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Proven Tips to Improve Communication Skills in 2020

Proven Tips to Improve Communication Skills in 2020

We all know, communication skills are important, then why are we not practicing to improve it? Why we are not thinking about it.

I think the answer is we don’t know communication skills are able to give us a J curve growth in our career. Many of us know that communicating is important, but why it is so important.

That’s why before talking about how to improve communication skills, I want to talk about why we need to improve our communication skills.

Here we will talk about

  1. What is Communication Skills?
  2. Types of Communication skills
  3. How to Improve it?
  4. Make your Communication more Effective
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

What is Communication Skills?

Communicare is a Latin word means to share, so communication is the process of sharing information or some data or emotion from one person to another. 

Now, If I don’t know how to share the knowledge I have or the emotion I have for someone will lead to the end of a career or ruin my relationship.

Suppose if you are a salesman or a businessman. You surely have a product to sell, and imagine you don’t know how to communicate with your customers. Do you think you can make any sales for the company?

If you are an employee in a company and your boss wants you to present a presentation in front of a client. How do you present if you are not good at communicating?

In fact, for the relationship, communication is the basic to make them work well. If you can’t communicate your emotions for the person, you love if you can’t share your feelings with them, you can be in trouble.

It means communication is important not only for your professional life but also for your personal life. T

To build a strong relationship, to build a business, to grow your network, to make new friends, and everywhere there is a strong role a communication.

There is saying your network decides your net worth, but your communication decides your network, so to be very successful in your life, you need to have good

I think we have talk too much about the importance of communication in life. I think these reasons are enough for us to focus on improving our communication skills.

Types of Communication skills

How to improve it?

I don’t want to talk here the theoretical ways of improving your communication skills. There is a lot on google already here we will talk about it practical things.

So as I said, communication is the process of sharing of thoughts, but if we dive deep into this process. How the complete process of communication works

Now we need to know the difference between the process of good communication or bad communication.

So a good communicator first actively listen to the person he is talking to, process the data, think about what he wants to say and then respond accordingly.

Whenever a person listens carefully to the other person, he is talking to, he tries to catch the feeling and process the data and think about it accordingly.

He doesn’t assume, if he doesn’t get exactly what someone is trying to say, he will say, can you please tell me what do you mean by this? And then respond accordingly.

But a bad communicator never listens to a person actively. He doesn’t pay attention to what someone wants to share. That’s why he tries to assume things and many times end up assuming wrong things and end up reacting to the person.

Bad communication always leads to arguments,

while good communication never fails because a good communicator is a good listener.

If you are a good listener, then you have already cleared the 90% part of good communication.

So the first step to good communication is listening always try to actively listen to what others are saying or want to share with you.

The second point we can say that never assume thing accordingly to your mood if you are not able to understand what someone has said ask him again, what do you mean by that before assuming. Then think about it and then respond to it.

See this formula also works when someone wants to argue with you. When someone wants to argue with you or intentionally trying to argue with you and you respond to him calmly without reacting angrily, you can surely end up doing a good talk.

If you want people should listen to you, it’s important you first listen to them. If you want people should motivate you first, you need to motivate them.

To improve your communication and improve your relationship with others, you need to use gentle words. You should wish them always, use positive and motivating words like well-done, great work, keep it up, and so on.

This will not only build their confidence but only will build your confidence too, and will improve your image in your group.

Whenever we talk to someone we get two output,

One is the verbal reply they are giving, and the other is the physical reply which they are unknowingly giving to us.

Whenever someone is not interested in talking to you, you can judge it quickly by their body language because they can lie, but their body language cannot.

So whenever you are talking to someone, try not to show negative body language. The positive body naturally when comes when you are genuinely interested in the topic someone is sharing with you.

For good communication, always try to be honest. When we are genuinely talking to someone, it will always result in good communication without any efforts,

because when you are genuinely interested in any topic, you don’t need to take your focus to what they are saying, you will automatically start paying full attention and results in good communication.

Remember the time when you talk to your friends about your favourite topic or favourite web series or any favourite sports do you find any type of miss-communication at that time.

We can say that honesty is the key to good communication whenever you talk with honesty with someone. It can be seen in your eyes or your body language.

So if you are a businessman and want to sell your product, try to be more genuine this will not only improve your sales but also will improve your relations with your customers too.

Make Communication more Effective

There are other things like voice modulation, tone of voice, body language, which also need to be improved to have effective communication. 

Communication is a skill that can be developed by practice like muscles can be developed by exercise.

How can we practice to improve our communication skills?

  1. Reading
  2. Listening
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

Start reading books or listening to the people you think have good communication skills. You can follow any social influencer, try to listen daily to them, and catch how they speak what they speak how they influence the public on a daily basis, listen to them or read books of this type of people.

And try to speak like them try to copy their way of speaking, make a habit of daily writing in a copy on a daily basis. Try to speak in front of the mirror and notice your body language, your posters, and your facial expressions.

Always remember it’s a skill. No one is a good communicator by birth. They have developed this skill, and you can develop it too by practising it.

Follow the above methods I am 100% sure you will be a great communicator.


So, to conclude I want to say to have better communication with people we need to first listen to others. Everybody wants to speak nobody wants to listen.

Even when we are listening to someone we dont pay attention what other want to say, we keep thinking about what we want to speak.

This thing causes miscommunication and an understanding gap which causes bad communication so we need to pay attention to what others want to say.

Then process the information and reply according and never mix your feeling or mood in processing the data.

many times when we are angry at something we interpret simple things aggressively that causes miscommunication.


Why communication skills are important for students?

Communication skills improve the confidence of students by which he can ask his doubt with a teacher with confidence. Its also helps to understand the point of view of the teacher through good communication students can build better relations with their teacher.
Communication also helps students during presentation and viva type activities and results in better performance.

How communication skills affects career success?

In any field you are in you need to communicate with people. you need to communicate with your boss you need to communicate with your customers everywhere good communication is a must skills.
If you lack it you will not be able to deal with your customer and will end up not producing any good results for the company.

What are 7 c’s or communication?


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