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How to reinstall or clean install Windows in truly few minutes (2020).


Hi there, I am Shyam Jaiswal, a web developer, and a newbie digital marketer. Today in this article, I am going to tell you, how you can simply install windows 7/8/10 in just in few clicks. I will also tell you a way by which you install windows for free.

I will explain to you each and every step to install windows. I’ll also tell you many other methods for installing windows.

In this tutorial how to download Windows 7/8/10 iso file and then I’ll tell how you can install each step by step. 

Let’s Dive in

  1. Install Windows using the build-in Factory reset method.
  2. Install Windows using the media creation tool.
  3. How to download windows 7 / 8 /10 iso file?
  4. Download windows 8/10 iso file.
  5. How to make a bootable drive to install windows?
  6. How to format your pc?
  7. Conclusion.
  8. FAQ.

Install Windows using build-in Factory reset method.

If you don’t want to change your operating system and just want to reset your computer as fresh new computer. You can do this only in Windows 7/8/10, just follow these steps. 

What is the Best Hacking Operating system.

  1. Click on the Windows icon on your keyboard or move your cursor to the lower-left corner on click on the windows icon. 
  2. And type “reset”. 
  3. Press the enter button. 
  1. Then a new screen will pop up. 
  1. Under the “Reset this PC” option click on get started to install windows. 
  2. Again, a new menu will pop up. 
  1. If you want your files, you can select first option “Keep my files”. 

Note that all files from desktop will be deleted, do move it to your desired location. 

  1. If you don’t want any files from your computer, just want to delete everything, click on “Remove everything”. 

Note that please take the backup of all your important files or you won’t be able to recover them. 

  1. That’s it just wait for few minutes and your computer will be clean. 

Install Windows using the media creation tool. 

If you want to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8/10 or from windows 8 to 10. Just follow this step. Here I’ll tell you how you can install windows 8 / 10 without any USB drive or any DVD. 

If you have a genuine version of Windows 7 or 8, then you can easily upgrade to the upper level of Windows for free.

Follow these steps: 

  1. Open any browser and search for the “Windows 8 media creation tool” or “Windows 10 media creation tool” accordingly which operating system you want. 
  1. Open the first link of Microsoft. 
  2. Scroll to “Download tool now” button. 
  1. Your tool will be downloaded in just a few seconds. 
  2. Run the tool. 
  3. Following the tool opens, wait for loading. 
  4. Read the terms and conditions and click on “Accept”. 
  1. Following that wait for loading. 
  1. Select “Upgrade this PC now” option and click next. 
  1. And the files for your new computer will start download. 
  2. It may take time, according to your internet connectivity speed. 
  3.  After your files are downloaded, you’ll be asked for upgrading, click on the given option and now wait for completion of installation process. (It may time according to the speed of your computer)
  4.  After the installation is completed you will be asked for various options and you can configure them according to your need. 
  5.  That’s it you have successfully installed.

How to download windows 7 / 8 /10 iso file?  

Windows is the most famous operating system on our globe. And when anyone thinks of the computer, the first thing that comes to our mind is windows.  

One of the most famous operating systems is Windows 7, while in the previous few years, Windows 10 has replaced it.  

So, first I’ll tell you how to install windows 7 on your computer.

How to download windows 7 iso file?  

In this article first we’ll learn to install Windows 7. Follow my steps to install windows 7. Although we don’t recommend windows 7 as Microsoft had stopped it’s all support and updates. But if you want Windows 7 then you can follow these steps.  

Method 1:  

  1. You need to download windows 7 iso, but for this, you need to know the product key of windows 7.  
  1. If you have product just search for “Windows 7 iso Microsoft.”  
  2. Open the first link and enter product key and click on verify.  
  3. If your product key is correct then you’ll see the option for iso system type selection.  
  4. You can easily see your system type by right clicking on “This pc” and click on properties.  

If you see your system type as “x86 based processor”, you should select the 32-bit type and if you see “x64 based processor” you should select 64-bit type for iso download.   

If you are not able to find your system type, you can select the 32-bit type. It will work fine on your computer.  

Method 2:  

In method 2 we will learn how you can download windows 7 without product key. If you don’t have a product key you can continue use windows although you won’t be getting some features.

But those features are not so important.  

  1.  You can download windows 7 from getmyos, it is a trust able website.
  2. Search for “getmyos windows 7” on google.  
  3. Open the first link.  
  4. Scroll to download button.    
  1. Click on download link.
  2. Here you have completed our first step.  
  3. Later I’ll tell you how you can install windows on your computer. But, first let me tell how you can download windows 8/10 .iso file. 

