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How to Delete Negativity From Mind – 3 Best Ways

How to Delete Negativity from Mind Immediately

Today you will learn that How to Delete Negativity from Mind. In these days , Everyone is living with their past thoughts or with negative thoughts

Which is not beneficial for our body health or for our soul as well Negative Thoughts is that part of life which can make your unbalance and unhappy So it is very important to clear all the negative thoughts from mind. 

In this you will learn that How to Delete Negativity from Mind by don’t holding negative thoughts and replacing these negative thoughts with positive one’s

By creating wright thoughts which can heal your mind immediately as well as don’t consume appreciation.These are the three main important points that will help you to how to delete negativity from mind immediately

And make your life peaceful and stable mind by which you will be able to do every task without disturbance So you will be more focused to your every task if you adapt these three main life changing points.

Let’s Find out :-

  1. Don’t Hold Negative Thoughts
  2. Heal Yourself by Creating Wright Thoughts
  3. Don’t Consume Appreciation
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

How to Delete Negativity From Mind

1. Don’t Hold Negative Thoughts

Don’t holding thoughts will help you that how to delete negativity from mind.

We can not change the world , people and we can not live our life being judgemental and

Critical about them because while we are doing that being judgemental

And critical about them then that’s not about them it becomes a part of my personality and

When i start doing that it’s not more about them it’s about me depleting my happiness

Because i am holding on  something in my mind which i believe not right.

Example :-

Suppose I don’t like flowers which is present on the table next to me and i start repeating in mind

That it is horrible flowers, horrible is the worst word available in the market.

When i say that word horrible that word staying in my mind and

Now the flower is not on the table as well now it is also start living in my mind

And i will repeating the word many times in a day and what is horrible,

So it is my perception about the flower which is horrible and it is not even the reality of flower

Because that same flower is going to be very beautiful to you.

Example :-

If the flower pot is on the table and this is on the table and

When will it start living in my mind when i will think about it and i will not think about it it will not live in my mind and

When i will think about it then it will live in my mind and how long it will live in my mind till i thinking about it.

So Similarly how many people in a whole day who don’t match upto our expectations of being wright and if you will start to find looking something in everyone and

We are not be able to find even a single person who is hundred percent perfect and

If i create this habits of looking for something in everyone then i will find something in everybody and then i will say he is like this, she is like this,


While doing these thing i am holding this or recording this in my mind

Because what I think about people very soon becomes a part of my personality.

Now So horrible is no more about them it’s about me and

When i say she is more irritating

But irritating is no more about them it’s become a part of me, i only create a habit of irritating.

Because every day each one we meet, we will look at only one good quality in them by doing

So very soon it’s going to be about them it’s become a part our personality by placing a very high energy words in our mind like if i say she is so kind then i place or record the kind word in my mind.

Similarly if i say he is so humble then i place the humble word in my mind and

I have the choice what to absorb from the world but what i absorb is what i will become. So our mind is like a computer replace it with beautiful files by removing waste thoughts from it.

Example :-

We can easily remember the negative quality of someone

But with that remembering of one negative quality we easily forget the thousands positive qualities of that person that he/she has done for us. So hold only positive or good thoughts in your mind instead of holding negative one.

So now you have learnt that how to delete negativity from mind by don’t holding negative thoughts.

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2. Heal Yourself By Creating Wright Thoughts

Creating wright thoughts will help you that how to delete negativity from mind.

If someone say wrong words to me then what should i say to myself

So that i can forget about that’s person word immediately so

When someone say wrong about you even in the thousands person then think that it’s all about that’s person perception,

According to that person i am not good and is this fine to have that person perception that is absolutely fine,

Because it’s her/his perception, attitude, nature, sanskar or may be their mood but it is all about them perception

And if she has spoken to me in wrong manner is that she has reflected her personality or her present stage of mind to me and what i am feeling so bad about,

I should be healing her with my live and blessings for her because right now she is in the disturb stage of mind to say something which is disturbing frequency

But we get hurt and we radiate the double the amount of negative energy back to them and we are still radiating that even after twenty years also


Still i am holding it and radiating to that person and

I am untangle with that person with that negative energy exchange

Because that day they said it to me that wrong words but then i didn’t say that they who are upset or disturb

But i said they hurt me which are two completely different equations

So create only wright and positive thoughts in every situation it’s then i will choose to be stable and happy always. 

