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15+ Important keyboard shortcuts you should know.


Hi there, I am Shyam Jaiswal, a web developer, and a newbie digital marketer. Today in this article, I am going to tell you some essential keyboard shortcuts, which will help you do some works very efficiently. By reading this article, your ambition should be to learn something new. 

According to a study, Keyboard Shortcuts can save approximately eight days a year.


You may be knowing some keyboard shortcuts, but please refer to all alternatives, maybe you don’t be knowing about some of these interesting shortcuts.  

Windows 10 productivity shortcuts are shown which will increase your speed of work and quality.

Let’s Dive In:

  1. Some Easy Shortcuts.
  2. Shortcuts of Intermediate Level.
  3. Shortcuts of Advanced Level.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
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Some Easy Keyboard Shortcuts.  

 These easy keyboard shortcuts help everyone to do their work quickly and efficiently. These shortcuts are mostly used and known by everyone.


This shortcut is used to select everything in the textbox. This shortcut is commonly used to select all the text from the Word pad, Excel, Microsoft word, etc.  

It is also used to select files or folders or documents.


This shortcut is used to copy selected items or files or text or folders. This shortcut can be used to copy anything which is selected.

Commonly people use right-click to then and click on copy, but this saves your time.  


This keyboard shortcut is standard in intermediate and advance users. But usually are not known by beginners.

This shortcut is known as cut, yes, you may have used this by right-clicking. You can cut the written text or any files or folders.  

By this the content will be removed but will be copied to the clipboard.


You may have used this keyboard shortcut as it is the most basic shortcut in computing. This shortcut is usually used to paste copied or cut text, files, and folders.

This is also used by just right-clicking and then selecting paste.  


This is a very helpful keyboard shortcut if you want to remove the formatting of the text copied while pasting.

For example, if you have copied a text which is bold, you can use this shortcut and your text will be pasted in normal style.


This command is usually not known by users; sometimes, even advanced users also don’t know these shortcuts. But this shortcut has great significance. This shortcut is known as “Undo.”   

You can quickly reverse the work you have done.  

 For example: If you remove any file by mistake. You can quickly get it back by using this shortcut.  


This is also a significant keyboard shortcut. This shortcut is known as “Redo.” This shortcut is used after you use the previous shortcut, that is, Undo. If you want to do the cancelled work again, you can use this shortcut.  

For example: If I deleted an image and thought that it was a mistake, then I can bring it back using Undo. After a second, I thought I don’t need that image; then, I don’t need to select it and delete it.

I can easily do it by just using the redo shortcut “Redo,” that is, “CTRL+Y / CMD+Y.”  


You have been deleting files by clicking the delete button and then cleaning up the recycle bin. But this is not a direct way to delete files or folders.  

By using this keyboard shortcut, your selected files and folders will be permanently deleted and will not go into the recycle bin.

Select the file or folder and then press Shift and holding it press Delete.  

Note: If you delete any file or folder with this shortcut, you won’t be able to recover it.

Some Intermediate Shortcuts. 

These keyboard shortcuts are very easy but are not known to most of the people, sometimes even not too advanced users.

But by learning these shortcuts, you’ll feel that you have learned something new.


Do you know how we can rename a file or folder? Oh! of course, you may be knowing by right-clicking and then selecting rename.

But that is so much time consuming for lazy peoples like me.  

You can easily rename any file or folder by just selecting it and then pressing “F2”. And then change the name according to your needs.

F3 / CTRL+F.  

Now let’s see another shortcut. This shortcut only works in browsers and file explorer (can be used in any other applications).

Here two keyboard shortcuts can be used for the same task.   

For searching any text in browser or files and folders in browser or file explorer respectively, you can use any of the two shortcuts.

Just use “F3” which is uncommon or use “CTRL+F” which is very common in users.

F5 / CTRL+R.

How do you refresh your browser and file explorer, by pressing refresh icon in the top left corner, I guessed correctly.   

But, that can be quickly done by just pressing “F5” also said “Function 5” or holding the “Control” button and “R” button simultaneously. This would do your work faster.  

F12 / CTRL + SHIFT + C  

Many of you may be knowing that what inspect option in the browser does. If not, then I am going to tell you.  

Inspect option helps you to inspect codes on any webpage. This is helpful for developers who work in the programming field.  

To open this option in your browser, open the webpage you want to inspect. Press “F12” to open the check section, but if F12 doesn’t work on your browser.

You can use the second shortcut. Hold “Control,” and then without releasing control, hold “shift” and then press the letter “C.” 

