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How to Stop Overthinking – 2 Best Spiritual Ways

How to Stop Overthinking

Today you will learn that How to Stop Overthinking. Overthinking is that thing which you think continuously one particular thing in your mind without even taking pause. It is like a disaster of your body which can shatter you so be careful in overthinking,

So,In today life most of the people have this overthinking problem they think a lot like somebody else behave to me like this or that etc

Today you will learn that how to stop overthinking with just two method like taking pause and another one is changing your mind programming with good explanation.

Let’s read the following ways that will help you that how to stop overthinking.

Let’s Find out :- 

  1. Take Pause
  2. Change Your Mind Programming
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ

How to Stop Overthinking

1. Take Pause

Taking pause will help you that how to stop overthinking.

When you create a beautiful thought and before radiating that beautiful vibrations to me,

The first one who is going to experience it is the ones

Who create it so let’s be generous in radiation the beautiful vibrations to other person

Because whether they receive it or no, is their choice but we receive it is hundred percent certain because we are creating it so at every moment during the day look for chances to radiate beautiful energy to other And that is the only way to experience it ourselves.

In the world many of us are creating a vibrations like i am stressed

And when we say i am stressed it’s not just radiating about ourselves,

We are also radiating the energy in the air and what will happen somebody else will catch that frequency and start saying

I am also stressed without even knowing it’s feel like, they just pick the vibrations from the air,

So we say om shanti which means i am peaceful soul so that this beautiful Thoughts radiate in the world

And then somebody will catch this beautiful frequency then he will say i am also peaceful.

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Reading Below Declaration will help you that how to stop overthinking.

We all want peace in life,we talking about world peace, children in school draw beautiful paintings a peaceful world

But what is it mean so First feel what is the peace means then say i am peaceful being.

When i create a lower word frequency vibrations there is a little turbulence that happens here

And then there is a ripple effect that one lower vibrations is followed by another one

And another one and very soon is a series of low frequency Thoughts and they become very rapid one after the other no punctuation mark, no comma, no full stop,

But if there’s any one punctuation mark it’s always a question mark.

Too much thinking is normally a question mark apart from them no gaps no full stop no comma

And when we create a high vibrations thoughts like i am a peaceful being then it will create a stillness in mind

Then the mind won’t know what seconds thought to create after that and the mind will give it a pause between my one thought

And the second thought and this little pause between two consecutive thoughts

Which allows my mind to rest similarly when we are talking one line then two seconds pause second line.


Non stop thinking without a pauses cause the mind to get tired, fatigue, pressure, headache, jam in mind, can’t see solutions clearly Because in the mind

So much thoughts or thinking happening

So put those pauses into our thoughts and when we put that pause into our thinking then we will be happy with our own self,

It’s not comfortable to live with someone who talks non stop then we tell them please keep quit at least for five minute or give me break and

They manage for fifty seconds but they will start again but what if we had to live 24 by 7 with somebody inside talking non stop and

Now someone minds talks at night also and sometimes it is more scary in the night than it is in the day and we wake up in the night with shocked emotions

Because it talks turbulent in the night because the conscious layer Stop talking

And the very deep layer in our mind start talking even while we are in sleep at night in Dreams turbulent dreams, non stop thinking we need to take a break,

We need to give it pause because it’s not just about us it’s also about us radiating that vibrations into the environment

Which is being picked up by people around us and now very soon most of us are thinking at that speed and not just at this age


Very little children are thinking too much today, hyperactive children can’t concentrate, cannot sit in one place they keep jumping and then they will get up

And when they are again asked to sit then they will again get up

Because no silence in mind and body language gets very hyper but why are they doing that because they are picking up the vibrations from the air that we are radiating it

And they are absorbing it.

So for our own self for our children, for our family and for our world we need to start putting pauses, slow down our thinking.

And now you have learnt that how to stop overthinking by taking pause

And you can help others by sharing this article of how to stop overthinking.

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2. Change Your Mind Programming

Changing your mind programming will help you that how to stop overthinking.

