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How To Set Up Milk Farming in 2020 ?


If you want to do milk farming and you know how to do this then you are at the right place. So here is how you set up Milk Farming in detail and what are the basic requirements. I will tell you about it. So let’s get started.

The following are the basic requirements for milk farming.

What’s in for me

(1) Farm
(2) Cattle
(3) Cattle feed
(4) Men power
(5) technology

(1) Farm

 Like any business,milk farming business will need space to set up a business.

At first you will see milch cattle. To get milk. But you will need a good clean space to keep them and take care of them. Where we can build stables.

In the beginning if we go for 100 liters of milk a day then we need 10 milking cows. And we need at least 1000 square feet of space to keep them.

We will then need two rooms in 1000 sq ft to store the animal feed.

And finally, we will also need 1 acre of fertile land. In which we can plant green fodder for cattle and dry fodder for storage.

We talked about space here, now let’s talk about what facilities should be in the stables.

As mentioned earlier, there must be 1000 square feet of space for a stable. So that we can take good care of every animal.

On the long side between these spaces. , Keep a space of 3 feet in between and make space for fodder.

Animals should be bathed periodically and kept clean. Therefore, a fountain should be placed over each animal in the stable.

As well as the more water the animal drinks, the more milk it will produce. Therefore, there should be a small water tank in front of each animal in our milk farming, in which such an arrangement should be made so that as much water as the animal drinks can come back into it. So that the animal never gets distracted by water.

And dig a 100 square foot hole in the side of the field. In which to put animal dung. Use it as compost after it has been evenly distributed.

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(2) Cattle.

Our place is ready. Now we will need cattle. The main asset in milk farming business is the animal. Because if the animal is good then we will get a good yield of milk.

Therefore, the selection of animals should be done very accurately for milk farming. So here we go

(1) Which animals are suitable for our stables?

(2) What breed of cattle to bring?

(3) What features should it have?

(1) Which animals are suitable for our stables?

Cows and buffaloes are the best choice in milk farming. Because both can produce more milk and their milk contains more fat and nutrients.

Also, there is a demand for animal milk in the market.

If you want to keep 10 animals you should keep 6 buffaloes and 4 cows. Gives more milk to buffaloes. And it contains more fat. Than cow’s milk.

The buffalo gives 15-20 liters of milk during the day, and contains 6-8 percent fat. While cows give 10-12 liters of milk during the day and it contains 4-5 fats. So you should keep more buffaloes in your stable.

Yes, crossbred cows give much more milk than buffaloes. Their milking capacity during the day is 25-30 liters. But their milk is very low in fat. Only 2-3 percent.

And because of the low lactose content in their milk, people in the market do not like their milk. So it is not advisable to have a crossbred cow.

(2) What breed of cattle to bring?

Which breed of cow and buffalo should be brought depends on the area in which you want to set up a milk farming. Because the animal is also a creature. And it needs to be climate-friendly.

So you should bring only the breeds that grow in your area. Here I want you to know some of the famous breeds of cows and buffaloes, and in which area they are found.

Among the cows Gir, Haryana, Sahiwal, Red Sidhi, Rathi, and Kankraj are famous.

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While Murrah, Nagpur, Surati, Bhadavari, Nahesni, and Jafarabadi breeds are famous in buffalo. and they are useful cattle in milk farming.

(3) What features should it have?

When you bring an animal, it must have certain characteristics like it should give more milk, it should not have any disease, many animals have diseases of the udder. Which is very dangerous. For both animals and humans.

Their milk should contain proper fats and nutrients. Must be of good breed. As well as the animal should be poor in nature. Don’t be too aggressive or one day it will hurt us.

(3) Cattle feed          

Our cattle. They need fodder. So we need to know what kind of food the cattle will see.

Cattle need three types of food.

           (1) Green fodder

           (2) Dry fodder

           (3) Nutritious diet

(1) Green fodder

The main food of cattle is green fodder. And for that we need to have a  fertile field in which we can grow green fodder. And we can cut it every day and give it to cattle. Green grass fodder

 The more cattle eat, the more milk will be produced.

Green fodder has some fodder that you should plant. Such as “Chikuri”, “Rachko”, “Butter grass”.

  Green fodder should be fed twice a day.

(2) Dry grass fodder.

Now that there are cattle in our stables apart from dairy cattle, we also have to take care of them.

Now if we all put green fodder, it will be difficult for us to bring so much fodder so we have to store some dry fodder like “jar”, “hushel”. We should have made 2 rooms for that.

(3) Nutritious diet

Cattle are just like us. And his body also needs nutrients. Therefore, it is especially important to give nutritious food to milch cattle, twice a day, they should be given this defect. Which is made from cottonseed and grains.

(4) Men Power

 Like any other business, milk farming business needs manpower.

Men are needed to feed the cattle, to cut the fodder from the field, to plant the fodder in the field, to water it, to keep the stables clean on a daily basis, to dispose of the cow dung and urine.

As I said earlier if you start with a target of 100 liters of milk then you need 10 cows. And you need a total of 2 people to handle them.

These two men will plant fodder in the field when the time comes. And then he would cut it every day and put it in front of the cattle.

Get them up early at 4 in the morning and clean the stables first, then feed them as many cows as they can. And then milking them.

In the beginning to sell this skim milk in the market you have to go yourself, or even for that you can keep a trustworthy man.

Then at 10 o’clock cut the green fodder and feed it to the cattle. Feed dry fodder at 3 o’clock. Then at 5 o’clock, give nutritious food to the milking cattle and express milk. Then give green fodder to all the cattle.

We have this day job in milk farming business. And it has to be repeated on a daily basis.

We can also use technology to reduce the power of human beings. Which we will see next.

(5) Technology

As shown earlier we can use technology to reduce the power of human beings.

Following the government’s efforts to promote animal husbandry, some of the country’s leading companies developed machines to reduce manpower in milk farming.

Here I will tell you about some of the machines that you can use in milk farming.

You can use a cutter machine to cut green fodder from the farm. This will save you time and effort in cutting the fodder.

Since many green and dry fodder such as jars, millets, and corn are hard, cattle spoil it more. Therefore such fodder should be cut in the machine.

Now a very important machine that saves a lot of man energy and time. It is a milking machine. This machine works on a vacuum. Which draws milk from the udder of cattle.

Using all these machines and technology you can save man power and your time and get more profit.

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In this blog we saw how to set up milk farming. It needs fertile land, good cattle, and fodder to feed the cattle. Men are also needed to work on the farm as well. And at the same time saw how to use the Technology.



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