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How to you get the properties of any file or folder by right-clicking and selecting properties. This shortcut is used to know the features of any data or folder.   

Just select the file or folder and then just hold the “ALT” button and press “Enter.”  

WINDOWS key + D.

When you are using so many applications and just want to minimize all the apps and open desktop quickly.   

Just hold on windows key and then press letter D.  

WINDOWS key + E.

Do you know how to open file explorer? Yes, by clicking on “My Computer”, “This PC” or by searching for “File Explorer.” But now I am going to tell you the shortcut for opening file explorer.   

File Explorer can be opened by just holding “Windows key” and then pressing the letter “E.”  


When you go away from your computer for emergency work, you want to lock your computer so that no one can access it. But how do you do it? You don’t know? So, wait, I am going to tell you how you can do it.

Just hold “windows key” and then press the letter “L.”

Or you can Hold ‘control‘ button then without releasing hold ‘shift‘ and then press ‘delete‘ button on keyboard

That’s it, you have successfully locked your computer, and now you’re safe.


Do you know, there’s even a shortcut to open the menu that open’s on right-click. Just hold the “ALT” button and press “Spacebar.”  

You can even click on the icon () to open the menu.  

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ESC / ALT+F4.  

That’s a very dull task to click on the cross icon on the top right corner. So, for you, I have a new shortcut that is very helpful in closing any running program.   

These two shortcuts do the same work, and you can use these according to your convenience. Just press the “Esc” button on the top left corner of your keyboard. Or just hold the “ALT” button and press the “F4” button.  


If you usually use browser the most like me, then you’ll be knowing how frustrating is it to change browser tabs again and again. So, let me tell you a new shortcut to help you.  

Here, we have two shortcuts; the first shortcut will open the next tab from the selected one. While the other will open the previous tab from the selected tab.  

Hold the “Control” button and press the “Tab” button to move to the next tab. Hold the “Control” button and then hold the “Shift” button and press “Tab” to move to the previous tab.  


This shortcut only works in file explorer. Do you use the back button in the file explorer to go back to the previous folder? This shortcut is used to open the last folder in file explorer.   

This will decrease your work to mouse to the back button, how funny it is, but it’s also helpful.  

Some Advanced Shortcuts.

These shortcuts are not well known to ordinary people but may help you in your work. These shortcuts are much advanced than you think.  

So, let me take you to the advanced level of computer shortcuts.

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Many of you may not be knowing about system properties.  

Do you know what are “System Properties”? Let me first tell you the answer. System properties tell you what configuration your system is having.   

 You can open these properties by just holding “windows key” and then pressing the “pause break” key.  

Here, you can see your processor name, ram, operating system type, and your Windows is activated or not.  

WINDOWS key + Print Screen  

Do you know you can take a screenshot on your computer exactly like your mobile phone? Many of you won’t be knowing about it, and if you know, then congratulations.   

So, let me tell you how you can take a screenshot on your computer.  

You can take a screenshot by holding the “Windows key” and then pressing the “Print Screen” button.  

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WIN + M / WIN + Shift + M.

To convert any app from a full screen to a window or from a window to a full screen?  

Just hold the “Control” button, then hold “Alt” and then press the “Break” button.


To convert any app from a full screen to a window or from a window to a full screen?  

For Minimizing window of any app, you just need to hold “Windows Icon” button and then press letter “M”.

Just hold the “Windows Icon” button, then hold “Shift” button and then press the “M” button to expand window of any app.

  And that’s more easy for you to complete your work.


So, here we complete all our shortcuts. Hope, you loved this article.

If you know some other shortcuts then comment them down, don’t forget to share this helpful article to your friends and family using social media.

Also answer me some questions, which of these shortcuts you were already known, and which were new to you also comment down any issues in the post, so that we can improve ourselves.

Thank you for this article. If you have skipped any part of this article please read it.  

In Conclusion “Half information is more deadly than no information. 


What will be the effect of using keyboard shortcuts?  

The effect of using keyboard shortcuts will be that you will be able to complete your tasks faster than ever.
It will increase your speed of working.

Do I need any advanced knowledge about computers to use these keyboard shortcuts?

No, not at all.
You don’t need any advanced knowledge about computers, but at least you need to know some basics about computers and its usage.

Do I need to enable these keyboard shortcuts from settings?

No, you don’t need to change anything in your computer, these shortcuts are enabled automatically, but of course, after changing these, you’ll learn a great trick to complete your work faster than ever.  



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