Situation is not in my control, people’s behaviour not in my control,

I expect them to be a certain way and they behave in a way

Which is completely contradictory to what i wanted because it happens sometimes and

Everyday has feel it and then the mind start talking like i will be happy when they behave the way i want to be

And when they don’t behave the way that i want to be then i will be unhappy,

This equation is totally wrong and we have taught our mind

When people are your way be happy and when people are not your way you make noise,

I taught my mind make noise, be unhappy because they were not my way and

When we say we are happy when people are not our way then tomorrow

Our children will absorb that from us generation to generation we will pass on the wrong programming

And our inheritance given to our children and

What happened till two generations before people were still our way


That generation could be happier then that generation passed it on us be happy

When people are your way, our generation had a little lesser people being our way

So we were a little lesser happier and next generation passed on the same programming in terms

Or in times of uncertainty don’t know what’s going to happen after every one hour

And we taught them be happy when the world is your way so their chances of being happy during the day started getting lesser.

Now only two options either the world should be my way or second option i can change my programming

So is it possible for the world to be my way that is ‘No’, is it possible for the person sitting

Next to me to be my way ‘No’ and why we can’t be their way

Because my way, perspective, my way of thinking, my nature is going to be the one which is comfortable for me.

Reading Below example will help you that how to stop overthinking.

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Example :-

If the glass has water which is extremely hot but i drink warm water and another person sitting next to me drinks Chilled water and third person sitting to me drinks half a glass of ice who’s right? And i look at the person with ice and if i say what are you doing

And then person looks at me and say look at you what are you doing you are drinking warm water, look at it’s AC on and you are drinking warm water

Then we radiate vibrations of you’re very weird and the opposite way you’re weird then we say you need to change and the other said you need to change

And then i say i will be happy when you will change and the other person say i will also be happy when you will change and

Then both don’t change and both are not happy, equation are very simple

Now they are not going to change because they don’t find the need to change,

They are very comfortable the way they are,

I have an option to change my programming which says i will be happy when people are my way

And i will be more happy when people are not my way so coded your mind like this and

The mind will follow the coding for the rest of your life.

Reading Below explanation will help you that how to stop overthinking.


These are the two major points to overcome your overthinking that is present in your life

And practice these points that have discussed completely and

You will become a completely another good personality or person

So implementation is the most important in life when we learn good things

And if you implement these above key points for even 1 month you mind language will be other,

You will never overthink and will be happy for a life.

So every day in the morning start with good spiritual Thoughts and say i am child of god which is full of happiness ocean and peacefull ocean.

So now you have learnt that how to stop overthinking by Changing your mind programming.

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3. Conclusion

These are the 2 main spiritual ways like Take Pause and Change your mind programming, In these points allready explained vastly above with examples that Take pause when your mind starts to create any low vibrations thoughts or negativity thinking

So immediately take pause to your thoughts and focus on your other things which is essential in your life, take deep breath so in this way you can stop your overthinking, if you want more explanation read above this point.

Change your mind programming is very important because sometimes we say when they will change their behaviour i will be happy so similarly they will saying that you changed your behaviour they will be happy so nobody is going to change their behaviour,

You have to change your behaviour or change your mind programming like say i will be happy when they will be in my way and i will be more happy when they will not be in my way

So say this in your mind this one or two line can change your mind programming and your whole life will become beautiful.So these are the all points that will help you that how to stop overthinking in a simple ways.

4. FAQ

1. How do you get rid of overthinking?

When your mind start for overthinking then immediately stop or take pause for ten to twenty second and focus on your other important work which is essential in your life. Don’t overthink too much it can harm your life as well as Health.

2. What will happen if you overthink?

Overthinking can damage your mind, it can cause mental issue, you will look like mental absence and lost somewhere, it can also cause any disease to your health.

3. Why do people overthink?

People overthink because they have worried about their work or worried about someone, so you can easily stop overthinking by changing your mind programming, say i will be happy when they will be my way and i will be more happy when they will be not similar to my kind behaviour and do meditation everyday.

4. Can overthinking kill you?

Thinking too much about something can cause harm or damage to the mind, it can remove your all happiness in your life if you think too much about something, so we can say overthinking can kill you.



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