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How To Make Perfect Wedding Budget In 12-Steps


When we planning a wedding then at that time the first and foremost thing is to decide the wedding budget. Make a perfect wedding budget with these 12 steps according to your choice.

What’s in it for me

  1. Estimate your budget
  2. Estimate your guest count
  3. Ceremony location fee
  4. Reception fee
  5. Food and beverage service
  6. Attire
  7. Flower’s and decoration
  8. Ceremony and reception music
  9. Photography and videography
  10. Stationary
  11. Transportation
  12. Favors and gifts
  13. Conclusion

Estimate your budget

  1. Budget Analysis

    Firstly we have to analyze When making the wedding budget is how much can you comfortably afford to spend money on your wedding and write down the list of what is important to have at the wedding.

    It could be a certain amount of item on the menu or having a certain playlist playing during your reception whatever it may be just write down whatever is really important to you whatever you really want at your wedding.

    Turn your wedding budget into a spending plan that works for you. This comprehensive wedding budget checklist will help you budget how much to spend in each part of your wedding.

    Use a suggested percentage as a guideline to figure out how much you are willing to spend in each area, adjust the number as you wish.

    When you find out the lump sum figure of your budget it will help you in building throughout the detailed budget of your wedding.

Estimate your guest count

The cost of a wedding depends on your guest count. The number of guests will determine not only the size of your venue but also how much food and alcohol you’ll have to provide. “By the way, these two will happen to be the big expense of your wedding”.

While we do the guests count the bride’s and groom’s both their family should sit together. And then decide how much guests invite from the groom’s side and how much guests invite from the bride’s side. As a per person expenditure will help you put the costs into perspective.

Your guest count will generate the number of items you’ll need to pay for including invitations.

Ceremony location fee

Spend 2% of your budget in this once you analyze how many guests will come to your wedding. After that, according to the guest’s figure, you select the ceremony location.

If guests are small then you choose the location which has less space because it will help you in the cost-cutting of your budget. Therefore, If your guest’s list is much large then you will have to choose the ceremony location which has a large space.

After that, the ceremony location, you have to analyze the officiant fee or church and temple donation it depends on your willingness how much you want to donate.

Reception fee

Spend 50% of your total budget in your complete reception. Reception is the main part of the whole wedding. So, we have to see and analyze all the things related to guests sitting to their food and beverage everything comes under to make feel the guests special at your wedding.

Therefore, we have to choose the reception site perfectly in all aspects.

Reception site fee: – Reception site fee is fully depending on your gathering figure if you have a small gathering then you can select the small venue if you have a large gathering then you have to choose a large space venue. Therefore, the reception fee is depending on the reception site fee.

Food and beverage service

In the food and beverage service firstly we analyze the approx cost food per person to calculate the total cost spend on food.

After that, now you’ll have to analyze the bar and alcohol cost which you want to spend according to your brand and choice.

Coat check is also coming under the category of reception fee in this there is a room in a reception site where a person can put their stuff which he and she do not want to carry with him and her.


Spend at most 10% of your budget in attire. Things that come under attire in which you have to pay out your money. Attire is something that attracts the person towards you. Therefore, we have to select the whole attire of the wedding in an amazing combination of both the bride and groom.

  • Brides wedding dress.
  • Headpiece and veil.
  • Groom’s tuxedo and suit.
  • Bride’s wedding shoes.
  • Groom’s Shoes.
  • Jewelry and other bridal accessories.
  • Groom’s accessories.
  • Bridal wedding ring.
  • Groom wedding ring.

Flower’s and decoration

You have to pay out 10% of your budget on flowers and decoration. The decoration is the part of the wedding venue site to which we make cooler and pretty to make and capture the moments of the wedding look more attractive.

Some main locations where you must have to decor the flowers are as follows:-

  • Ceremony floral and arrangements and decorations.
  • After the ceremony floral you can decor the bride’s bouquet.
  • Maid of honor’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets.
  • Flower girl’s buds and basket.
  • Corsages.
  • Boutonnieres.
  • Ring pillow.
  • Guest book.
  • Reception centerpieces and decorations.
  • Lightening.

Ceremony and reception music

Spend a maximum of 10% of your complete wedding budget in ceremony and reception music. Music is something which is connected to every person’s heart and the moments of the wedding are also much touchy to the heart of both the bride and groom.

So, we have to make the environment more romantic and cooler to make the memories more special for the future.

  • Ceremony musicians and singers who play music during the whole ceremony.
  • Cocktail hour musicians who play music while the guest having the drink for making the surrounding environment more beautiful.
  • Sound system rental reception band, deejay, or entertainment.
  • Dance floor rental where people enjoy their dance with a perfect feel of complete lighting. Mercury light is also coming here in the dance floor rent.

Photography and Videography

In this spend 10% of your total budget.

These are those part of a wedding which is for lifetime memory for both the bride and groom and their family member also always choose the good photographer and videographer which captures your wedding moments in an amazing way.

When we make the budget of photography then at that time we have to include these different photography moments to capture are as follows:-

  • Photography for engagement time.
  • Photography for the wedding day.
  • Wedding album.
  • Pre-wedding shoot.
  • Videography for the wedding day.


In stationary, you have to only spend 2% of your complete budget because it’s not worth it if you spend a lot of money in this section no one remembers your wedding card after attending the wedding. So, it will not worth spending more money on the stationary part.

There are some sections in which you spend your money are as follows:-

  • Save the date card these are those cards on which the date of the wedding is mention.
  • Invitations and additional envelopes include the whole information about the family of both the bride and groom and the details of the wedding functions according to their timing and place.
  • Reception escort card, place card, and menu cards thank you cards.
  • Calligraphy and wedding announcement.
  • Postage includes those cards which we to post from one place to the other on these types of cards we paste the postage.


You have to spend 1% of your total budget on transportation costs. Transportation we used for the whole wedding.

  • Car rental for the bride in which bride travel.
  • Transportation for wedding guests if the ceremony and reception are not in the same place in this.
  • We can take a single bus or small cars as per the guest’s figure.
  • Parking Space: – we also have to arrange the parking space for all the transport which we have on our wedding day.

Favors and gifts

In favors and gifts, you have to spend 3% of your complete wedding budget. This is also the main part of the wedding because people remember the gifts which they get.

Gifts and favors are connected to the sentiments of the guests. So, we have to make the sentiments of guests a good impact when they saw the after the wedding has over then they are able to connect with you for the life for that great and amazing moment which the spend at your wedding.

Gifts also play a very important role in making the relations stronger bond for many more years of life. There are different types of gifts which have been given to the guest and family members are as follows: –

  • Wedding favors.
  • Bride’s parent’s gift and groom parent’s gift.
  • Men’s gift is those gifts that are for the male guests at the wedding.
  • Maid of honors gifts these gifts are very important to feel the guest more respect and a great honor to come to our wedding.
  • Bridesmaids gifts and bridesmaids are so special guests at the wedding and their treatment gifts should also be special because they are so connected to the bride.
  • Groomsmen’s gifts are also so special gifts because these are also special guests from the groom’s side and also connected to the groom’s heart more.
  • Child attendant’s gift these gifts are for the children that have come to the wedding party.
  • Welcome gifts for the out of town guests who come from too far from us to attend our wedding these are also so much important guests.


When we talk about the wedding then the first thing that comes into our mind is what will be the budget for the wedding. Creating the perfect budget as per your pocket is a big challenge.

I’ve discussed above 12 steps by following these steps you can easily create your wedding budget by own. If this blog helps you to create your wedding budget then put your views in the comment box below.



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