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How to get over a Breakup- 5 Steps to Overcome the Heartbreak


Did you recently had a breakup and would like to know how to overcome breakup? In this blog, I’ll discuss the steps to overcome the heartbreak

What’s in it for me?

  1. Reasons for Breakup
  2. Steps to overcome the breakup
  3. The positive side of breakup
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently asked questions

Reasons for Breakup

1. Possessiveness

If you’ve fear of losing your love then the chances of the breakup are more. The way you’ll react under possessiveness is always high. For example someone from opposite sex messages your partner then you’ll get angry and will try your partner not to talk with that person or to block the person.

Your GF/BF will agree with you for this once or twice but if you regularly do like this then your partner will get irritated and maybe he/she will leave you. So don’t be possessiveness

2. Not giving space

If you’re not giving space to your partner then your partner will get bored so it’s important to give space and don’t try to control him/her. If you’re trying to control him/her then the chances of the breakup are high.

3. Anger& expectations

If you show your angerness regularly for small things so break up will happen. Not everything your partner will let go of the angerness of yours. Due to angerness it will create some major fights between both of you. Try to control your anger and for this, you’ve to control your expectations also. 

When our expectations don’t fulfil then at that time we get angry so it’s important to control our expectations. Don’t expect too much, minimize the expectations to maximize your love

4. Over ignore and telling lie

Nowadays you can’t impress someone by ignoring him/her. For realizing your love for your GF/BF you can ignore but don’t over ignore it.

If you over ignore him/her then he/she will leave you. Trying to change your lover

This is a very important point. We don’t try to change our lover by carefully thinking about it but we do this subconsciously. If you don’t like something about your lover then you’ll try to change your lover, it shows your love for your partner but it will create many problems. So don’t try to change your lover. If you’ll finish this habit from your life then your relationship will go well and you both will be happy

Steps to overcome the breakup

The first two steps are mental aspects

Step 1:

Instead of perceiving life as a mixture of good or bad start perceiving life as a mixture of good and teachers. Any bad incident, person or a relationship will you encounter in your life is just a teacher. The purpose of your life is to teach you a lesson is to make you a better version of yourself. Look at everything that way. 

Instead of being sad, analyze yourself from your mistakes that what you can gain from that experience

Step 2: 

Try to understand the golden formula of life. Sadness happens to those people who live in the past, Anxiety and nervousness happen to those people who live in the future and happiness happens to those people who live in the present.

So you’ve got your heartbroken and all those pieces of your heart are on the floor so are you going to look at the pieces and cry yourself to sleep or are you going to look at the pieces and pick them up and ask yourself the important question Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up. Easy to say but difficult to do what are the steps involved in curing your heartbreak

Step 3:

Something that works like absolute magic is completely cutting off from that person. Whether it means blocking them on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram just cut them off.

If a particular person or an incident is causing you pain that decision is in your hand. Do you want to keep looking at the photos of that person or the number of that person and keep feeling bad or do you want to do something about the pain or the feelings? Get rid off that person from your eyes, get rid off that person from your heart.

Step 4:

What about the pain that’s already captured inside your heart all that negative energy. Don’t focus on the word negative but focus on the word energy. I know that you’re probably feeling a lot of negative inside yourself but you also have to remember that at this point in your life your fuel tank is full, you’re hurt and you’re at a stage of your life where you kind of like a volcano which is about to erupt. 

So instead of letting that negative energy take over you why don’t you try taking over that negative energy. You’ve been given all this fuel, use it for something constructive. One of the best decisions that you can make in your life at this point is taking all that energy and focusing it towards becoming a better version of yourself

Step 5: Perspective

At this stage in your life, you’ve got your heartbroken and you believe that the person who broke your heart is probably your dream partner and your dream partner let you down that’s what hurt you.

You’ve got to remember that yes this negative experience might help you become a more positive person of yourself. It’s gonna teach you a lot of things but it’s also going to do is that it’s going to create contrasts in your head.

Every single human being is in search of their dream partner. He/she’s out there and all this are the people you meet along the way towards finding your dream partner are only meant to be there so that you can learn to contrast your dream partner against something.

All these people are just teachers, yes they might have broken your heart. Right now your life may not be able to believe that they are just teachers and not your dream partner. If the person let go of you if that person didn’t treat you the way you meant to be treated they probably not meant to be in your life. They probably don’t deserve the amount of importance you’re giving them. 

Break up suck so much because you think you’re going to have this great life or this great time with someone and you are like they’re your other half there is your love you do everything with them you can find in them like their half of you yeah breakups are just weird and you’re just expected to throw all of that away

If your relationship is toxic then there are more chances of the breakup. Don’t know what is a toxic relationship? Check our blog

Cut them out of your life

Just cut them out of your life and it’s very weird to see how course they’re going to be hard because they’re not there anymore they were there one day now the next day they’re going to have these amazing memories then times then pictures and so much to remind you of a person and then just have it be gone and go away like it was nothing is extremely difficult and hard so yeah breakups absolutely suck but you can get over them.

If you explain to your ex hey look I need to block you because I want to move on and I need to do this you are now single you don’t have to ask for approval for anything you can do whatever you want to. take the time to be selfish and do it sucks for you and block them if you see their pictures, their tweets, Snapchat stories, their phone number so block them 

I know it sounds tough but you have to do it at some point and it really helps you if you do it, let him/her see how good you are doing without him/her but you don’t need to see his/her stuff he’s/she’s just negative energy in your life a negative person in your life and you guys broke up for a reason you don’t need to be seeing his stuff. 

The Positive side of breakup

Breakup not means when there’s breakup of a girlfriend and boyfriend. A Breakup means when your heart broke. Heartbreak is a crisis, when you’re in love then energy is released.

In love, there is passive energy if love is intense. When you’re deeply in love with someone then there’s deep abiding peace. When a breakup happens then energy is released from your heart and if you channelised this energy then you’ll become more creative so use this energy well and become a better version of yourself


After putting efforts if you still don’t overcome from a heartbreak then keep patience because time is the best healer so the pain will go away. At initial, it will be going to hurt you but try to cut off all forms of contact from that person

Frequently asked questions

1. How long does breakup pain last?

Mostly it last up to 5-6 weeks

2. Can a relationship work after a breakup?

Yes it’s possible but it’s not easy

3. Will the pain of a breakup go away?

Time is the best healer so the pain will go away

4. What’s the hardest part of a breakup?

When you were in a relationship you’ll not remember each and every moment you had with them but after breakup you’ll remember it and you’ll thought about all the past memories so that’s the hardest part of a breakup

5. Who moves faster after breakup?

According to research women moves faster after breakup



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