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Importance of Waste Management-Why we need it?

Waste =useless unwanted things that people doesn’t need, also known as garbage, trash, rubbish etc.

This is the definition of waste for most of the people in the world and that’s why they don’t care how this waste of their is disposed of and like to throw garbage here and there.

But there are some people for whom this waste is gold or their daily wage and they are the rag-pickers.

Proper waste management practices can help these graphical live a better life then they are living now.

That’s why we should know the importance of waste management.


Impact of Improper Waste Management

Every household in India today deals with they waste in an inappropriate manner.

This improper waste management can have an adverse effect on our life and environment. Some of the impacts are:

Soil contamination

Improper waste management is one of the main reason of soil contamination.

soil contamination

Contamination occurs as the result of burying and spilling hazardous components in soil.

Take the case of plastic.

When the eventually break down they release DEHA, a carcinogen that affects our reproduction system, causes liver dysfunction and weight loss.

Soil contamination is not only bad for the plants but also for the humans and animals feeding on them.

It is therefore really important for every household to take recycling by heart.

It is important for them to understand that the non-biodegradable waste should not be mixed with the biodegradable waste instead they should be kept away for recycling process.

Air contamination

Another worst effect of improper waste management is contamination of the air we breathe in.

Disposing waste on land without proper treatment releases harmful greenhouse gases in the environment like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc. which is very harmful for human health.

The burning of paper and plastic and other waste in the landfill and in the incinerator, causes the landfill gases and the chemicals to hurt the ozone layer and also the surrounding human population.

Besides with chemicals such as dioxin out there, the air has been proven to have harmful effects on us.

Water contamination

Water is an excellent solvent it can contain numerous dissolve chemicals.

As a result while moving through water picks of pollution along the way.

Hazardous waste in the environment seeps into the ground and ultimately into the groundwater.

Untreated sewage is also one of the reason of water contamination.

This contaminated water is very dangerous and harmful to humans as well as the Marine animals.

Effect on humans

The worst affected are the rag pickers and waste disposal workers.

Because out of all the human population due to the lack of proper basic protection such as gloves, uniforms, shoes or mask chemicals and diseases.

Improper waste management leads to the contamination of the most important elements necessary for human survival i.e. land, air and water.

Humans live on these elements and if they are contaminated then, it is obvious that humans will automatically be the worst effected one.

Danger on marine life

Despite strict measures, the continual dumping of garbage, raw or untreated sewage in the water bodies suffocates marine life.

Styrofoam and cigarette butts have been known to cause death in Marine animals who consume them.

Danger on marine life

It is a viscous food cycle as when animals consume grasses near contaminated area or landfill they are at risk of poisoning due to toxins that seep into the soil and further more this cycle continues when the large animals feed on those contaminated animals.

Causes extreme climate change

The harmful greenhouse gases which emits from the landfills rises up to the atmosphere and trap heat adversely.

It causes extreme weather reactions in the form of storms and typhoons.

These greenhouse gases have drastically affected the level of precipitation into the air.

From acid rain to severe hail storms or global warming everything is fair game at present.

What ever extreme climate changes the world is experiencing today is due to the emission of harmful gases.

Missed recycling opportunities

Recycling generates revenue, but you missed it.

Recycling not only convert old things into new things but also brings in great employment opportunity with it.

Cities that do not implement proper removal or recycling of waste miss on this.

missed recycling opportunity to earn

Disease carrying pests

Both mosquitoes and rats are known to carry life threatening diseases.

Mosquitoes breed in cans and tries that collect water, and can carry diseases such as malaria and dengue.

Rats are known to carry diseases such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis, they feed on the food they find in landfill and sewage.

The dangerous thing is that they can go anywhere and everywhere they want.

Adverse effect on economy

Everyone wants to visit and stay in a healthy, clean and hygienic place full stop a city with waste management will certainly affect its tourism.

Landfill facilities that are mismanaged can cause the local economy to sink, which can then affect the livelihood of the locals.

Source: Skipthetip

Why India Needs Waste Management System

India needs proper waste management system for the following reasons

  • To control the contamination of the three elements needed for human survival i.e. air, waste and soil.
  • To stop the spread of infectious diseases
  • There are almost 2 million rag pickers in India, to give and the respect they deserve and to protect them against the harm caused by improper waste management.
  • To conserve our environmental resources.
  • Recycling all the hazardous waste for further production.
  • To boost the economy of our country.
  • For the smart cities that government is planning to make.

There are many more reasons why India need proper waste management system but these are some of the important reasons that needed to be highlight.

India needs to understand the importance of waste management before it’s too late.

To check more: Waste management in India

Benefits of Waste Management

The following are the advantages of waste management:

benefits of waste management

This practice is highly lucrative

Global waste management market size expected to reach $530 billion by 2025 from $330.6 billion in 2017, growing at a CAGR 6% from 2018 to 2025.

That’s why many companies and investors are looking forward themselves this industry and are ready for a longe term investment.

It keeps the environment clean and fresh

The most important advantage of waste management is keeping the environment fresh and neat.

It is obvious that if the waste is properly treated before disposing it in the landfill, there is no chance for the contamination of land water and air.

That’s why it is important to follow the R’s of waste management.

Saves the Earth and conserves energy

Characteristics of waste management includes specifically cycling aspect.

As recycling of waste helps in reducing the cutting down of trees, preserves various natural resources and needs only a minimal amount of energy for utilization and complete processing it helps in conserving energy.

Creates employment

Waste management requires huge amount of man force power.

Right from the first step of collection to the final step of disposal in each and every phase manpower and ultimately a large number of employees are needed.

According to the the labour statistics provided by the US government, around 3.1 million new jobs are produced due to the waste management industry.

It helps to earn

Yes, it is true. And let me tell you why?

Recycling generate revenue, as there are many recycling programs in number of countries where giving away the waste right from old and used bottles to tin cans and e-waste can earn you a few bucks.


Advantages and disadvantages are two sides of the same coin, they co-exist.

We should focus on advantages and work collectively to overcome the difficulties.

As you know the ultimate goal of waste management relies on waste minimization and curbing only.

For the betterment of our future generation and the environment it is really important to practice the r’s of waste management  i.e. “RE-USE, REDUCE, RECYCLE”.

FAQ from answer the public

Q1. What is the importance of waste management at school?

Ans: It it is said that school is the temple of of education knowledge and learning.

So introducing a proper waste management system is a fantastic way to teach the students how reducing, reusing and recycling waste can make a difference in the community and the environment.

Plus it can save the school money, energy and natural resources.

The school can set up the recycling bins and run competitions for science and posters about recycling this will enhance the creativity of the children.

Importance of waste management in points?

Ans: The points are listed below:
1. Helps to reduce environmental pollution.
2. Helps to give a boost to the economy.
3. Helps to conserve precious natural resources.
4. Helps to maintain the health of of the entire population.
5. Protects the Marine animals for the hazardous waste disposed off on the water

Q3. What waste can be composted?

Ans: All the organic waste like the vegetables or fruit peels can be composted.

Q4. Which waste can be recycled?

Ans: There are many items that can be recycled like:

Paper, Milk/juice cartoons, All plastic bottles, Steel (tin) and aluminium cans and empty aerosols.

Q5. Will waste management pick up a T.V?

Ans: Yes, it will pick up a second-hand T.V


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