling of Mind is very important for everyone so that you can do meditation task or every task you want to do with a peaceful manner. Today we will learn about that how you can control your mind with

Just three main steps like priority of life, creating a good thoughts, meditation with grateful examples.

Controlling of mind is an art that people want to learn but they don’t implement so that’s why they are unable to control their mind, In this we will discuss in a simple language and making your mind peaceful. 

In this you will learn creating a good thoughts, taking Caring of mind in every situation and different types of meditation present in the world and which better for us which can give us relaxation to our mind, so lets learn how to control your mind.

Let’s Find out :- 

  1. Priority of Life
  2. Creating a Good Thought
  3. Meditation
  4. Exercise
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

How to Control Your Mind

1. Priority of Life

I am a peaceful, Happy, Lovefull, Divine and Powerful Being, all that i have to do is walk around throughout the day and

Do everything that i am doing, meet everybody, work with everybody, do everything but Take Care of your mind,

I have to put my mind first priority in life. With this point priority of life you will see that how to control your mind

Example :-

A Baby in the cradle and the mother taking care of all the responsibilities of the house and

Can she take care of her child while doing everything that she is doing, first priority is baby

So which Means while she is doing everything she only has to keep one attention.

If that baby starts to crying what does she have to do she will Leave all that what she was doing

And will go to the baby and will take care of her child for at least 10 seconds 

So Similarly mind is our baby and do everything but only take care of your mind when it is not in control

And say everything is fine, keep quiet for 10 seconds and this is meditation, connecting yourself to your mind , healing it for at least 10 seconds. 

But if i don’t take care for 10 seconds then i will create a very deep programming in my mind like they don’t love and respect me

And that becomes the background music of my life.

Example :-

If sometime your mind gets disturb in some situation just you have to do is just relax for 10 seconds and saying for all is well and pause for that thing which disturb your mind.

So now you have learnt how to control your mind with the help of priority of life.

2. Creating a Good Thought

With the help of creating good thought you will learn how to control your mind.

Don’t say to everybody that please love me , please respect me , please accept me, appreciate me, trust me,

Because i am a peaceful soul and i don’t want that to other people please nice to me. 

Every morning say I need nothing from anyone and say i am peaceful soul and

Second i am a child of God and The God is the Ocean of peace

And Love so why say to other people like this because we are child of god

Example :-

If you have a full glass of water

And you are going to other people by saying that please fill my glass with water.

If our parents is millionaire then i can’t go outside and say to people give me a dollar, i can’t do it but i do it when i forget whose child i am

So similarly i want to say that i am child of god which has ocean of love and peace so why to say other people respect me, love me.

So that everyone Morning say this i am peaceful soul and child of god.

By doing this practice i will be in a new track of my life and Today we say i can’t get peace But after one month i will say , i can’t get angry

Because i will be in a new track of my life because i started using the good thoughts and to shift from angry stage to peaceful stage i have to practice of this Thought everyday.

No any property will go with you when you will leave your soul from your body but only go with you is your thoughts

So that your mind is like a compact disk and record it with a good thoughts and

It will go out with you when you will leave the earth

So that we sometimes say they behaviour is different, it is because of their previous recorded thoughts in their mind.

Example :-

One day A little child slap me on my face while i was saying that it is very beautiful

And cute but suddenly that child slap on my face and

I Thought how this small child can do it so another day in mall i saw a old lady was shouting at her husband

Then i realize that the old angry women will leave her soul and fit into the as a new born child so that is behaviour of the child is angry. 

An angry soul takes a new body as a costume so that her behaviour was as in past.

So Creating a good and positive thoughts in mind is very important so we say, don’t let the negative thoughts enter in your mind because it can affect on your health as well.

So now you have learnt how to control your mind with the help of creating a good thought.

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3. Meditation

With the help of meditation you will learn how to control your mind.

