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How Video Games Affect Your Health? You are Addicted?

How Video Games Affect Your Health? do people say you are addicted to gaming? do you worried about it? Want to Know about Game addiction?

Gaming another big term in the entertainment industry nowadays. The no. of gamers is increasing rapidly as it’s becoming more popular day by day.

Most of the audience of gaming are teenagers who find gaming as a better mode of entertainment than anything else.

According to Limelight Networks, The State of Online Gaming 2020 Report says a Gamer spends an average of 6Hr 20min. Playing video games Globally whereas if we talk about India the average gamers spend 6Hr 35min. Playing video games.

So as we can see playing video games is becoming an important part of life and as the famous quote says “Excess of everything is Bad” it also applies to games.

Health benefits of playing video games

Similarly, if you are spending Too much time playing video games, spending plenty of time sitting in front of a screen, lack of physical activities.

As a result. it affects our Mental & Physical Health.

How Video Games Affect Your Health? Gaming is really Bad for health? Everyone who plays games affects their health? Gaming disorder is really a serious problem? Let’s find out…

What You Will Read Here:

How Video Games Affect Your Health?

Game addiction

As you know we have previously mentioned “excess of everything is bad” it also applies to games. So what is game addiction and How Video Games Affect Your Health?.

Excess gaming may lead to become an Addiction. if you are a casual gamer & you can drop your controller to do daily basic activities then you might not be addicted.

whereas if you are gaming and not able to stand up do important tasks. That leads to affect your personal or professional life than my friend you have been addicted to gaming.

But Gaming is Good & you should not worry about your addiction and It can be cured with the right precautions.

Even though gaming is around 70 yrs old, researches about it are still in their early stages.

different Researchers have a different conclusion about whether to take gaming as an addiction or not.

Addicted to the Game

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Included “Gaming disorder” as a disease in the 11th  revision of the international classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

Sounds scary right? But Don’t Worry everyone who plays games has not a Gaming disorder.

In the same vein, it’s not right to say someone an addict who is enthusiastic about gaming.

Firstly, ask some questions to yourself, do Games come between important things in your life like your Schools, Relationships, or Jobs?

Secondly, have you crossed paths somewhere between just playing the game or I must have to play the game whatever the situation is?

Moreover, you are using games to come over your problems like depression? How Video Games Affect Your Health? If Yes then find Some Help from Doctors.

How Video Games Affect Your Mental Health

“Electrophobia” is the fear of playing Video Games. Yes you read it right there was a phobia of games also. But why should someone have a fear of a game? or How Video Games Affect Your Health?

It might due to negative experiences with video games like getting scared by the monstrous sound of the monstrous character in it.

Gaming affects differently to different peoples by different games therefore the debate on the Pros & Cons of Gaming is as old as games existed.

But after the 1999 Columbine high school massacre,

In which one of the killers has a history of playing a shooting game, after the incident discussion on the connection between Videogames and violence Heated up.

Many Peoples started believing most of the violence came from video games but science doesn’t conclude what people think.

After that, recent research conducted by Oxford University on 1000 teens, Parents & colleagues measure youth aggressiveness and which type of games they play and for how long.  

In Short, reports concluded that Playing Violent games doesn’t show any aggressive behavior in real life.

Game Brain

Further Studies Discovered that video games help those who suffer from Mental Disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, etc.

However, Some studies showed that gaming can improve learning,

And helps to maintain Hand-Eye Coordination, improve response time, and improve the ability to problem-solving skills.

How Video Games Affect Your Health? Meanwhile, Video games can affect the brain and cause changes in many regions of the brain.

For instance, It can increase the size of the part of the brain which is responsible for visuospatial skills which improve the ability to identify the visual & spatial relationships in the object.

Video games can also negatively affect the brain when indulging too much and they can cause stress, anxiety, can kill brain cells, or even interrupt a person’s sleep.

It’s convincing that Video games have both Pros (on attention, visual & coordination) and Cons (risk of addiction) but it totally depends on you what you can take from it.

How Video Games Affect Your Physical Health

How Video Games Affect Your Health? Video games make you fat & unhealthy? Is it true? Meanwhile, Sitting on a chair and staring at the Computer screen for Hours results in limited physical movement and burns fewer calories.

So, the conclusion is simple: if people spend most of their time playing games and do not exercise it simply results in becoming overweight & unhealthy.

Physical Health Problem of Gaming

However, health problems of excessive playing can reach from overeating & obesity to Physical Strain on hands, back & Neck.

doctors found that some people who play certain motion games can make them feel motion sick, similarly that they feel in a car or amusement ride.

But, every gamer shows the different types of symptoms like Fatigue, lack of caring for oneself, body aches, problems with joints, and ligaments, skin blisters, elbow pain.

