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How to Finish Fear and Anxiety – 2 Best Ways

How to Finish Fear and Anxiety

Today you will learn that How to Finish Fear and Anxiety.

Irritation is because of things not happening according to my way so Irritation is

When i disturb, lack of concentration is when i comes to know my mind is not focusing,

Anxiety is because of fear of failure or before having failed so we start anticipating

Whether i will pass or i will fail, i think everyone has experienced with this fear. 

In this you will learn that how to finish fear and anxiety with the two main point

In which you will learn how to love yourself by talking with good thoughts in mind

As well as consume good information every morning instead for consuming media information like what is going in the world.

Fear is also good for everyone like if someone is going to do wrong with

Somebody then first that person realize the  fear

So he don’t do something wrong some can say in some cases fear or anxiety is good.

Everyone has different fear in their life which they want to finish

But how they can do this so read the following points carefully which are explained with the examples. It is most important in life to diminish anxiety to achieve success or goals easily. Let’s read the given explained points that how to finish fear and anxiety.

Let’s Find out :-

  1. Love Yourself by Talking with Good Thoughts in Mind
  2. Consume Good Information Every Morning
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ

How to Finish Fear and Anxiety

1. Love Yourself by Talking with Good Thoughts in Mind

Love yourself by talking with good thoughts in mind will help you that how to finish fear and anxiety.

When our mind says that what if i fail then love your own self and

As soon as the mind says what if i fail

Immediately say to your mind why will you fail then the mind will say there is a chance

That i can fail then keep on talking to your own mind

Because there are two Thoughts inside like The mind can create two Thoughts like

Should i go the man will say no today i have another thing to do

So there will always be a dialogue inside, make use of that dialogue,

Don’t allow the fear to stay, once the mind gets used to saying this what i fall ,

What if i fall in a repeating way then it’s going to create that kind of thoughts

Then while climbing down that it will be

What if i miss this step, sitting in the car it will be what i meet with an accident, this will become my way of thinking Only

Because when the first time i said what if i fall, i didn’t counter it.

We are best friends of ourselves, we don’t have to go to somebody else

And say that be nice to me, say positive thinking to heal me

Because they might say of course there is a chance you will fall,

They are family or friends they love us but what if they also carry a sanskar of fear and

I go to them with my little fear but probably they have more fear than me, it happens sometimes.

Short Description :

So we have to be very careful to whom we go for healing

And the best person to go for healing so that there is never  any dependency or anybody outside.

Only Five Minutes sit back be with yourself

And if i am not able to say it to myself inside write it out your thoughts like what if i fail, what will happen to my family,

Who will take care of my children , write the Thought and under the Thought,

Write a counter thought and by doing that gradually I am teaching my mind the right way of talking.

Reading below example will help you that how to finish fear and anxiety.

Example :-

If i am sitting on sofa and continuously i keep saying to you that what if i fall from sofa or suppose if what i fall or suppose the leg of the sofa breaks

And i am start thinking that suppose i fall in a continuous manner then what will you do if you are my family or friend or what you are going to do to help me

When i think like this or you have to heal me then what will you say,

Then you will be saying everything is fine you will not fall while i am continuously saying what if i fall

Then you will say me everything is fine, sofa is fine, don’t worry by doing this your power of conviction or faith and your love for the other person will overpower the fear and heal me. 

When we meet children who don’t behave properly then you say parents have not disciplined the child so from the child’s behaviour we are seeing the parent capacity

And the ability to discipline the child

Similarly, this our mind is not disciplined, it keeps jumping up and down inside and keeps talking But our mind can be disciplined at any age so one simple relationship

Reading below declaration will help you that how to finish fear and anxiety.

Let’s begin today to teach this mind the right way of talking like we teach our children good things like say good morning,

Say thank you, say please, say sorry and teach them thousands time till they learnt it

Similarly we will teach this mind, don’t allow it to talk a language which is depleter for myself and depleter for people around me.

Short Explanation :

You know like children say i can’t go for the exam tomorrow i have not prepared and the parents say you are going to do very well tomorrow,

Anything that we can do for someone else , can do it for ourselves

So if the mind say what if i fail then tell the mind success is certain for you in a continuous way


When your mind say what if fail then one out of two is going to win,

Don’t let the right way of thinking give up easily, it will win over the wrong way of thinking and that is the only way to be happy always.

