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How To Create a Perfect Wedding Day Timeline In 10-Steps?


A good wedding day timeline communicates all the moving parts of the wedding day from the bride in the groom to the bridal party the family the guests to all the professionals this tool is the way to get everyone on the same page.

There are probably some people that are saying it’s my wedding day we really need a timeline like don’t over complicate this and I get that you know some people just want to show up and get married but the timeline is really would help you to make a decision in advance to foreseeing correct problems and really be present on the wedding day.

What’s in it for me.

  1. Begin with the end in mind
  2. Draft your timeline
  3. Photographer and videographer
  4. Hair And Makeup
  5. Venues And Set up
  6. Add-In pre-wedding Details
  7. Map Out The Ceremony
  8. Map Out the Reception
  9. Review Edit Finalize
  10. Distribute the timeline
  11. Conclusion

Begin with the end in mind

  1. Question’s to be ask

    By knowing what information you need for your timeline you’ll know what question to ask them this will save you a lot of time and effort later.

Draft your timeline

Go ahead and get a rough draft of your timeline just get a piece of paper out to get some loose leaf because you need to do this old school just get some paper and start drafting your timeline.

There are a million wedding timeline templates out there you know do a google search you can find a million act that none of those are will be a perfect fit for your wedding. That’s because no two weddings are the same they’re as unique as the people getting married.

So, there’s not a one size fits all you’re not going to find the perfect it doesn’t exist doing it yourself.

Divide that piece of paper into three parts so you’re going take your piece of paper fold it in three marks the first column pre-wedding the second column ceremony and the third column you’ll mark reception. Add in some main items in the corresponding columns they are going to be what time is your ceremony.

Start putting it in the second column and what time is your reception start and what time does your reception end. So, you’ve got some basics on there to put all this in the reception column.

Photographer and videographer

Figure out how many hours they will work for you on the wedding day. If you plan to have them all the way through the end of your reception for the final exit that makes it easy. Because you’re just going to subtract the amount of time that they’re working from you from that end time.

For example:- if the wedding reception ends at 9:00 pm and you’ve booked them for eight hours then they start the day at 1:00 pm. Go ahead and add a photographer to start at 1:00 pm.

In the pre-wedding section of your timeline next, you’ll ask the photographer and videographer what time do they need the wedding party dressed and ready this will vary but you know it’s most influenced by two things.
One are you doing a first look and two are the formal pictures happening before or after the ceremony.

If there is a first look and all the formal pictures are happening before the ceremony then the photographer needs to get their earlier it’s likely you’ve already discussed this.

You can also submit some sort of wedding questionnaire to photographers and they’ll likely give you an estimate or maybe they’re even sending you their photography timeline.

That’s ideal what’s you are really looking for from them is what time do I need my bridal party may entire wedding party dressed and ready.

Hair And Makeup

Hair and makeup You’ll want to look good and that takes time. So get your stylist on a timeline. Let them know what time the photographer is everyone ready also let them know the earliest possible time. That you’re willing to wake up on your wedding day so if you can’t wake up before 9 a.m.

On your wedding day let them know in advance. Because there will need a few more stylus to deal with how quickly they need to get everyone ready.

This tip can help you to book the right team for your day. Now on your timeline add the hair makeup stylist start time under the first column which is pre-wedding.

Venues And Set up

Let’s think about how everything will be set up. Wonder your ceremony and reception venues open for load-in and set up this should be on your contract. If not ask and then add them in. So, those you are going under pre-wedding right now just a side note.

If you are having your ceremony in a church go ahead and put that time under the ceremony section. The reception venues usually open the 3 hours prior to the ceremony.

So, you have a longer time for load-in. But if you’re having your ceremony at church and temple then you’re only going to get about an hour. So, rather than putting them under a pre-wedding section.

There’s a whole lot happening at the reception location prior to the start of the wedding. So, create a plan for getting all your pros into this venue. Consider that the rental company and the floor decorator the band, and many others. They all have delivery people and they need space to park and then you away to load in right.

So, staggering their arrival times come up with an estimate in your head and then add each of these professionals into your pre-wedding section. So, a start and a delivery time for each professional.

Add-In pre-wedding Details

Think about any of the moments you want to happen this timeline is your communication tool to make sure everyone knows where they need to be. And when here’s a list considers what time you want food delivered to you.

Getting ready location time for pictures of the wedding party and getting ready outfits like if you have roves what time’s your first look with your parents. Your first look at your wedding party is you doing a toast do.

You need to think about how you are getting from one location to the next. If you’re doing our first look gifts with your groom with your bridesmaids all of that you need to factor into your pre-wedding timeline. The clear your expectations are for the day the easier. It will be for everyone to get on board.

Map Out The Ceremony

Working backward from the ceremony start time begin adding time to the ceremony section as far as your professionals.

Generally, the ceremony musicians and the officiant arrive one hour prior to the start time of the ceremony. Then you have prelude music to factor in that start 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

Your parents your grandparent’s groomsmen groom they’re all coming 30 minutes prior. Guests are trickling in starting in 30 minutes prior to all that needs to be on your timeline. Indicate as well where the wedding party and the family where an expose should go when they get there.

So, the groom and the groom incident you want to arrive first. And you want to schedule that because if you’re not doing the first look you don’t want to arrive at the same time.

Get the groom has been all in getting them into their holding area. And they have the bride and the bridesmaids and the parents of the brides.

Do include an estimate for when the ceremony will end. And anything that happens afterward this may include photos busting your dress travel plans to the reception any of that.

Map Out the Reception

You’ve got lots of decisions to make here. The good news is that it is all up to you. You can also add whatever the heck you want for your party. Since you included all of your items for setup in the pre-wedding section of the reception section with the guest’s arrival.

Example:-  you know you want to have dinner as soon as guests arrive. Then you want to have a suite and generally, intros formal dances cake cutting toast dance party bouquet toss special list these in order in the reception section.

Then look at the window that you have of time for your reception and break that’ll up based on. You know if you’re got three hours you’re breaking up over if you’re got four you’re breaking it up over four hours.

Review Edit Finalize

Review it few times add an extra reorder as needed. Then review it with your fiancé or whoever else is helping you. Plan markup that loose leaf any way that you need right now.

You can open up your laptop and start creating an electronic copy. And if you have cool handwriting you can just handwrite this thing. Keep the three-section format and create your official wedding day timeline.

Distribute the timeline

The last and most important step is to make sure that a beautifully created timeline doesn’t go to waste. It can’t be a secret document anyone and everyone involved in your big day needs a copy.


When you have your wedding then at that time you have to plan many things and execute these things in their perfect time. For this, you have to make a timeline. In this blog, I’ve covered 10 steps by following these steps you’re able to make a perfect timeline for your wedding day.

If this blog helps you to make your wedding day timeline then comment on your views in below comment box.



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