This will help you that how to delete negativity from mind.

Example :-

One day i met my friend he said today i was stuck in traffic for 2 hours and i was only 15 minutes far from my destiny and i did not get anger then i asked him how it it possible then he told me when i was stuck in traffic then i say my mind keep calm,

It’s not a big problem everything will be okay and this was the Wright thoughts that made me peaceful in that situation.

A Thought will hurt me and A Thought will heal me and when i create a low frequency thought then i choose pain and similarly when i create Healthy and

Wright thought then i choose happiness in those moments which may not be perfect outside


I choose the perfect thought inside because inside is my kingdom.

So how to delete old Thoughts file from our mind what thought to create :- First most important Thought to create is “Past is Past , it’s over” because it was their perception, personality or their mood

And whatever they were saying or behaving was only reflecting their personality,

It was nothing about me , it was their perception and other Thought is Forget about it because these two wright option is the destiny of happiness.

So now you have learnt that how to delete negativity from mind by healing yourself with wright thoughts.

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3. Don’t Consume Appreciation

By don’t consuming appreciation will help you that how to delete negativity from mind.

If someone say to you that you are so sweet but it’s not me, it’s only about their perception, if i am so sweet then everybody has to find me the same sweet way but it’s not true and the same you will be labeled by different by different people.

Don’t Consuming appreciation will help you that how to delete negativity from mind.

So same me labeled sweet by somebody, labeled irritating by somebody so when somebody say me sweet person that’s mean

Because that person is a very sweet soul, so i can not accept appreciation like this without checking myself

And neither i am going to get disturb by criticism without checking myself because those who are showering us with appreciation are reflecting their beautiful personality and those

Who are showering us with criticism are reflecting their unwell personality because they Only speak what they are inside.

Short Explanation

Spirituality says wheather i get appreciation or i get criticism, i have to remain stable that is happiness always.

So remember that what they are saying is their personality and all of that we have to take care is Don’t believe the appreciation.

When i  consume appreciation it is then when getting disturbed by criticism will become natural because we consume that appreciation and

Mostly i get addicted to appreciation and i feel good only when i get appreciation which means only people are saying nice things to me and

Then that addiction doesn’t remains at same dose the level of my dose goes on increasing

And then someone else say something which is not wright and i held it so many years, so Don’t Consume Appreciation.

So now you have learnt that how to delete negativity from mind by don’t consuming appreciation.

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4. Conclusion

So These are the Best 3 Spiritual Ways like Don’t hold negative Thoughts,Heal yourself by creating Wright thoughts,Don’t consume appreciation.

In these points allready explained vastly above with examples that Don’t Hold any negative thoughts in your mind which creates unstableness in your mind , so let go what ever going in your life.

Heal yourself by creating wright thoughts in your mind which will help you to let go any negative thoughts in your mind, make positive thoughts, watch spiritual videos, do meditation.

Don’t Consume Appreciation in your life  whether it is good or bad, it’s means whenever someone say to you good or bad

It’s only depend on their behaviour or mind stability or whatever someone say to you,

It just show only their behaviour not our, it describe their mentality, so if you want to learn more about this step read above point

Which is described vastly with good examples. So these are the all points that will help you that How to delete negativity from mind.

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5. FAQ

1. What causes negativity?

Negativity causes many things in your mind like stress, overthinking which is more dangerous for your healthas well as with negative mind nobody can achieve their life goal.

2. How do you get rid of negativity?

You can get rid of negativity from your mind easily by following 3 Spiritual points like don’t hold negative thoughts let it go, Heal yourself by wright or positive thoughts and don’t consume appreciation, you can learn these steps with example from above described points. 

3. How can I change my negative thinking?

Yes, you can definitely change your negative thoughts by creating positive thoughts instead of creating negative thoughts, watch spiritual videos, consume good information every morning, do meditation which is must for everyone. So these points will help you change your negative thinking into positive thinking.

4. Can you change a negative person?

It totally depends on their mentality, if they want to change or if you know that that person can change their thinking then you can definitely change a negative person by telling him the causes of negativity, or share the spiritual videos and Knowledge or power of spirituality.



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