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How to start a podcast? Best 9 points with the complete guide


 Podcast is a new revolution in the content marketing. It is a new trend, and young creators are using it very well. Podcasting is a new opportunity for everyone, Everyone should try to grab it. So, How to start a podcast?

Did you listen to any podcast till now? If yes, then you would have thought about How does it work? Maybe you would have thought that How can you start podcasting your content? So, Today you will learn everything about Podcasting, from “How to Start a Podcast?”  to “How to earn from the podcast?”

when we want to start something new which is trending, there are a lot of questions that came in mind. So, in this article, you will get all of your answers, and also you will get to know all the steps on how can you start a podcast.

What will you get from here:

What is a podcast?

Before we learn how to start a podcast we must know what is it? A podcast is a new type of content in the content marketing. We can say it as Audio Content or Audio Blogging. We will learn in this article how to start a podcast in the next point.

In simple language, we can understand Podcast as “Recording some informational content in the form of audio, which helps someone to learn something new or somehow it fulfills the need of a person, this informational audio content is known as a podcast.” A podcast can be launched on different platforms on the internet so that people can listen to them.

Podcast is not very new to the people, from our childhood we also listen to them on our radio, it is simply like that. In the technical language, we also can say that “Providing informational content in the form of audio, is called Podcast.” You can convert a topic in different episodes and make a series of a particular topic.

So, I hope you understood What is a Podcast?

Scope in this field

There is a huge scope in this field because if we compare Podcast to Youtube and blogging, there is a lot of creators and very much competition on Youtube, but another side podcast is a new platform to the creators. We can say there is almost no competition in this field. You can easily grab the chance if you provide valuable content with consistency. If you are still not on this platform then you should try at least once.

Youtube also has a lot of potentials to build a brand there, Read How to start a Youtube Channel?

Equipment to start a podcast

To start a Podcast, all you need is just a silent place where you can record your episode. If your budget allows you to invest something then you can buy a mic, but if buying a mic is not your budget-friendly then do not waste money. and record it on your smartphone. Go to a quiet place and record your episode, if there is any noise then you can edit your audio in any audio editing software like Audacity.

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How to start a Podcast

Before you start anything in the content marketing you must have an account on a platform where you can publish your content. In this audio journey, we will suggest you start this journey from anchor.fm.

Here a question can be raised in your mind is that Why Achor.fm? It’s my responsibility to clear all your doubts.  We suggest achor.fm because it provides many facilities to the creator. For example, when you publish your first podcast, it will automatically upload your podcast on eight more platforms. These eight platforms are here.

So, here are the steps: How to start a Podcast today and publish your first episode.

  1. Open anchor.fm

  2. Click on the signup button and create your account.

  3. Click on the signup button and create your account.

  4. Enter your Name, Email, and choose a Password.

  5. Verify your Email Id, now you will find these options:

  6. Choose second option: “Go to Podcast Setup”

  7. You will find a form as shown below. Choose Podcast name, description, category, and language.

  8. After basic setup, You will find five options, let me explain one by one.

  9. While uploading a podcast you will find these options.

  10. A. Episode Title:

A. Episode Title:

This is your episode title, You should write a catchy title instead of simple. It is the first impression on the listeners. If the podcast title is impressive, then it maximizes the chances of getting clicked.

B. Episode Description:

This is the description of your podcast, it is also a very important part of it. Here you can write a long description total of 4000 characters. Try to enter all of your links (Facebook page, Instagram page, Website, etc) so that you can get more traffic from your podcast.

C. Publish Date:

You can publish your podcast right now or you can schedule it for the next day or next hour.

D. Customize this episode:

Here you can customize your episode (this is optional). You can add more things about the particular episode like Season number, Episode number, Episode type, content type, and an episode art for this particular episode. Episode art, works as a thumbnail.

Now you are all set, Just click on Publish Now button and your first episode will be published.

Categories you should choose to start a podcast

There are a lot of categories you can try but you must focus on your passion. If your passion is tech, you love to do tech things then record for tech, If you love to do gym stuff, go for fitness category. Choosing category according to your passion, which forces you to work more. Record atleast one episode daily.

Source of earning by Podcast

You can earn money in several ways. But before you start earning you have to work hard. You have to put the best content to get the audience. To earn from any platform available on the internet, you must have an audience. You can get a loyal audience by just one thing and it is your content. Content is king. Provide valuable content first then go to monetize your podcast.

You can earn from a podcast by advertising, promoting your products (if you don’t have any product then you can go for affiliate marketing), Sponsorships are also a good source of earning.

Advantages of Podcast

Podcasting is one of the best ways to promote yourself, to build yourself a brand. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of Podcast.

  • It helps you in personal branding.
  • There is almost no competition in this field right now, but there is a potential audience, early-bird can grab the opportunity.
  • If you are one of them, who is shy on camera then you can choose this platform to provide your content.
  • It will give your voice a power, your public speaking skills will be improved.

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In simple words, we can say that if you are a creative person who loves to share knowledge with others, then podcasting is the best platform. It takes less time in recording, no editing tension. It is all about just record and upload. SO, this was the complete guide from “How to start a podcast?” to “How to earn from Podcast?”

If you do not have a PC, you can download the app on your smartphone and record it by mobile and also upload it from there.


Why the podcast is important?

Podcast is important because it save time, you can not read a block or watch a video with closed eyes, but you can listen to a podcast with closed eyes. I mean to say you can listen to podcast while working.

Which Podcast website should I use?

You can use www.anchor.fm because it gives you facilities like publishing the podcast on eight platforms in just a single click.

Does Podcast title affect listeners?

Ofcourse it does, Your Podcast title should be eye-catchy. An eye-catchy title can name anyone to click on it. It can give you a good number of audience.

Can a Podcast make money?

Yes, It can. But before you go to think about money, you must create a good potential audience.



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