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Best 5 ways to improve your body language


Basic Communication and Body language skills

Communication is the most important way to survive in the society and everbody needs to have skills in communicating with others. Lets improve body language.

You need to be smart and conscious while maintaining a good body language. You need to improve body language.

There are three different ways through which you can communicate with others like verbal, written and non-verbal communications.

Verbal communication is the way of communicating through speeches or talking.

By the name you can understand that written conversation is a way of communicating through writing.

Non-verbal communication

Now the most important type of communication is non-verbal communication which is a different form of communication.

There was a study conducted by the researchers which tells that 90% of the communication is done through non-verbal communication.

It means it is your body language how your body reacts or respond. It helps you to improve body language.

Body language is very important part of communication which a person should develop.

Because before you speak to someone they notices your body language.

You will amaze to know that your body language can tell what type of thoughts are going inside your mind.

Because this is a human psychology your mind and body is interconnected.

How your mind feels the same way your body reacts to it.

Focus on the rules of good body language

So, in order to have good body language there should be right mind, that makes you more comfortable.

Having good body language is a sign that you are a well developed person.

These are the key basic rules of having a good body language and rest depends on your skills and practice.

Your body reacts to the thoughts subconsciously and you do not have control over it.

At the beginning you have to focus and being conscious about your actions, body movements and your poses.

In order to learn it more better you just need to observe yourself in a proper way, that how your body reacts to a particular thought.

It will help you in learning it to a advanced level about yourself and your nature.

What’s in it for you

What does body language means ?

In simple words it means that communicating non-verbally.

When you enter a room the way of walking, the way of sitting and your movements say a lot about your mind, thoughts and you.

This communication occurs subconsciously in your mind that is not easily observed.

The moment of a body speaks a lot about your personality.

It states that you are confident person or not, or you are comfortable or anxious related to a conversation.

What type of thoughts ou are having, what are your feelings at particular moment.

These are the basic signals which your body gives to others. It helps you to improve body language.

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Why it is important to have a good body language ?

Body language is a very important part of communication, which plays a critical role in your conversation.

Humans has evolved according to the nature of how to trust on things which are familiar to.

If you have good body language then you can make feel that the other person comfortable.

It you which makes them feel more better with your company.

Everybody wants to have a good personality and 80% of your personality is revealed by body communication.

Wherever you go body language is the most important skill which you should have.

It makes an impact on people whether you are in any gathering or in a meeting or in an interview.

Your good body language leaves a mark of your personality about how well behaved and confident person you are .

Nobody likes an unconfident or uncomfortable person.

Body communication is the thing that adds most to your confidence and it is the skill which everyone should develop.

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Ways to improve body language

There are 5 easy and effective ways to improve body language

  1. Practicing

    Body communication car be improved by practicing it on daily basis and by observing your mind, how your body reacts to certain thoughts in your brain and how does it seems or what signal does it give to the other person

  2. Signals and signs

    There are some basic signals which your body gives which you have to understand so that you can improve your body communication.
    If you do not have a proper body language and you are a beginner than you should start practicing from today whether it is a small gathering public speaking which will increase your confidence of communicating through body communication.

  3. 80 and 20 rule

    There is a proven rule of 80-20 which you have to follow that means 80% of the time you have to see in the eyes of the person and rest 20% of the time you can look somewhere else.

  4. Mind and thoughts

    Many times there are certain of thoughts going in your mind that makes you uncomfortable or unconfident regarding anything that should be avoidedYour mind should not think of many things when you are entering somewhere or some place waiting for someone.
    Observe the other person how their body response to certain talks and some situations from that you will get an idea what is common among people so that you can follow the same to make them feel

  5. Key skill

    The most important thing in body language is to be comfortable and relax so that you can make the other person also comfortable with your body language which makes a communication better

Observe the way your body parts makes movements

The main things that matters in body language is your eye contact, your hands and shoulders, your legs position and body posture.

These are the important part a body language which you have to focuson.

The first thing you should have is a good eye contact often times you make mistakes avoiding eye contact seeing here and there not in the person’s eye to whom you are talking.

The second important thing is your hands just control them because you may have the habit of touching your the face and putting the hand on a head or somewhere which is a bad signal and ruins your body communication.

Put your palms towards you and not show them to other person because It can make other person feel subconsciously uncomfortable as it will be a signal that you are hiding something from them.

Your shoulder should be open and place at a comfortable position if you cross your shoulder then it will be a signal that you are protecting yourself or guarding something.

So, never make this mistake of crossing your shoulders otherwise it will be a signal that you don’t want to talk anymore and feeling uncomfortable with this conversation.

Watch this video to know more about self-confidence

Your legs should n right difference from each other, it should be not in a crossed position and your feet should face the person otherwiseIt will be signal that you are not into the conversation.

You should have a little smile on your face and your hand should be warm when shaking hands with someone.

Now coming to your back your back should be straight not too much like a wall but it should be leaning slightly towards the person you are talking to, which is a signal that you are Interested in his or her conversation.

A secret way is Mirror skill

When you are talking to someone you should face him or her and mirror there body language so that they feel comfortable that you are also like them this gives signal to your mind that you are like them.

What kind of body language impress others ?

Everybody likes confident person with whom they can comfortably talk to and trust and can share their thoughts.

Confident body language of the manager in a meeting room

The key to confident body language is practice, people makes mistakes like shrinking the body, covering small space.

This is not a sign of good non-verbal communication your body should be wide open and cover a large space.

You should will feel comfortable while doing anything. This makes the other person also comfortable.

The more you make a person comfortable and have a confident body language the more a person will attract towards you and get influenced by you.

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Is there any course for body language and personality development ?

There are many courses on the internet which you can buy and develop a good non-verbal communication.

Watch this video to learn about communication skills.

There are certain applications which provide you courses regarding non verbal communication

There are also free steps on internet like some websites and YouTube channel. It gives you detail knowledge about body language.

Its better to learn the basics of body language from free channels.

Gather free stuff as much as you can and learn from yourself.


Try to learn the basics and then apply it and learn the new things by your own self.

It will help you in building good body mannarism and you will find more interesting stuff in developing the skill.

Watch this video for body language tips

Many people waste their money by just enrolling into some expensive courses and not practicing it.

If you seriously want to practice and learn.

You can learn by yourself with the basic knowledge and information that is available on internet and around you.


How to read others body language ?

Observe other person’s body language and analyze it with the Information you have and what signal they are giving.

What is negative body language ?

Negative body language is just doing the opposite of the above points which gives negative signal to the other person.

How to build your body language to the best level ?

Just follow the above points and basics and learn from your own experiences.

What are the effects of good body language ?

You will realize that you will have a good personality and impact on others and you can use these tricks which will help you in almost every part of life.



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