Meanwhile, long term addiction may lead to obesity, weakness, or numbness in hands or even blood clots.

Whereas there is also a bright side of the story it also helps people in many ways,

Meanwhile, a study suggests that the people who play video games have a better sense of hand-eye coordination.

As a result, this makes it easier for gamers to learn new tasks which include coordination in real life. Certain action video games can change reaction time, it’s because players have reacted quickly to succeed in the game.

For Example, researches suggest that some video games actually encourage more involvement in sports.

However, many new engaging games that use the Nintendo Wii-U, Playstation Move, or Xbox Kinect can help in burning calories, and actually enhance fitness.

On the other hand, video games are facing too many controversies.

But, the big companies are now Focusing on more physically playing games. with the help of innovations like VR, AR & AI, We are heading towards full-body activity games.

Similarly, many games are designed to encourage- healthy eating habits, increase exercise, and combat diabetes.

Scientists have done dozens of studies to find if people’s health & behavior changes while playing video games.

It’s a long term debate some studies say it’s harmful some say it depends on the mental state of the player.

This was a never-ending debate but you have to take care of yourself and try not to be addicted to games.

Myths about Video Games

#Myth-1 Violent Video games making Peoples aggressive.

In 1999, the murderers of the columbine high school massacre were “DOOM” Players. A German 17-years old kid killed 15 people a decade ago with moves he stole from “counter strike”.
When people engage in violent behavior, the brutal video games they played before they committed their crimes are generally cited to their tendencies. But the no. of crimes like this are very few we can’t even notice.

People also blame movies, television & music, for the rise in teen violence. Whereas some studies conducted on 14 to 68 yrs old who were asked to play an MMORPG game for 56 hours in a month come up with the conclusion that not even video games lead to aggression, no noticeable change in behavior of the players changed into anger.

It concludes that if a person is letting out aggression in games, then they are less likely to commit suicides in real life.
A person who is saying video games inspired him to kill someone then he should check into a mental hospital.

No evidence suggests that video games or any other form of media could turn an ordinary person into a criminal.

#Myth-2 Video games Lead to social isolation.

Video games have a tradition of a nerdy indoor hobby- Sitting in a room on a chair facing a PC screen for Hours, never going outside to socialize with people.
It’s understandable that something about the situation seems unhealthy or unnatural.

But the view majorly misunderstands the true image of gamers.
in the early 30yrs of game, evolution may lead to isolation but afterward as Multiplayer games are introduced and our internet connectivity is getting better.

People are socializing online with their friends or making new friends. Online gaming has the potential to bring us together with many new ways to form communities based on the same interests and hobbies.
Thanks to high-speed internet connectivity, which helps gamers to play together around the globe.

#Myth-3 Games only Contains Negative Content. Such as Violence & Hate.

Well, Some games look like that they only portray Violence and Anger but they sometimes tend to have a deeper underlying message in it.
For example Gears of War 3. while it shows massive violence, blood, guts, and action on its surface but its core theme is based upon “Father & Son Story”.
While a lot of Franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Saint row are all about promoting adult themes.
While not all games are filled with violence and destruction (still they were too good ) for example “Heavy Rain” on PS3 which portrays only love towards its son to save her life.
Most of the games were violent but it totally depends on ourselves what we will take from it.

#Myth-4 Games are only for Kids and girls Don’t play games.

Kids love to play games, that’s a Fact! Millions of kids all over the world want to let them play the games all over the day.
They all love Mario, sonic, Pikachu games that let them experience a whole new world.
But there were many more gamers all over the world who grew up playing “Super Mario Bros.”, “Sonic- The Hedgehog” or older games on “Atari” who are now adults and still love to play games like Me.
A study conducted in 2011 reveals that the age of an average gamer is 37, yes you read it right. It shows that Adults love games, including the president of Nintendo Mr. Reggie fils-aime.
The study also shows that 58% of them are male & 42% are Females, Proves that Girls really do Play Games.

#myth-5 Playing Video Games is Meaningless Waste of Time.

I often face criticism like Gamer- from my colleagues & parents. That “why were you wasting your time playing”  couldn’t I do something better with that time?
Why play them when you could go outside, or engage in more cultural activities? But this comes from a misunderstanding of who doesn’t play them & criticizes others.

I am not saying that all of you have to play games, as everyone has his own passion & Interests.
But if you talk about us, the games give us an opportunity to experience a whole new world that no other form of media has the ability to do.

Video games place us in the center of the story – where we are the active participant of any consequences.
It offers us a safe place to investigate and test the emotional results of our actions.

Far from Meaningless waste of time, games help us to explore whole new worlds, travel around, and do things which we can’t do in this real-world all from the comfort of our home.  

Myth Busted


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