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Powerful ways to Overcome Fear and Achieve Success in 2020

Powerful ways to Overcome Fear and Achieve Success in 2020

Why do we hate getting out of our comfort zone? According to research, it is found that one of the biggest hurdles to get out of our comfort zone is fear. This fear can be of any type, and due to this fear, we live in our comfort zone and never tries to overcome fear.

We will talk about

  1. Why we have Fear?
  2. Recent studies on fear
  3. How to deal with fear?
  4. Tips for working with your fear
  5. FAQs

Why we have Fear?

Many times people don’t take action because they have fear, but fear is a very common thing every human has. Fear is hardwired into humans.

And it’s a good thing because fear keeps us alive it is there to keep us safe and to protect us.

We need to have a comfort zone some way because that’s what kept us for thousands of years running away from dinosaurs.

So, we can say that fear is natural to every human and its good thing, however, in certain circumstances, we need to learn how to overcome the fear.

Don’t let that fear to stop you from achieving your goals we can’t let this fear to hold us back. Anybody can learn to beat fear that’s a skill that anyone can develop.

I have few things to share on this subject, and I think it can really help you to overcome fear so that you can take action and move forward.

Recent studies on fear

In this experiment, mice were put into a small box and given mild shocks. This generates a fear of that box in that mice brain. When again that mice were places in that box that mice get frozen.

But there was no shock in that box so after some time mice gets normal and this repeated exposer of mice to the box eventually relaxed the mice.

It means repeated exposer to the event, causing trauma can lower the anxiety. If you have a fear of public speaking, and if you are forced to go to the stage to speak, again and again, it will end up your fear. Fear Conditioning Test

Being fearless doesn’t mean eliminating fear. It means how to leverage your fear, and to do that you need to know these things about your fear.

We don’t have any Fear by Birth

According to research, it is found that we only have two fears which are hardwired in our brain by birth, the fear of height and the fear of loud sounds.

Expect these two fears all the fears we have in our mind are developed by our experiences or taught by our society or parents. So here we have to understand that if the fears can be learnt than they can be unlearn also.

We can be Scared by our Imagination

According to a survey, it is found that the humans are the most fearful creature on this planet and the reason behind this is only humans have the ability to imagine.

That’s why many times we just imagine and create fears in our mind and gets scared. Sometimes these objectless fears turn into chronic anxiety.

Many time when we watch any horror movie and our mind start to imagine a ghost.

our brain knows there is no ghost, but still, we get scared of it.

The more you Feel it, the more it Dominates you.

We all have experienced this thing whenever we are afraid of something thinking about that thing makes us more scared you can take the above example.

When we watch a scary movie and tries to not think about the ghost. The more thoughts come into our mind,

and even a little thing causes our heart beats faster and increase our blood pressure.

Threat Decides our Action.

We react differently to different threats. If the threat is real or it is imagined we respond accordingly. If you are scared about a bad thing, that may or may not happen in the future.

It will make you take a little action. while on the other hand if the threat is real or identifiable, you jump to action immediately.

For example, everyone knows the importance of exercise for our body, but most of the people don’t do it.

But when someone faces a critical disease and doctor’s advice to work out, we are more likely to start it.

How to deal with fear?

So how to overcome fear before talking about it, we need to understand that there is no way to get rid of your anxiety. There is nobody on the planet how don’t have this emotion called fear.

Everybody faces situations in life, where they get afraid, and the only thing which decides someone’s success is how you deal with your fears.

Here are some ways to overcome fear and make this year the one where nothing holds you back.

If you try to defeat or conquer your fear, you will surely fail but what you can do is realise that your fears are a compass and when you get afraid of something it means you are onto something that is brave, bold and powerful.

And in this situation which should do just opposite of what it wants us to do. Our fear wants to stay in our comfort zone. If we go out of our comfort zone, it is going to freak out. It’s a signal we are in a learning experience.

Feeling fear before anything uncertain, unknown or challenging anything that stretches us is completely natural. It doesn’t mean something is wrong, or you are not ready. It is just a human response. 

With our old approach, we look at it as a negative thing or the presence of fear means we can’t do this.

But with our upgraded approach, we find that it’s natural and with that approach, we are more likely to put our self in that situation.

Dealing with fear is a skill

Which helps us to learn, grow and get better. Dealing with fear is a skill so more we do it the better we get.

but the fear doesn’t go anywhere. This is skill this is something we all can get better at.

We need to keep the fear at the back seat of our car knowing that we can’t kick the fear out of the car we have to keep in the back seat,

Because when the fear is at the wheel, it detects many learning opportunities as threats and when it detects a threat, it tries to avoid them.

And when we take the wheel, we find many things as opportunities, and when we frame them as opportunities,

We are more likely to experience them which helps us to learn, grow and get better over time.

Treating this as a skill, we can start to practise of feeling fear and working out of our comfort zone. The idea is to be aware of the choices and spend a little more time to work outside of our comfort zone.

Tips for working with your fear

When you get aware of your fears and know that, it’s an emotion and dealing with fear is a skill. We all can develop this skill. Here are some practices we can do to deal and get better.


Meditation is a great tool to deal with any overwhelming emotion you want to deal with,

Daily practising meditation gives you control on your internal emotions makes you more aware of thing going inside you. 

It also boosts your confidence to deal with negative emotions, and improves your mental health and makes you always feel energetic. I think this is one of the most important keys to overcome fear.


Like meditation, Exercise is also a valuable tool. It is equally important to feel good from the outside as it from inside.

When your mental and physical health is good fear are less likely to able to freak you out in hard conditions.


Being grateful of whatever you have gives you a feeling of fulfilment, and whenever your fear tries to tell you about something you are not good at this is grateful, which will remind you of your gifts and supports you and not let you give up.

it can help you overcome fear


Whenever fear is feed into you by the society or your experience, sometimes it becomes so hard for a human to face that, he never tries to fight with them. 

If you don’t have the courage to face your fear and overcome fear, then start affirming positive about it. Like, if you have a fear of public speaking and you are finding so hard to face it start affirmation.

Like, I am confident, I am an excellent public speaker when I speak everybody gives standing ovation this type of affirmation will build your mind-set and set you ready to face your fear. 

Once your mind accepts, you can overcome fear, it becomes easy to face them and win them.


What causes excessive fear?

Whenever you are exposed to something which you haven’t done before you need to get out of your comfort zone and whenever you come out of your comfort zone it causes fear.
Fear also depends on the pressure that any situation creates in your mind.

How can i calm my mind?

Try to relax your mind by taking 2 or 3 deep breaths and try to imagine good things in your mind instead of anything which is freaking you out.

Why do i feel fear at night?

Being afraid of the dark often finds in children and it is found that its an important part of development. Nyctophobia is a phobia of darkness and it can cause anxiety and depression.

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