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How to Start a Video Editing Business on your own. Here are some easy ways


Would you like to know how to start a video editing business? I’ve done it. I can show you how.

Video industry is continuously growing at a rapid speed for the last few years. There was a time when most of the social media posts were in text or image format, but now if you see, the Facebook timeline is filled with videos.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Why is video rising
  2. How to learn video editing
  3. How to start video editing business
  4. Offer freebies
  5. Create a portfolio
  6. Deliver beyond what is expected
  7. Understand the system
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

Why is video rising?

Because videos are a lot more engaging than still images and texts. With the help of videos teaching, even the hardest things are quite easy. Videos can also portray the brand identity of any company so fascinatingly, so corporates are also loving videos.

Video industry is growing. That means also the opportunities in this field is growing. One of the building blocks of this industry is video editing. So on 2020 and beyond, it’s worth to learn video editing and start your own business in this field.

How to learn video editing?

Over the last decade learning has been rational due to the growth of the internet. So, if you really want to learn something today, it’s not very difficult. You just have Google it. Choose the best instructors on the basis of ratings and just start learning.

For learning video editing at first have to get a computer in good condition. As of 2020, you must have at least an i5 processor, 16Gb RAM and a good graphics card installed in your computer. The more top-notch is your computer’s specifications, the more comfortably you will be able to edit videos.

After that, install a video editing software. By video editing software, I don’t mean Microsoft Movie Maker. You should install software like Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. There is a lot of video editing software. But I would recommend you to use Adobe Premiere Pro. Because no other software has that much detailed tutorials on Youtube like that of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Then? Then what? Just dive into Youtube. There are a lot of Youtube channels where every aspect of the software is taught accurately in details. Other than Youtube there are also a lot of resources from where you can learn video production.

Don’t only watch the videos. Try what you watch. Then when you know the basics try different things. The more you will practice the more you will be perfect.

How to start video editing business?

Offer Freebies

You’ve got to build a portfolio and offer your full service. The best that you can offer for free. And you know, to pick a client that is like your ideal client, somebody that you want to work with more clients like.

Pick somebody and just say, “You know what I’m wanting to launch a new video editing company or video editing service. I want more clients like you. But I need to build my portfolio. Can I offer you my services for free to use in my portfolio?”

You will find that most people will respond positively to that. I guess I’ve had one person who reacted negatively in the past. They were really high profile and they already had somebody they’re working with. That’s the only reason they told me no.

But the other people that I went to for that reacted positively and wanted to get a video for free. Yeah, they said, “Absolutely I’ll take it.” They were corporate videos, wedding videos and a lot of TV commercials. But I would suggest you to choose a specific niche, suppose only wedding videos, or only TV commercials and make a strong portfolio on that niche.

So, if you want to get into the service of creating wedding videos then I would go and film with a couple who were bidding for free. Do hard work, put efforts, put whatever you’ve learned and make an amazing video for them for free.

Create a Portfolio

So the next step is to create that portfolio. You know if it’s video YouTube is a good place. LinkedIn is a good place where you can just showcase your videos. You can have them on your website if you can generate traffic to your website.

Have a little tab that says portfolio and have a link to some type of demo reel or two different videos that you’ve created for clients. Have some way of being able to show that to people. You can also run ads on social media sites targetting your custom audience using those videos.

I went real broad at first and I thought, well I’m going to offer my services to all small businesses and ended up loving working with some clients. In most of the cases, I didn’t like working with my clients. That was the point when I decided to choose a niche.

A great learning experience, but it took me a long time to kind of figure out what that was. So I do recommend figuring out your niche early on if you can. Sometimes it’s easier said than done because you think, oh this is the type of client I want to work with but you haven’t ever worked with them before yet.

So you don’t know if anyway because I thought that I would really love working with dentists but after working with dentists and realizing that they don’t want video marketing they just want a web site.

But once you have a portfolio, once you’ve picked your target audience, your ideal client then whatever way you use, you just got to market that portfolio to that ideal client.

Deliver beyond what is expected

My next point here is to deliver beyond what is expected. I’d like to make expectations clear for my clients.

Once, I made a short advertisement video a Salon for free for making my portfolio. The video was better in terms of quality than that of what she was expecting. Just after a few days, she called me back to make another video of an event, organized by her. This time too, I provided more value than she could even expect.

She was just like, “Wow you did all this for me for free. She was really impressed.” It obviously was a great showcase and I was able to show that video to other potential clients who then hired me to do the same thing for them.

And you only have to do it once for free. I did that one for free. Then after that, I was able to charge for making videos for my clients.

Understand the system

You have to understand the system of client acquiring. An example of what I mean by a system is like a McDonald’s franchise. If I were to own a McDonald’s I wouldn’t be the one in there flipping the burgers. I would just own that system and I’d hire people to come in and be the ones to flip the burgers and run at the registers and whatnot.

So when you’re creating your video editing business you really want to systematize things so that it’s a business more than just creating a job for yourself.

When you’re doing that focus on the experience that your client gets. Always submit your work on time or before time. Customer satisfaction should be your ultimate target. But when you make some name in the town, you start to get more jobs, there’s a chance that you would start taking customers as taken for granted and submit works 2 days after the deadline.

Perhaps, that will work for a short period. But when another fresh video editing agency will approach them, they may shift their preference from you to the new video editing agency, and that’s how you will lose your client base.

So, if you yourself can’t handle the pressure hire people. If you can pay them on a monthly basis. You can also outsource some of your works. You can just head towards Fiverr and get a lot of freelancers whom you have to pay just a few bucks to get amazing videos.

That’s how I did it. I mean that was simple and you can also do these small steps to create your own video editing agency.


To start any business you just have to follow some common steps, learning the process, market researching and then just jumping in. Video editing business is no exception.


Q1. What’s video production?

The process of producing video content is called video production.

Q2. Why Video Production is important?

According to Wikipedia, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. Search engines love videos.
According to Cisco, by 2021 over 80% of all internet traffic will consist of videos. The search engines love that type of content that seems to be good and engaging. A video with good content, a proper meta description, right keywords and attractive title makes search engines fall in love.
Video Production is important for multiple reasons,
They boost SEO performance.
Videos build trust.
Videos increase the conversion rate.
They also provide great Return of Investment.
Educating anything with the help of a video is so much easy.
Mobile users love videos.
By going live on social media you can go personal with your fans or clients.
Videos help you to stay competitive.

Q3. Why is video industry growing?

One of the main reasons is over the last few years we have witnessed a sharp drop in price of the internet. In India before Jio entered in the market in 2016 we had to pay around Rs 250 for 2GB data, but Jio launched unlimited internet package for Rs 399/month. Soon, other telecom companies also followed the path of Jio in the fear of losing the hyper large telecom market of India.
Another reasons behind videos’ success story is, videos are way more engaging than still images or just a simple write up.
Even the most complex things can easily be taught with the help of videos. Will you by a book for learning coding or simply buy a Udemy course, which is in video format?

Q4. Should you offer Freebies?

You’ve got to build a portfolio to get clients. So it’s worth to start with offering freebies. Select a niche, that you think you would love working with and then offer them free service in order to create a portfolio.

Q5. Should you compromise on quality?

Always deliver beyond expectations. Don’t ever compromise on quality. Otherwise when a new video editor will approach your clients they will move away from you.



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