Nowadays everybody says that i have no time to learn meditation but i have a time to learn meditation

Just say one affirmation that i have a lot of time and creating a thought that i have a lot of time and this will decide that how you feel. 

Every Morning say I am powerful soul , peaceful soul and child of god,

Further is the important example from which you can understand more easily and can learn that how to control your mind.

Example :-

If i will say i am angry then i will become angry, if i will say i am aggressive then i will become aggressive so that we say that we become

So say i have lot of time and i am a powerful being so write only that you want to be so

What do we want to be is that i am peaceful being what else do we want to be powerful and never ever say that i am weak and i cannot do this.

So shift yourself with a creating a good thoughts that

I am powerful being, i can do everything that i choose to do.

Changing my sanskar is the easiest thing to do and so many Meditation Techniques are in the world

And how would i know which one is right to me, every meditation technique is beautiful ,

It can just never be wrong because it is something which is Healthy for the mind

And the body but i have to choose what i want from my meditation.

One meditation could be just for me to feel relaxed for 10 minutes

So i just sit breathe in breathe out, focus on my breath and relax and i get very relaxed.

One meditation is to experience relaxation for 15 minutes

And Rajyog mediation is to be relaxed throughout the day by creating a sanskar(good thoughts) of relaxation so it is little difference, it’s not for few minutes,

Few hours or a retreat for few days it is changing the sanskar so rajyog meditation is about a transformation of sanskar

Because we firmly believe that with changing sanskar world will change.

Short Explanation

Daily half an hour do meditation and let people be there way and let situation be what they are meant to be tomorrow I will respond with peace understanding

And stability for 24 hours because i am peaceful powerful being and

In the next 24 hours i will get to know my own power

And i will get to know what wealth i have which i have not been using.

So now you have learnt how to control your mind with the help of meditation.

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4. Exercise

With the help of exercise you will learn how to control your mind. Exercise is also teach you that how to control your mind.

It is also the one of the main point which comes under the control of mind

And If you don’t want to go to zym then you can do exercise in your home as well like pushups.

First day you will be able to do only few but with a day by day practice you will be able to do more pushups

And any physical exercise which makes your body fit and healthy

But Exercise not only make your body fit and it also helps to control on your mind

And focus on your mind , you feel fresh.

So You can also start fast walking and running at evening and morning time

Which is very beneficial for Health to keep the body fit,

It also play and important role by keeping the mind in control. So You can also do cycling ,

These all physical activity makes your mental power strong and you also Learn discipline.

So now you have learnt how to control your mind with the help of exercise.

5. Conclusion

These are the 4 Main Important Spiritual Points Priority of life,Creating a good thought,Meditation and Exercise.

In these points all ready explained vastly above with examples that make your mind priority in life that will boost your capability of stable mind and second is to create only positive thoughts, don’t think about negative thoughts or words,

So stop your thinking immediately when your mind starts negative thinking and meditation is one of the most important thing in everyone life which is must, so everyday do meditation in the morning, it takes most important part in life and

Last point is exercise which is one the great thing to controlling the mind and to make stable mind you can do exercise in the evening also make your daily routine, so these are the all points that will help you that How to Control Your Mind in a simple way.

6. FAQ

1. How can we control our mind?

We can control our mind by following spiritual points like do meditation daily routine wise, do exercise daily, create only positive thoughts in your mind, make your priority in your life , so these are the 4 main spiritual points that will definitely help us to control our mind.

2. How do you stop your mind from controlling your life?

you can stop your mind from controlling your life very easily by doing mediation daily, stop overthinking, creating positive thoughts in mind, these points will help you to control your mind from controlling your life

3. Can we control our subconscious mind?

Yes, we can definitely control our subconscious mind,take pause for ten seconds when your mind will start to make continuous thoughts in your subconscious mind, take a deep breath and then concentrate on your work that you are doing.

4. Can someone control your mind?

Nobody can control your mind until you and your mind is stable powerful, strong as well as full of positive thoughts.



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