So now you have learnt that how to finish fear and anxiety by Love yourself by talking with good thoughts.

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2. Consume Good Information Every Morning

Consuming good information every morning will help you that how to finish fear and anxiety. Fear is in the air because there is a lot happening out in the world, Listening of world news is the easiest way to create a sanskar of fear like watching crime based serial is the easiest way to create a sanskar of fear,

While we are watching and listening we think it’s nothing to do with our life, it’s a story, it’s a fiction and if you tell people don’t consume they say don’t worry i know it’s a story,

They know it’s a story but the quality of the energy of the story is becoming the nutrition of my mind so whether it’s fiction or whether it’s What’s happening in the world.

Reading below declaration will help you that how to finish fear and anxiety.

Short Explanation :

Reading, watching, listening, terror, pain, violence other things happening in the world keep absorbing is the easiest way to create a sanskar of fear

And you want to remove this sanskar of fear then first thing stop reading, watching, listening

Because mind is the little baby what should we feed the baby remember the day

When you had to sterilize the bottle of the baby, you won’t give the baby anything or everything

So please sterlize the information which you are giving this mind, Energy, Vibrations around us in the air, energy and vibrations of the information

That we are consuming as it is there is lot we will get to know through out the day and please take care of morning nutrition,

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Don’t Consume fear based information early in the morning for at least one month and you will see that this mind will be talking another language.

Replace that fear-based information with consuming information of compassion of faith of happiness of love and then watch the mind talking.

Read Carefully :

We are what we watch, read and listen so don’t read, watch and listen anything

That you don’t want to become so in the movie if the actor talking in the angry manner

I am consuming that very soon you will find yourself taking like that and

You might see sometimes that we start talking like our friends,

We pick up their vocabulary and we using the same words, little children they come home

And they’re talking another language and we say where did my child pick this up from now.

We pick up from media so be very careful whether it’s Media or social media, so take care of mind, if we don’t take care of our nutrition

Then fear will keep on increasing and fear will not let us live in happiness.


In the morning just consume spiritual thoughts, good information, success stories ,

It is the easiest thing to do change the sanskar and easiest thing to do change our way of thinking,

Do meditation in morning while playing spiritual songs, feel position vibes,

Read your goals related books or watch motivational videos as well

Which encourages the people mostly instead of reading by doing this you will become a different personality in your life

And this will help you that how to finish fear and anxiety,


You will realize that what i was before and now what i become so

We generally say what we watch that we become or what we read that we become

So be consuming the rights Thoughts in morning is most important part of our life.

So now you have learnt that how to finish fear and anxiety by Consuming good information every morning.

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3. Conclusion

So these are the 2 Best Spiritual ways like Love yourself by talking with good thoughts in mind and Consume good information every morning,

In these points allready explained vastly above with examples that love yourself with creating good thoughts, positive vibes or thoughts, you are a soul and soul is on the journey and our body is costume,

So create only good thoughts for yourself and for others because you will become what will you say so repeating only good things, watch only spiritual videos.

Consume only good information in the every morning when your day start like first do meditation, exercise, consume spiritual videos, it will make your life easier and your mind will be in a stable mind so don’t consume any low vibrations news on television in the morning.

Consume good things that create happiness in your mind, so our whole day will be happy, So these are the all points  that can help you that How to Finish Fear and Anxiety.

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4. FAQ

1. How do I overcome fear and anxiety?

We can overcome our fear and anxiety easily by loving ourselves by talking with good thoughts in mind like that i am peaceful being, i am powerful being, i am son of god, nobody can harm me, my god is with me and do meditation daily everyday this will help you to overcome fear and anxiety.

2. What does a person with anxiety feel like?

Person which have anxiety always in their own thoughts or we can say they always overthinking and it can be look like they are absence from mind, which is very harmful for Health as well.

3. How can I kill anxiety naturally?

You can kill your anxiety naturally by doing meditation daily and consuming only good information daily Morning when your day start, consume only spiritual videos, good information.

4. What are the causes of fear and anxiety?

Fear and anxiety causes many diseases in health which you can’t even imagine, you can’t achieve your goal with having fear so be always strong and happy and do exercise daily , we all are the child of god , nobody can harm us, we all are the soul and our body is costume , do meditation, make your soul peaceful and stable.



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