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What is Quality Score? How to Get the best quality score in 2020


Do You Know What Is Quality Score? The Score helps in reducing the biding of our ads so that our ads ranking becomes best in less money?

What is the quality score and how it works? The quality score determines the ads we create, that is, we get our quality score on the base of what we create ads on google ad words. These quality scores are the parameters of Google.

Our quality score on that base shows how well we have created our service or product, which should be userfriendly, which should be user-friendly, if the user sees your ads, then they like it and we should try that User-friend whenever our ads Only then will the user click on your ads.

We try to understand the quality score more easily as you would have seen that even when you were in school or college our school marks proved us best, then you answer all the questions in the exam.

We used to get marks on the same behavior, because you used to answer the question in the same way and your marks were determined by the same way whenever you create your ads, based on google parameters, you get a quality score.

Leads to base on your bid that you have placed on your click, on the basis of that you determine. The ranks of your ads, with the help of this you can optimize your ads.

More thoroughly, I believe if you have a quality score, then you are 10 If you are paying per click cost 10 rs of your ads.

Before quality score 10, then your cost per click can also be 5 rs if the quality score is 10, we will try to tell the quality score better.

  1. What is Quality Score
  2. Ads Relevancy
  3. Landing Page Transparency
  4. Ease to Navigation
  5. Increasing on-site-time
  6. Keyword Relevancy
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Question

1.) What Is Quality Score

Quality score matters for every search engine. Where pay per click ads are created, be it google or yahoo or Bing. Why does it matter for every search engine, in terms of which you rank your ads better?

Like if you have increased the bid of your ads. Pay Per Click cost, then if you think that by increasing the bid. Your ads will show on the top, then it is not going to happen because if you have any other ads and its quality score.

Then your first ads. If you want more than this ad Despite the increase in a bid of the second ad. You will show it below it, which will give the impression of your ads but there will be more business. Then your first ad, because if it is showing on top search. And then the user will prefer to click more there. on the second ad.

Therefore your bid matters but your quality score matters more than that because your quality score is the best.

The per-click cost of your first ads will be less and the business will be more than anywhere else. And the bid for your second ad is also higher.

Due to the low-quality score, your click cost is also going to be high and business is also decreasing. That is, you are in loss of comparison of your first ad. So the quality score is very important for your ads.

That is, your ad has the top pay lane formula [Quality score is * Bid (cost -per -click)] If it is best, then you get the best result in your ad rank.

2.) Ad Relevance

Relevancy here means that one service should have relevance to other services like google ads. If you ask for water from Google Ad words and you are getting milk. Then what is right or not the user is searching in the same way digital marketing and your ads It is something else, it can be from a product.

It can be a service, but the user is doing marketing search and if they see ad different then it makes a difference in your quality score, your quality score becomes low.

That is, if the user is searching digital marketing, then ad Relevance ad show should be from digital marketing.

Here there is another topic add on ad relevancy like user searched digital marketing. And your ad digital marketing is being shown but after clicking on user ad. The user goes to another page where there is relevance to digital marketing.

There is nothing there can be the page of a service product. And if the user exits there without spending much time. Then it also has a bad effect on your quality score. That is, related to the topic searched by the user.

If ad show and your page related to ad user click on your ad then it will get correct information.

Achieve that which he is searching for, this whole process comes under Ad relevancy.

3.) Landing Page transparency Quality Score

Landing page transparency can matter hereby tow type. Firstly One has to be your landing page which should be on the basis of your ad. Your website loading time should not take much time, whatever your content and image are in one direction.

In the space after 4 to 5 paragraphs. There is no problem with the user landing the land, he should be satisfied in all the ways related to that query.

Because Google takes full care of its user so that the user does not have any problem, very animated page.

This takes a lot of time in the loading time of the page. Where the user exits, which has a bad effect on your quality score.

Landing page transparency which tells that whatever links you have added to your website. And goes to the user on clicking, and there is nothing that explains about that link, even your quality score.

It has a bad effect and in any contact form you have added to the page. Unnecessary information is being asked in which the user does not have a safe fill, even if it happens. Your quality score can be bad because in this case, the user is on your website.

Chance of exit and after crawling google, he realizes that this website has been fraudulent with the user. Due to which the quality score is bad and you also make more cost per click. That is, we need all these to make the quality score best.

Important options should be taken care of, because of all the factors, Google is popular and reliable too.

4.) Ease to Navigation

Ease of Navigation This matters very much because whatever user Google wants. They should not have any problems. The user who searches should be told about the same and not something else like if he searches digital marketing.

Get information about digital marketing that how digital marketing works. How much detail you can about Digital marketing. It relates to the whole factor page landing page, is this whole process is very important for the score.

People as a result of factors rely on Google as well as our ads google pay rank.

5.) Increasing on Site Time

Here it is very easy to Mazor Google AdWords, what is right and what is not. For some time you believe that your quality score is the best.

You do not have any problem, you are doing some fraud easily. But if users You come to your website and some 5 seconds, some 7 seconds, some 3 seconds are doing similar userland.

Then exit, due to this, it is easily known that the user is not good, that is, your landing page. User Exit is happening with all these processes Your quality has to score on effect.

The landing page is being discussed repeatedly, so here we understand what is a landing page. Whenever you create ads, you have to intercept the use of the website. You will enter the URL of any page of the website, the URL is your ad.

When a user clicks on your ad, the landing page becomes a land, as soon as you click on the ad on the page of your given website. You land on the page that is open while you click.

6.) Keyword Relevancy Quality Score

 By the way, you have understood all the important points here. But Keyword relevancy seems to be a very small factor but this factor. May make your hard work as you have done.

The best by keeping all the points in every way but small Mistakes can reduce the quality score. As if your website is perfect. Your ad is also perfect, you have lived a website or ad perfect related to digital marketing,

But if your keyword is something other than digital marketing, assuming that your keyword institute is now. If the user searches any institute, then your ad will be shown which will have a bad effect on your score.

As the user searches the SSC institute even then your ad will show the user needs information. Related to SSC and you are giving digital marketing information.

Therefore, your quality score can never increase, just as your website is based on digital marketing. Your ad is also based on digital marketing, similarly, your keyword should also be based on digital marketing.

A factor is keyword relevancy.

7.) Conclusion

Using Quality Score When you use Google AdWords, the Quality Score helps reduce the cost of your ad and also changes the Ad Rank.

8.) Frequently Asked Question

Q 1.) What Is Quality Score

Ans 1.) Quality scores have an effect on our ads. Quality scores make a difference in ad rankings.

Q 2.) What Is Keyword Relevancy?

Ans 2.) Keyword relevancy makes a huge difference in our website ad rank and quality score.

Q 3.) What Is Ad Relevancy?

Ans 3.) Ads relevancy means that every ad we create should be related to each other about that service.

Q 4.) What Is Landing Page Relevancy?

Ans 4.) In landing page relevancy, we should follow our ad only on the landing page related to its content image and all.



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