Download windows 8/10 iso file

Now, we are going to learn how you can download the iso file for windows 8/ 10. Windows 8 and 10 both are much famous operating system and you may be wanting to upgrade to them.

This method, which I am going to tell now is said as a clean installation method. Here you’ll need a USB drive.

Follow these steps: 

  1. Open any browser and search for the “Windows 8 media creation tool” or “Windows 10 media creation tool” accordingly which operating system you want. 
  1. Open the first link of Microsoft. 
  2. Scroll to “Download tool now” button. 
  1. Your tool will be downloaded in just a few seconds. 
  2. Run the tool. 
  3. Following opens, wait for loading. 
  4. Read the terms and conditions and click on “Accept”. 
  1. After that wait for loading. 
  1. After loading completes, you’ll see two options select the second option “Create installation option (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another PC” and click on next. 
  2. Select your “Language.” 
  3. Select “Edition.”
  4. Now you need to select your “System Architecture.”  
  5. You can easily see your system architecture by right-clicking on “This pc” and click on properties.  
  6. After selecting system architecture, click next. 
  7. Connect your USB drive. 
  8. Click on the refresh drives link. 
  9. You’ll see your USB drive, select, and click next.
  10. And your windows files will start downloading in USB flash drive.
  11. You need functional internet connectivity for download. It may take time according to your internet speed.

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Make a bootable drive to install windows.

Now, I’ll be telling you how you make a boot able drive. 

  1. Download Rufus software. 
  1. Connect your USB drive. 
  2. Open Rufus. 
  1. Click on the select button and select your iso file.  
  2. Click on the Partition scheme and select “GPT” (If your system won’t be supporting this type select MBR or your you’ll be stuck on a black screen). 
  3. Don’t worry if your system doesn’t support this type you can change it again by making your drive bootable again. 
  4. Select the target system “UEFI type”. 
  5. Click on Start. 

Here, you have completely made your USB drive boot able.

Format your pc.

Now, we are going to know how you can format your computer. 

Follow these steps:  

  1. Find the button that opens boot menu in your computer, if you have a laptop you can search by its name and if you have computer you can search by your motherboard’s name. 
  2. In most of the computer boot menu button is “F2”. 
  3. Shut down your computer. 
  4. Connect your USB drive. 
  5. Turn your pc on. 
  6. Press your boot button as boot logo appears. 
  1. Move to boot option in it using left or right arrow. 
  2. Search for USB device. 
  3. Use up and down arrow to go to it.  
  4. Select your USB drive and use + sign to move it up and place it at the top. 
  5. Press “F10” to save and reboot. 
  6. Now your pc will boot from USB drive. 
  7. Then press next. 
  8. Delete all partition expect, system reserved if have.
  9. Now make partitions according to your need.  
  10.  At least make a partition of 50 GB for System file (But, I recommend 150 GB).
  11.  Select the partition you want to install windows.
  12. Click next.
  13. Wait till the installation completes.
  14. After that select your time zone press next.
  15. Now, you can select options according to your preferences.
  16. If asked for product key you can enter the product key if you have or you can skip it.
  17. That’s it here you have successfully completed the installation of windows 10 in your PC.

Windows 10 settings you should change immediately.


So, in this tutorial told I you how you can install 7/8/10 using USB drive and two methods without any removable disk. 

Also answer me some questions, which of these you have tried, comment down any issues in the post, so that we can improve ourselves.

Thank you for reading this complete article; if you read this article by skipping some content in the middle, please read it. As it is said that “Half knowledge is more deadly than no knowledge.”  

I hope this article helped you to know something new and solved your problems.


Do I need any advanced knowledge to reinstall windows? 

No, of course not. You don’t need any advanced knowledge and even if you are new to computing, then also you can easily install windows operating system.
You just need to follow me and after few minutes you’ll see that you’re done. 

Do I need to pay something to install windows? 

Windows is a paid operating system. Believe me, I’ll tell you another genuine way to install windows.
It is a genuine way to install windows provided by Microsoft itself. 

Do I need another computer for the setup of the operating system? 

Yes and no. What! Yes, there can be many situations depending on it will be decided if it is necessary to have another computer or not.  
For example, if your hard disk is corrupted you’ll need another computer and if there is no problem in using your own computer, you don’t need any another computer. 

Do I need any USB drive or DVD?

Yes and no. I will tell you both methods, those which will need USB drive and those which will not.
If you don’t have any USB drive, you can follow those methods which don’t need them. We don’t recommend you to use a DVD. 



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