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How to find the best keywords from free tools 2020

A keywords is a phrase in your web content with the help of which people can find your web page using the search engines.

A keyword research tool is an instrument to examine the estimated volume for a particular keyword.

If you are writing the content for your web page, you want this content to rank in the search engines with targeted keywords. You want to choose the keywords with the high estimated traffic. How you will come to know about the traffic volume of a keyword? The answer is very simple. You need a good keyword research tool.

A keywords research tool facilitates you with features like the estimated traffic, SEO difficulty, estimated cost per click (CPC), estimated cost per mille (CPM), etc.

Let’s discuss things in detail

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  1. Why choosing the right keyword is important
  2. Why Keyword research tool is important
  3. Keyword Research Free tools
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

Why choosing the right keywords is important

The right keyword for your web content is of utmost importance.

It is the foundation of your business. If you have chosen the wrong keyword then all your business strategies will surely fail.

Let’s take an example.

You are planning to write content for your product. In the keyword research phase, you input a lot of effort. Fortunately, you got some keywords with a very high volume. But at the same time, you misinterpreted the competition.

Can you imagine what will happen? Yes, you are right. You need a lot of effort to rank your web content in search engines. There may be chances that your web content will never rank.

For instance, if you are selling something and when you make the Google query for that keyword, all the big fishes like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc are showing in the top 10. If your keyword has such competition and your website is pretty new, then it will take years to rank your page among those big eCommerce giants. In such a big period of time, there are chances of a change in consumer trends. So, this kind of risk is not worth taking.

Another ideal example is also coming into my mind. If you have selected the keyword with very low volume that means internet user is not searching with that keyword phrase. If the users are not searching such keywords then there is no chance that they will visit your web content.

In simple words, a low volume keyword means very low or no traffic.

So, choosing the right keyword is very important, and the foundation for the success of your business.

Why keyword research tool is important?

I have so far explained what are the good keywords and how it is important for your business. But how you can find a good keywords? The answer to this question is you need a good keyword research tool.

Without a good keyword research tool, you can never find a good keyword.

You need to do a lot of mathematics to find and finalize your keyword. Yes, you heard it right. You need to do mathematics. There are several factors you need to consider before selecting a keyword. Some of these factors are estimated volume, search engine difficulty, CPC, CPM, demographic search, and a lot more. You need to study each and every factor.

You need to find keywords with high estimated volume and low search engine difficulty. If your plan is to run ads with search engine optimization then you must also consider the CPC and CPM.

Now it’s time to forward to the next section.

How to find best keywords from free tools

Keyword Research Free tools

Let’s discuss: There are several tools available online for the keyword research. Few of those are free and others are paid. Let’s begin.

Google Keyword Planner

It is a free tool powered by Google. This tool is developed for Google Adwords users. It becomes mandatory for Google to provide a research tool and search data to the users who want to opt for the paid ads. We can use the same tool to find the keyword for organic search. Because of no matter if it is paid or organic search stats, the user’s behavior will not change at all.

To access the Keyword Planner tool, just use the link adwords.google.com and sign in with Gmail credentials. In the menu, you need to go to the keyword planner tool.

Google Keyword Planner tool is the most trusted free keyword research for you. The first reason is simply it is powered by Google. Secondly, you want to statistics for the Google search results and Google tool is providing you such stats. So, there is no chance of data manipulation.

How to find the best keywords from free tools 2020

This will assist you in the study and understanding of consumer behavior. Google Trends will give you tons of ideas about your keywords. If you are short on ideas about your keywords, then this tool is a gem for you. You will not only get new ideas but also learn the trends of a particular keyword.

For example,

if you search with ‘Air Conditioners’. It will give you various keyword ideas but more importantly, it will tell you that the keyword ‘Air Conditioners’ is most searched in summers, not in winters. This information will help you plan your paid ads in summer.

In another example of a keyword like ‘Fountain Pen,’ you will find the keyword was in very much trend a few years back. But now its popularity is relatively dropping. So, there is no need to target such keywords.

There is a con of Google trends too. This tool is designed to give you consumer behavior. It is not made for keyword research. You can get the keyword ideas and estimated volume. For other factors like search difficulty, CPC, CPM, etc you need to search these keywords in Google Keyword Planner.


The Ubersuggest is developed by Neil Patel who is the leading SEO expert. It is free to use a keyword research tool. This one tool gives you tons of information like domain overview, top SEO pages, Keyword Suggestion, Content Ideas, and Backlink Data.

