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8 Ways to know If you are Confident or Arrogant (how to build confidence)

8 Ways to know if you are Confident or arrogant

To know the difference between a confident and arrogant person, we must understand what confidence is. Confidence is realizing that I am the best version of myself.

A confident person never compares himself with others because comparison comes from insecurities,

so if a person says I’m better than him or better from others than here is a comparison.

If he is comparing himself, that means he is insecure, and insecurity and confidence are two opposite poles.

In this blog we will talk about:

  1. Difference between Confidence and Arrogance
  2. Qualities of Confident and Arrogant Person
  3. How to build confidence
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Difference between Confidence and Arrogance

If you have confidence, then you can achieve anything because a confident person always tries to be better than himself. 

When a person starts thinking he is better than others, he becomes arrogant,

and due to this thinking, he never works on himself and always compares himself with others.

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance we need to understand this line.

 Some people don’t want to be arrogant in front of others but because they don’t have a clear understanding of what confidence is they sound arrogant to others many times.

So to distinguish between, we will discuss some of the qualities of a confident and arrogant person.

Qualities of Confident and Arrogant Person

I, Me and myself

An arrogant person has an ‘I’ when they speak they will always talk like I do that, I have done this, I was there, they will always like to talk about them self.

They do this only to show that they are superior or better than others to hide their inferiority complex from others. 

While on the other hand, confident people don’t talk too much, they don’t need to showcase themselves. They know what they are and don’t need other’s opinions to feel better.

So we can say that confidence is some which come from inside we don’t need others appreciation to feel confident and if you need so then you are not confident.

Tries to learn from everyone

A confident person never thinks he is better than anyone his competition is he, so he always tries to learn things from others. Whenever you see a confident person communicating with someone, you will find he is speaking less and listening more.

confident person never say I know everything. They are always in learning mode. They always try to learn new things from others.

If someone corrects you and you feel offended then it’s time to understand that you are not confident enough a confident person never feel offended when someone corrects him.

He always asks for feedback from others to improve himself. See if you are arrogant, then you will put a full stop on your new learning if you stop learning you will stop growing.

And if you are not growing, then you will never get success in your life so if you want success you need to continually learn new things I think that’s why it is said that

Confidence is the key to success.”

One more thing I want to add to this is “learn to laugh at yourself.”

Yes, we all are humans we all can do mistakes, and its ok to make mistakes so don’t worry and chill.

When you learn to laugh at your mistakes, you start thinking that it ok to make mistakes you start being accountable and hence your confidence increases.

Appreciate others

One more common thing which is noticed in confident people is that they appreciate others. Confident people always support others and motivate others. They have leadership quality in them. 

Arrogant people, on the other hand, never appreciate others they always talk about themselves,

talk about their talent and never give any opportunity to others.

They don’t like to praise others they can’t appreciate others. Someone who always admire themselves often recognised as arrogant.


One of the most important traits confident people have is they take accountability of their mistakes. This is important.

If a person never accepts his mistakes and always try to blame others for their mistakes are the kind of people who fall in the category of arrogant.

Before blaming others, confident people try to find out if there is anything they had mistaken. For arrogant people, a mistake is a sign of weakness which they never want to accept. To accept mistakes and to say sorry is a quality of powerful character people.

Feeling of superiority

Arrogant people feel they are superior to others and hence never respect others until the person is at a higher position from them and bows in front of people who are at higher positions from them.

Arrogant people don’t respect others feelings they try to humiliate others in order to feel superior and on the other hand they become sycophant for the people who are at a higher position from them just for the sake of getting advantage from them.

They disrespect their juniors or try to push them down in order to get all the appreciations alone while a confident person always works as a team and are not hungry of others appreciation infect they don’t need others appreciation. 

Confident people do their work with full honesty and dedication and believe in teamwork and always try to pursue their team. Superiority complex

How to build confidence

Confidence is a skill which can be developed gradually. To build your confidence, you need to stop comparing yourself with others. You need to realise your self-worth.

You need to accept yourself. Your motto should be self-improvement, you should never try to compete with anyone always try to improve yourself and try to be better than before.


If I conclude the whole in a few words, I would say confident people try to be the best version of their self and hence improving everyday by accepting their faults.

They try to learn from everyone and have the quality of humility, and they always appreciate others for their achievements because they never compare themselves with anyone.

confident people never have insecurities in their minds a confident person knows everyone is different, everyone has different qualities, so we cannot compare different people and always works on themselves.

When you continuously speak about yourself, you only speak what you know, but when you start listening to others, you start learning new things that you don’t know.

While on the other hand, arrogant people think I am the best of all this best of all only comes when you compare yourself with others, and when you start comparing yourselves with others there is no end for this, and this is the point where you stop growing. An arrogant person always tries to show off his achievements.


Can confidence be mistaken for arrogance?

Yes, it is possible. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance and because of the fact, many people misinterpret it in wrong ways. Although they are the opposite poles of a magnet.

How can I be more confident with my anxieties?

To be confident with your anxieties you need to accept yourself. You need to understand the fact that no one is perfect. You need to learn how to forgive yourself for the mistakes you make that’s the only way.

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