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9 Easy Ideas for Marketing as well as Business


Marketing plays in important for growing your business as it creates brand awareness, increases sales but what if marketing ideas can be used for social issues as well as creating brand awareness also. So I have discussed some ideas for Marketing down below.

Table of Content

  1. What is Invisible Marketing?
  2. Exercise for generating Ideas for Marketing
  3. List of 9 Ideas for Marketing as well as Business.
  4. Getting The Road cleans.
  5. Photo Blog with a New Way(Instagram).
  6. No More Gutka Spitting.
  7. A reality show on Marketing.
  8. What’s Your Favorite Thing for every month.
  9. A new way of Marketing for Web-series.
  10. New Cases For Phones to prevent Corona.
  11. Live in a Painting.
  12. Learning through Means for Exams.
  13. Final Words.
  14. FAQ.

What is invisible Marketing ?

The main purpose of any advertisement is to make your untapped potential audience/ customers/ discover your brand/ product.

Basically invisible advertisement is the ones, which do not look like an
advertisement and this is important especially for brands that opt for
influencer marketing.

If a customer feels that he/she self-discovered your brand /product, it will give them a sense of pride.

This is the key to give your customer a sense of discovery and to provide
this sense of discovery your advertisement needs to be invisible..

This increases the profitability  of the customer’s inclination towards the
brand and strengths the possibilities of them, spreading the good word of mouth

3.Brainstorm exercise to train generate ideas for Marketing.

This exercise will not help you in generating ideas for marketing but it will
also train your brain for generating more ideas and increasing your creativity.

1. 10 random words in 10 minutes. Start your morning with a walk/drive/scrolling/social media to pick up 10 random unrelated words.

For example: Truck,Party,Map,Yellow,Bush,Pigeon,Song,Fall,Sofa,Slap.

2. Create, What IF’s? Now try to make connections between those words, to form interesting what if questions?

For example,

A. What if there was a truck colored like a map?

B. what if a wife slapped her husband for buying yellow sofa?

C. What if selecting songs in a party, was a game?

It is not compulsory to make sense with all the questions. These questions are just to strengthen recall of your brain. It’s just warm up.

3. Select and Twist.

Now, select the best sentences and start moulding them with the following keywords.

You ca also create your own key words and instruction.

This exercise will widen your perspective and expose your thoughts to endless imagination and possibilities EveryDay.

I have discus the marketing ideas which can help you to grow your business.

These ideas can be used by small business because most of them are cost effective

List of 9 Marketing as well as Business Ideas.

Idea Number 1: Getting The Road cleans.

Every day we see many people throwing garbage carelessly and not using dustbins but who are the most irritating ones. Definitely the ones who sit in the luxury of their cars and treat roads like dustbins. But is there a way to take revenge people? 

Yes, imagine a window and dummy hand holding garbage as it peeks out from the hole, right below the hand the is a slogan which reads “Time to take revenge
and turns their car into the dustbin”.
These dustbins can be placed in on roads, malls, restaurants, by marketing firms, NGO’S RADIO CHNNEL,ETC as a part of a creative awareness campaign.

Idea Number 2: Photo Blog with a new Way(Instagram).

Everyday on social media a lot of photo projects and photo trends on go viral but
which is your fav till date?

My personal favorite photo trends are #filtourism, #followmeseries
Now I a couple of years back, I visited the window of the World, a theme park in
Shenzhen, China which has all the miniature versions of famous monuments.
I didn’t want to click boring photos so I recalled the famous #followmeseries
where a photographer travels around the world while holding his girlfriend’s hand.

I tweaked the concept a bit as I held my mother’s dupatta while traveling around
the world and make it #maakadupattaseries. Now imagine what if there was a
photoblog, where the concept of famous photo trends are tweaked a bit the
context could be funny, boring, etc as there would be spin-offs of famous
photo projects the recall value would be damm strong and imagine seeing a grid of quirky photo projects.

Idea Number 3: No More Gutka Spitting.

All of us get irritated, by those people spitting gutkas and pan masalas on roads in , lifts corner of the building etc. right. So I have a pretty sarcastic solution to make such people stop from spitting anywhere and everywhere. No I am not talking about Gandhigir and cleaning their mess in front of them but to stop them from spitting at all. Now imagine, what if a painting was placed in such corners of cities and buildings where often people are found spiting, with a slogan

“NOW SPIT IT LIKE IT’S AN ART” may be to make t more sarcastic we can also draw a dart board

With points for aiming at the canvas, such a campaign can be conducted by NGO’S, radio Channels marketing influencers, etc to spread awareness also videos of such real-life experimental campaigns have a great chance of going viral online.

Idea Number 4: A reality show on Marketing.

