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What Is Google AdWords Campaign How-To Set Campaign In 2020


” What is Google AdWords campaign? Adwords Campaign is a process that you can create ad only after setting. And The ad can not be created without the campaign.”

Do You Know What Is AdWords Campaign We look at the campaign in such a way that when you create an ad?

You work to meet someone and he gives you an account by setting that your ad will be created in this way.

It can be your video ad and can also be a display ad. After this account process your ad like that If we try to understand in such a simple language.

Whenever you meet someone for a consultant then according to you, you can solve your suggestion, In a systematic way.

You can call Google AdWords Campaign.

And You select in such a campaign that what type of ad.

You have to create is how many types of these ads are we have expanded earlier you can read.

Which will help you to know how many types are there? Try to understand what the campaign is and how it works in Google Adwords.

Let’s know about it

  1. What Is AdWords Campaign
  2. How To Set Campaign
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently Asked Question

1.) What Is AdWords Campaign

Understand what is a Google AdWords Campaign in Adwords.

This means that your process that you do before creating an ad is the process before creating an ad in which you are asked how to create an ad.

You want to create, that is, what type of ad you want to create, be it search ad or display ad.

Or want to relate to app promotions, or want to create an ad on shopping ad on in Google AdWords Campaign

Decides You select your ad that will be run from where you want your ad to go, where you can sign up for traffic on your website through search.

And all these will know in detail in the process of setting the process forward.

But this process, which you set for an ad, is called a campaign. Where to go in an easy way, the campaign that helps you in making a plan is called a campaign.

2.) How To Set Campaign

As you know what the campaign is, now try to understand how to set it. First of all, you need to set up a campaign.

Your account is set up, that is, you can log in and create a direct campaign. But I believe that you should go according to a process so that you can easily set up an account to set an account.

And you must have your address detail, through your address, you can set an account here.

On which you are asked which business or an individual account you want to use, it means whatever ad you want to set.

You want to do business or you want to set a personal account. If you want to select a business account.

Then your It is very important to have a GST number because whatever your business will be registered

Due to this, you are asked for your Goods and Services Tax which is not optional. But if you select individual then you ask for GST but optional Happen.

If you choose according to me, according to this process. You are asked after this process, how will you do the payment process, because without paying.

And your ad cannot show, so it is very important to select the payment process here.

There are all the options through which you can make payments like net banking, UPI, Paytm, debit card.

Credit card are all such process which you set after all these you select the address like your local address.

And Zipcode and state this process Mitigation is then asked you which payment is to be credit for automatic.

Google Adwords account or want to manual. Automatic means your ad is live clicks. During that time, if your account balance gets low.

How To Create Google AdWords Campaign

Should it be credited to automatic google account or will you do manual, manual means whatever payment in you make will be done according to you?

If you go to credit, it will happen, that is, according to me. If you do manual payment here, after doing all the process, your account gets completed.

You can either make the payment immediately or you can set it even after creating the ad. While making the payment here, keep in mind that your minimum payment amount should be 500 hundred.

And you can pay more than this but less than 500 hundred. Can not do it here, when you log in, you give a google coupon of 2000 thousand,

You intercept your email, the email from which you have a login, in your Gmail. And mail comes from google.

That code You click on the promotional code of the payment seating option of google account.

You can apply, by doing this, Google gives you 1 month’s time that if you made 2000 payments.

Within 1 month and they end, then 2000 Rupees can also be used by Google in one account. Apply only once, your account is completed by this process

Then you set up the campaign. And you click on the campaign and click on the new campaign, then you have an interface open.

Where you are asked which ad you want to create an ad on. Website traffic, app promotion, or hai yet leads, sales? Website traffic is the same type of work, but you can promote application by clicking on app promotion

According To Topic

Options here, here we set up a campaign for traffic on our website If we do. We have to select website traffic for that, after that.

It is asked that What do you want to choose like search, display, shopping, video, And app install.

And search means you have to create an ad to show on google search engine or to create display ad.

If your types of ads blog If you have read, then you must know what display ad is, a display ad is an ad that shows you on organic results.

And google display network or you want to create a shopping ad. Which is your ad with the image on searching on the search engine?

Is the show or do you want to create a video ad which is a video ad google video network? Like youtube and Is there a show on the video partner networks or you want to create an ad for the app install.

Which is your ad show on google play store, people install it in this way there are options. But we can set up a campaign on search adhere If you click on the search option.

And then you are asked for the URL of your website. You intercept the URL of the website on which you want traffic and click on continue.

Another interface is open in front of you, where you asked the campaign name?

Goes which you can keep as you If you are on any topic that is an ad, or you can also keep website traffic.

So that you know that this campaign is for your website traffic, in simple words, then to understand. And what your ad purpose is let’s use campaign name.

Next Step AdWords Campaign

Next step you are asked on which network you want ad on which your ad will be shown. Like a search network or display network search engine like chrome has been done.

Google search result where ads show through search or network like youtube has been done.

You must see that when you do some search on youtube. And first, some website links to come, that show is done through display network.

But if you have selected website traffic, then the search network is better through which you get an organic result.

You get the option of targeting and audience, here you are Shree audience selects which location audience you want.

It can be a country, state or city, you can select according to you, after that you select language English.

And auto selects if your location is India, then you Hindi You can also select this, people will search in Hindi also your ad will be shown to them.

Then you can select the audience on the interest base. By doing so on whatever topic your website is.

So your ad will be shown to them only by the user on your product.

Then you will be interested in your daily budget According to the budget. And you choose, you will show the same amount of people on your ad daily base. In Google AdWords Campaign

Then you select the bid. How much money you want to pay per click, then you are asked the bidding strategy. How many types of bidding We have written a blog in detail about it?

So you can read how many types of bidding are and how they work.

But here you select the manual then save and continue, then you are asked ad group name.

According To Next Step

Is that You can keep ad recommendations that if your ad is related to Google Adwords in digital marketing.

Then you can give google Adwords name, you can write ad group name according to your ad.

Then you have to select the keyword, which keyword you want your ad on If you want to show it. And then it will show your ad to the user who searches user use.

Like if you have your digital marketing institute. Then you can take the best digital marketing institute keyword, such that your campaign is set.

If you continue, you create an ad. How is an ad created in detail?

3.) Conclusion

You can use it to promote or sell your business or service.

4.) Frequently Asked Question

Q 1.) Types Of Campaign?

Ans 1.) Search Network campaign.
Display Network campaign.
Shopping campaign.
Video campaign.
App campaign.

Q 2.) What Is Target Audience?

Ans 2.) You can target Audience by country, by city, by zip code.

Q 3.) How To Select Campaign Name?

Ans 3.) We should keep our campaign name according to our product, ad, or service.



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