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How to improve critical thinking – 7 Proven techniques


Critical thinking is an essential skill in today’s life. You have thought critically and take the right judgment at every moment of your life. So, in this blog, I shared my knowledge on how to improve critical thinking.

It’s not just for detecting what’s wrong or right, however. You also have to go with accuracy. Critical thinking learned and sharpened over time, helping you to make the right decision, process information more effectively, and express yourself more clearly.

If you ask me that am I born with this skill, then I will say yes. Everyone born with this skill but you have to sharpen it over time, you have to improve it. You make every decision by thinking on that so it’s also a part of this skill.

But if you want to critical thinker then you have to think in-depth for a single decision, you have to know its pros and cons.

So are ready to know how to improve your critical thinking from zero to high. There are some steps which you will have to follow to develop this skill.


  1. Stay in investigation mode
  2. Always be several steps ahead
  3. Think “out of the box
  4. Remove all bias
  5. Play critical thinking games
  6. Improve knowledge
  7. Communicate
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

Stay in investigation mode

Are you interested in crime based serial, movies, and TV Series? You must have seen crime-based movies at some point or the other. In this type of movie actor who is the head of the crime branch and is on a mission.

He has a lot of questions in his mind and has to find its answers. So he remains always in investigation mode. Whenever he goes anywhere, he notices everything. And ask the questions to himself why did it happen?  How did it happened and lots of others?

And by finding the answer to these questions he solves the case at the end of the movie. So if you want to solve your problems then always stay in the investigation mode. Ask questions to yourself and then find the right answer for that.

Steps to stay in investigation mode

How to stay in investigation mode

  1. Make observations

  2. Ask questions

  3. Form a hypothesis

  4. Test the hypothesis

  5. Draw conclusion

  6. Communicate result

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Always are several steps ahead

Have you played chess? Chess is the best example of thinking several steps ahead. In this game you have to think several steps ahead, you have to read your competitor’s mind; you have to understand his next move.

So same in your life you should think several steps ahead to make a decision. You should think about what will be the result of it in the future.

If you keep this thing in your mind when making a decision then you always make the right decision with accuracy. So always being several steps ahead like chess.

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Think out of the box

You must have always heard the word ‘ well frog ‘. Do you know the meaning of this word?  It means a frog that always stays in a well. He never came out of that well.

That is why he could never see the outside world and now he feels that this well is the world, there is nothing outside that well.

Now if you think this story is about that frog then you are wrong. This story is about you. Have you ever thought about walking over water?

you ever thought about flying in the air? Have you ever thought about becoming a Billionaire? If not, then you are the frog of the well.

So now it’s time to come out of that well. It’s time to think out of the box. It will help you to find alternatives and better solutions for your problem and also to develop critical thinking skills.

Remove all bias

Are you know what bias is?  In simple words, bias is a strong feeling of favor towards or against a person or a group of people. Let us understand this with an example like a monk who has renounced all things.

Now if someone asks him to become rich so that monk will refuse him without thinking anything because the monk has a strong feeling against the money and strong feeling favor towards spirituality.

Same there is some bias which affected critical thinking – Confirmation bias, Self-serving bias, Optimism / Pessimism bias, Negativity bias, Information bias, Selection bias, In-group bias, Halo effect, Outcome bias and a lot of other.

You should have to know all the biases deeply to remove it. And you have to remove these biases if you want to be a critical thinker. To know more in-depth you should have to know critical thinking psychology.

Play critical thinking games

It’s also the best way to develop these skills. There are so many games or apps like – Skillz, Chess, brain it on, unblock and so many others. You should have to right use of your Smartphone.

You must have heard in the advertisement for the schools that learn by fun technique is used to teach in our school. So the education system uses these techniques because they know it is the easiest way to increase thinking ability and memory power.

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Improve knowledge

Lack of knowledge is the most important barrier in Thinking critically. Because if you don’t have proper knowledge or information about your topic or situation you will not make the right decision. So you have to improve your knowledge to adopt critical thinking.

If you have proper knowledge about your situation then you can find the number of alternatives easily and choose the best. And also by improving knowledge, you can easily build your confidence.


Thinking skills plays an important role in communication. If you see then critical thinking is required mostly in communication. When you communicate with a person then here you have to think that what are you saying and what will be effects of it in the future.

 So it is the best way to develop this skill. Communicate with others with some sense and logic. Always meet new people and talk to them. It helps you in improving thinking ability.


So you see how you can easily develop this skill by following simple steps. And you also know the importance of this skill.

Believe me, if you follow these all steps then you can improve your thinking ability in less time. So follow these all and apply it in your daily life it is the best way to learn.

Critical thinking skill is important in both your personal and professional life. It will help you to know things in a better way and making the right decision. It will help you to come out from any tough situation.

By using this skill you can easily make the right judgment in any situation. You don’t need to do hard work for adopting this skill you have to apply this all steps in your day to day life only.

And then see the changes in your thinking. You will see your thinking ability is increasing.


Critical thinking with technology?

Technology is the most important tool to improve your critical thinking. Critical thinking includes a lot of information and technology especially the internet provides you with information. And in following ways technology helps to improve critical thinking –
1) Online discussion
2) 3D design
3) Brain games

Critical thinking with data?

It says students to become critical users of data-based evidence. 
There are following skills of critical thinking with data –
1) Visualization
2) Segmenting
3) Remove all bias

Critical thinking with bloom’s taxonomy?

Bloom’s taxonomy is a method of critical thinking. It is used for learning objectives. It includes lot of skills that are so useful to develop critical thinking.

Where to learn critical thinking?

If you want to learn critical thinking skill really then you don’t need to go anywhere. I have eight blogs on critical thinking so if you read these eight blogs and follow all steps the easily you can develop this skill in less time.

Critical thinking without knowledge?

Lack of knowledge is a barrier to critical thinking so if you want to become a critical thinker then gain lots of information because it’s too difficult to be a critical thinker without knowledge.-

Can critical thinking be measured?

 Simply I say no because there is no instrument that measures the accuracy of your critical thinking. But it can be rated logically by giving some logical reasoning tests and also in competitive exam critical thinking measures in this way. In interviews they give you some situations and then you have to come out from this situation to crack the interview.



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