All of us have seen interesting marketing gimmicks of all kinds of reality shows but what is there was a reality show completely based upon marketing all the stages task and competition would be completely based on marketing.

Executed by Aspiring and inspiring making professionals there is a huge audience for reality show like Shark Tank the pitch MTV dropout etc competing teams or individual distance and the task would be like designing Billboard campaign to launch FMCG products on making a video viral or campaign phone on famous brands composing funny but relevant and AD jingles flash mob marketing.

There would be multiple opportunity for sponsorship as for different tasks different companies and different products could be dropped also sponsoring the products could be relevant to the current scenario for example a task promoting and upcoming film imagine that.

Idea Number 5: What’s Your Favorite Thing for every month.

From Alice ice bucket challenge to Dolly Parton challenge but what time there was a challenge to promote mental health directly what if there was hashtag take challenge where you have to share your favorite things about every month like #best things about January February March, this can also be done with the days of the week like #best things about the Monday Tuesday Wednesday.

This challenge will push think positive 10 funny or creative and it would be a great marketing campaign led by a company whose main agenda is to spread awareness about mental health from a few influencers to many followers this could be a tweeted challenge on Twitter for a video challenge on Tiktok for meem challenge on Instagram.

Idea Number 6: New way of Marketing for Web-series.

  so who is your favorite web series character what is he or she came to life for every filmmaker marketing every new season for their web series is tough and also expensive but what is there was a low-cost marketing method through which the web series constantly market everyday between release or two different Seasons?

How it simple bring important characters from web series to like on social media now imagine what is your favorite characters had an Instagram account and fresh content is posted regularly where we see the character growing in a fictional life the contact could be completely and related to the story and slowly related to the alternate life of the character.

Idea number 7: New Cases For Phones to prevent Corona.

 coronavirus has become a global pandemic today but still, there are many people were not taking enough precautions for hygiene mostly this is because I don’t people are too lazy on their overestimating their immunity but sometimes we generally forget to carry our sanitizer and mask right.

But what if you never forget matching of having a phone cover which could store few millimeters of sanitizer in case of an emergency which is, of course, refillable or imagine having sanitizers stored in your watch belts or maybe completely separated sanitizer rubber belts with manual leads on them correctly.

Search products are needed for the hour and trust me you can build a whole startup around such a concept a company that delivers hygiene with a more user-friendly approach by rethinking the design of products we use daily sanitizer in our phone covers a watches earphones with face mask extensions possibilities are endless.

Idea Number 8: Live in a Painting.

 who is your favourite artist which is your favourite painting till now what if you could live in a painting ok now imagine a pop-up shopping event organised at different locations frequently wear popular painting that turned into temporary shed which make you feel like part of the painting now every painting has some kind of product and it like lock in Sal wood diary Salvador Dali persistence of memory aur black dress in Mona Lisa so basically every painting set would be a stall for a brand who has replaced assembler product of its own with the original product in the painting.

Basically we would be giving the experience of an Art Museum shopping free food entertainment etc together also there separate photo booths won’t be needed in such an event because every stall would be a great background for photos and selfies such an event would be a great place to activate campaigns for influencer marketing.

Idea Number 9: Learning through Means for Exams.

 A lot of students are giving their exams right now and between those hard study hours they take break to scroll social media Right.

And most of the times they are just watching memes Namah question is can you deliver knowledge in format off means imagine a public library, especially for you, didn’t divide by great and Standards with the whole average decorated and filled with relay tables and specific means for the student these memes are made by the students.

Imagine struggles mugging up formulas of algebra or maybe history or Geography chapters search memes will deliver knowledge along with funny and also maybe students can create notes for specific chapters in Meme format and share or sell it to other students in the library personally love to study in such a library which would it benefits me for making creative notes.

Final Words:

Guys comment down which one is your favorite idea from the above list of ideas for marketing and if you didn’t like any one of them no worries we have some more unique Business Ideas which you will definitely like.

The Brainstorming exercise which, I have discussed above is something which I have trying for a month back now I want you to try it and please let me know how effective was that exercise does it really helped you in generating ideas for marketing.

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Which is the best place to market your product?

For that, you need to know about your targeted audience like where are, where they spend out most of the time are on social media than on which social media, you can build a buyer persona it will tell you a lot about your targeted audience.

Can marketing help in Social Cause.?

Yes, it can some of the ideas discussed in this list that can help in social cause such as stopping people from through garbage on roads, or Gutka spitting.

What is Social media marketing?

Social media marketing means creating brand awareness through which we generate leads and then turn them into conversion. For Social Media Marketing there are ways of generating traffic, organic (free traffic) as well as Paid traffic.



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