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Ultimate tactics to sharpen English communication skills – (6 Tips)


We all have learned the English language in school. Every one of us has memorized an endless number of vocabulary in school days. Despite all these things, we struggle with English communication skills.

Somehow, we get blank and could not express ourselves well. But English is a skill which can be learned at any age. You can reach up to perfection with a little or more practice.

Also, fluent English communication skills are imperative in today’s global world. Some people may say that it is not that important. Yes, it is true. But if you want to connect around the globe to achieve great heights in the career, then you must be able to communicate in English fluently.

This is because it is a global language. It can open a door of opportunities for you.

Moreover, learning English is also fun. There are many good English movies and web series which you should watch once in a lifetime. These series can help you with your English communication skills as well.

So, What’s here for me?

  1. Observe your strength and weaknesses
  2. Learn the basics of English communication skills
  3. Try framing sentences for precise communication
  4. Think in English
  5. Be a listener
  6. Practice conversation daily

In this blog, we will learn practical and effective ways to improve your English communication skills. Most of us do not face any problems while writing in English. The core difficulties arise while speaking in English.

It is recommended to learn the basics first. This will make your core stronger. I have explained below simple tips & tricks below which you can apply in your daily lives.

1. Observe your strength and weaknesses

You can accomplish success sooner when you perfectly know your key strengths and weaknesses. Also, It is recommended to do a detailed analysis before you actually start to learn English communication skills.

Furthermore, some people have difficulties in sentence formations whereas some have poor vocabulary knowledge. In certain cases, people can speak fluently but somehow they cannot speak due to low confidence.

Also, everyone has some key strengths which help them to communicate in English better. Some people feel free while communicating with their friends. They just feel the challenge in professional conversation. On the other hand, some have good knowledge of English grammar but do not have enough confidence to speak in public.

Once you know the challenges better, you can work on the weaknesses & sharpen your strengths.

2. Learn the basics of English communication skills

Firstly, you should learn the basics of the English conversation to strengthen your core. It is not required to open the old school grammar books again to learn the basics. It is not a whole new language for us. We know a little bit about everything.

So, you can read English storybooks or newspapers to learn new words, sentence formations, and much more. You can watch English movies or web series as well.

Whenever you come across any unfamiliar word, search the meaning of that word on the internet, and remember it. Also, keep an eye on other things like sentence formations, grammar, spellings, etc. Moreover, this will help you with writing skills.

In addition, you can also refer our blog related to writing skills to improve the writing skills.

3. Try framing sentences for precise communication

Once your core becomes strong, you should start framing the sentences in your mind. You can try to translate the sentences of your native language in English. This will boost your English communication skills to the next level.

Furthermore, one can pick any random topic and write about it. You will get to learn a lot by following this simple tactic.

If you get stuck anywhere while framing sentences, then you can check the meaning of that word in thesaurus or dictionary. You can also ask your friend who has fluent English speaking skills. All these activities will gradually improve your conversation skills.

4. Think in English

This is one of my favorite and most effective methods to improve English communication skills. You should start a little to think in English while you speak anything with yourself. You can try to narrate your day in English or simply take any easy topic and speak about it in English.

Such a practice is also helpful when you are an introvert. Generally, people feel shy while communicating, when they are of introverted nature. You can read our guide named ‘How do I improve my soft skills being an introvert?‘ for that matter.

Besides this, you should always keep a dictionary or thesaurus handy to explore the meanings of new words. You have to make sure that you do not cheat with yourself.

In the beginning, If you get stuck at any point then you should try to find the solution for it. This is how you will gradually improve your English communication skills.

Also, you can watch educational videos or articles for that matter. Once you start thinking in English, then speaking in English will not be a great concern.

Also, when you will follow this, you will be able to learn any language faster. You will start to notice good differences in your conversation skill eventually.

5. Be a listener

Listening is a skill that is needed in every relationship whether it be professional or personal relationships. There is a lot you can learn from every person. You should try to be around the people who have good English communication skills.

In the end, you will get to know the vocabulary, grammar, sentence formations, and many similar things from them with lesser efforts. You can also take help from them if they have a helpful nature. Also, these people can guide you better and can enhance your knowledge to the next level.

6. Practice conversation daily

Last but not the least, it is very important to practice things regularly. Your English speaking skills are going to improve only when you will start implementing the things in your life.

This may feel challenging in the first place. But as soon as you start improving, you will love doing it. You will get to know more about this language. It will raise your confidence levels.

In the end, a time will come when you will be able to communicate with anyone fluently and effortlessly. This is the real success.

Furthermore, you can also watch English web series to know correct sentence formations & vocabulary.

You can watch Friends, Gilmore girls, Madmen, Curb your enthusiasm, etc.


You should always focus on achieving mastery even after learning and implementing all the above things. This will keep you up to date and sharpen your skills. It will also add one more language to your list which you know very well.

English is a language that is being used to communicate globally. It is the most spoken language and understood by everyone. Therefore, English helps to connect with almost every person around the globe.

Also, English conversation is crucial in the workplace. In most of the corporate offices, people communicate with each other in English only.

On the other side, if you want to take your business on a global level, then it is necessary to have knowledge of English. This is because you will have to communicate with international clients at that time. If you have good English conversational skills then there are chances that you will get the foreign projects soon.


1)   How to practice basic English communication skills?

Answer: You should grab every opportunity to speak in English. You can ask simple questions like how are you, how was the day, etc. If you are not comfortable speaking in English in public, then you can start speaking in English on phone calls.
Whenever you call any customer care people, you can try to make conversations in English. Even if you fail to speak in English, then you will not feel that bad as you were talking with unknown persons. This will boost your confidence over the period of time.

2)   How can I speak fluent English without hesitation?

Answer: You just have to start speaking in English. With practice, you will be able to speak in English without any hesitation. Confidence is the key. You have to develop confidence within you that it is easy and you can do it.

3)   How to improve English communication skills at home?

Answer: In today’s internet age, it is possible to improve English speaking skills from home as well. You can chat with your family members in English. Also, you can install mobile applications like cambly & Grammarly in your smartphone which helps while speaking and writing in English. This will provide you sufficient knowledge.

4)   Do I need to join any course to learn English?

Answer: According to me, it is not that necessary. If you know have a basic idea about the English language, then it is alright if you do not join any classes. In most of the classes, you will get to know about basic grammar and spellings. Thereafter, you have to sharpen your skills by practicing English daily.

5)   What is the role of English in job interviews?

Answer: The basic proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening is mandatory at any job interview.

It is important to have a proper command of the English language whenever you are going for an interview in multi-national companies.

This is because English is an international language which is mandatory when you communicate with international clients of the company.

6)   Why do we need to learn the English language?

Answer: The English language is a global language. It is essential to learn English as it opens many opportunities for us globally. Also, it has importance in most of the businesses in the tertiary sector. You can get international clients for your business. You can flourish in many ways.



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