If you are a beginner or have a low budget, then the Ubersuggest is for you. This tool will fulfill all your needs and more importantly, it is totally free. You can access the Ubersuggest from the link https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest or you can search Google with the keyword Ubersuggest. You will find the result in the top fold of Google search results.

While using the Ubersuggest,

one thing you must keep in mind is the data it is showing is not coming directly from the Google database. It has its own sources of collecting data on search results. There might be a variation of data between the Google Keyword Planner and the Ubersuggest. In such a case, the Google Keyword Planner is more reliable than Ubersuggest.

But the Domain Overview under the Ubersuggest has no comparison in the market. This tool is developed for the reverse engineering of your competitor’s website. You can check your competitor’s keywords, Google positioning for those keywords, backlink data, etc. Remember, Ubersuggest is charging nothing from you to use this tool. Plus they have made no restriction to use their tool.

Answer The public

It is a very unique tool to use for getting the SEO ideas. Let me tell you this tool is not meant for keyword research. This tool will help you in getting the keywords ideas only. It will give you hundreds of keyword ideas. You need to research those ideas in other keyword research tools.

Answer the public is a very good tool if you want to add a FAQ section in your content. This tool is free to use with a restriction of 2 queries per day. You just need to type your potential keyword in the search bar and it will deliver hundreds of ideas in a few seconds. If you want to use this tool for free, you need to act smart and avoid unnecessary queries.

Keyword Sheeter

It is a free keyword research tool. This tool helps you to find a huge number of keywords. You just need to type your main keyword and press the start button. Keyword Sheeter will take several minutes to generate the keyword ideas. It can generate up to 20000 keywords in a single run. The best part of this tool is you can save the generated search results in the CSV list. These keywords can dig deeper with other keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest.

Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension

Is a very light-weight tool. It comes as a Chrome extension. Using this tool is very simple. You need to install the chrome extension. Then make a general query in Google. All the ‘Related Keywords’ and ‘People also searched for’ will be shown on the right side of your browser. You can also use the YouTube search insights widgets and YouTube tags widgets with this chrome extension.

This tool is free to use and can be used to get keyword ideas.

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There are a lot of keyword research tools are available free. Ubersuggest has very good results. But the tool I can recommend you is the Google Keyword Planner. You can always trust its reliability and authenticity.

It is advisable to make get the keywords ideas from tools like Google Trends & Keyword Sheeter and have thorough keyword research. It will give you the final keyword list which will be lethal and unbeatable.


1. Do I need to have a paid keyword research tool?

Paid tools can give you some edge over your research. It can serve you will the ready to use results. But the paid tools will be very high for your pocket. Almost every keyword research paid tool comes with a monthly subscription. It will not be feasible if you have a low budget.
Paid tools can save your time but you gave to pay a heavy amount each month. If you are ready to spend some time then free tools are enough to make your keyword search complete.

2. Do I need some special skills for keyword research?

You need to learn basic internet and computer skills. But most importantly, you need to understand consumer behavior and intent. If you can trigger the consumer psychology, then the keyword research is not a headache for you.

3. How to find the best keywords?

Its depends on your targeted industry. For example if your targeted niche is “travel” and your keyword is “travel guide” so you need to write high quality and unique content minimum 1000 words and ongoing SEO effort to optimize this keyword. However if you add keywords such as “how to travel guide for beginners” or similar how to keywords so you can increase your site traffic and keywords ranking (good on-page SEO and quality content is important

4. What is the best way to find out how many people search for specific keywords online?

Remember, there’s more than one search engine, so using Google exclusively to determine how many people search for specific keywords online will be skewed. In addition, Google provides estimates based on online activity. If a bunch of online marketers are hammering Google for a specific search term, for example, or some major movie is released and consumers are searching “minions,” that will skew your data.

5. How do you find the best keywords for your post?

To find out the best keywords that are applicable to your content is by performing keyword research. With the help of keyword research tools it is very easy to do this. Here are some of the best keyword tools:
KWFinderThis keyword tool has over 1 billion keywords in its database, it supports over 40 different languages, and its possible to select from specific countries, states, and sometimes cities.
Ahrefs – They have a keyword recommendation tool called Keywords Explorer that gives information including search volume and a keyword difficulty scores.
SEMrush – SEMrush gathers related keywords and phrases to help you with your PPC Campaigns.
Twinword Ideas – Twinword Ideas’ A.I. powered keyword tool helps you find related keywords fast, including LSI keywords and Long-tail keywords. This tool can filter keywords based on popular topics, user-intent, keyword and title scores, and so much more.


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