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How to Make Money Online Through video games? | 4 Easy Ways |


Every Casual gamer out there must have thought about How to Make Money Online Through video games? For instance, most of you read it in articles, see any video or post on social media, Sometimes through word-of-mouth.

But is it real? there are many reasons for gaming. Above all, You Can really make money through video games? Ever wondered how?

Do you know? the video game industry is ready to Boom in addition to more interesting video games releasing and attracting new players. According to limelight.com, “there were 628 million players by 2020” as a result of more audience. In other words, they can be potential Subscribers or Supporters.

It can be possible, but it takes time & hard work. It may not be as exciting as it sounds right now. Many who started going on the route give up in their starting years because the work sometimes kills the fun of the video games.

in short With those precautions kept in Mind, let’s talk about how to make money online through video games. Because if you think You can do it!

How to make money online through video games?

  1. Become a Streamer
  2. Become a Game Tester
  3. Try Games Journalism
  4. Create Guides and Tutorials
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs about How to make money online through video games?

Make Money Online as a Streamer

Become a streamer & Stream your gameplay in real-time. The Aim of streaming online is to build a large audience to monetize with Ads or Sponsorships and some loyal audience to monetize with donations & subscriptions. The biggest Platform to stream online is “Twitch” right now with a dedicated gaming audience or you can also start on “Youtube” or “Facebook” with a mixed audience.

Twitch is a platform acquired by Amazon where you can make money through the support of your subscribers. Then you can also post those Twitch Videos on Youtube for additional revenue. Or You can Start a YouTube Channel & start streaming but here if you are some bit of Funny then you might come in limelight earlier it gives you an edge.

Because as seeing gaming videos viewers also get the chance of some fun, then you might grow faster. Now talk about the key point, if your subscriber goes up & gets a lot of views, you can make money online through video games by monetization as well as you by getting some sponsorship.

If you are interested in gaming and watched live streams on youtube then you must have heard about “Pew-die-Pie” he is making Millions through Youtube and Justin Beiber “ who also started Singing on Youtube & we all know what he is today.

Pretty Excited right? Then what are you waiting for, pick your phone record some videos & boom you are also a streamer. But one thing to keep in mind is Don’t Give Up, it all takes Some Hard Work & So Much Patience.

Become a Game Tester

Video games are Developed by writing codes but Not every time Code works perfectly. However developers have to test them several times. Video Games go through various stages of game development after that the testing phase starts.

Before hitting the market it has to be tested from some outsiders they PlayTests their games with fresh eyes. This might be an interesting way to make money online through video games.

As a playtester, your job is to test the game and tell about the bugs and issues of their developers. Sounds Good Right? you are paid to play games that are not even launched in the market without investing in them.

But it was only one side of a story on the other side you have to test all the games that the developer wants. You may find some games on which you are working are not terribly exciting or has too many Bugs.

That is the reason companies appoint testers to test the games before giving out in the market for flawless user experience. You can tackle this situation by doing freelancing in this field but you might not get paid enough.

The Good part of this is that if you land in an internal team of a big game development company you can make a lot of money doing it. So, start learning to find the Bugs & Land The desired job you want.

Try Games Journalism

Similarly, Journalism Video game Journalism is a subset that reports about video games. This includes all about the gaming world. To give it a start you can join an existed site or start your own, and start writing News, Reviews, or interviews of a specific game, genres, or industry. You can also contact to existing sites and Join or start writing for them as a freelancer. If you start with your own then monetize it with Ads.

Like all types of Journalism, Game Journalism also has high competition, & you must be Unbiased. Most of the peoples want to be a game journalist wants to write about it for their living.  If you write for an existing site you don’t receive enough pay until you write something good is in trending & build a good portfolio to prove your skills.

If you start your site it will take too much time during building an audience. We don’t recommend you to start your site until you gain experience of several years writing for the other sites. Managing a site and writing all day long is not easy but if you have a passion for games and likes storytelling of games then you should give it a try.

Make Money Online by Creating Guides & Tutorials 

Did you ever think by guiding the newbies about video games? It can help you to make money online through video games? By educating kids about their studies gives you money then why not teaching about video games do?

Newcomers in Gaming loves to read about guides & Tricks. But most importantly for multiplayer games where they want to beat their friends anyhow. You can upload Guides to YouTube or Create a Website And Publish them like a Blog for Guides Secondly Monetize them with Ads to earn money.

Anyone can write guides and record their Gameplay tutorials or Walkthroughs to make money online through video games. You can make it as living, by writing guides of popular games in the market. but the more popular the game is it’s difficult to make a standout guide because there will a big competition.

Give an Edge to your content by providing more detailed and easy to use guides than others or if you are recording gameplay try to add some funny parts into it so the viewer will connect with it.

To achieve it you must have strong writing & entertaining skills on the other hand. To sum up, find some popular games, find out what problem players are facing, try to find the solution about it, and guide them in the Easiest way Possible.


In Short, if you are a Passionate about gaming (most of the people do) & ready to do Hard work whatever the situation is. You Can Make a Huge Amount of Money Through Video Games with true Dedication You can also be a Millionaire like “PEW DIE PIE”.

Also if You are interested to take it as a full-time Career with proper Education, read our Blog about “Career in Gaming Industry“.

FAQs about How to make money online through video games?

1. Who is the highest-paid gamer?

N0tail (Johan Sundstein) earned $6,882,440.18 from Dota 2 Tournaments.

2. Can you make money from gaming?

Yes You can make serious money through video games.

3. Who is the richest YouTube gamer? 

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg” AKA Pew-Dei-Pie making around $8 Million/Year

4. Which online games give real money?

For Example, sites like Swagbucks, Indoxdollars, Pointclub, BingoMania, Gamesville, etc. can give you real money

5. How do YouTube gamer’s make money?

YouTube gamer’s major Source of income is Sponsorship, Donations & Ads.



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