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Indian Fashion-Why Is Called Bollywood Fashion

Indian Fashion has always been called the Bollywood styles. But why?

Do you follow the Indian celebrity? Of course, everyone does.

That means our every style coming from the Bollywood?

The answer is no.

It is an expression of your personality. People can express themselves in various way but their style sense tells the story.

The style does not change but the expression changed from time to time.

You can see, Your fashion has also been changed by time.

India is the home of different religions and cultural people and India is the fastest developing country.

But the most valuable is the Indian textile industry, which is one of the oldest and largest industry in India.

The industry exports its production of 25% and approximately 75% production for domestic usage.

So let’s look at some important topics

1. Indian Fashion History
2. What is the First Cloth Made in India
3. Traditional Dresses in India
4. Indian Fashion Trends
5. Indian Fashion Facts
6. Conclusion
7. FAQ

A boy wearing traditional wear

1. Indian Fashion History

Civilizations has been started wearing clothes a long time ago. The term of Fashion does not come out earlier but the way people wear clothes it impacts the huge of a later time.

Because Earlier period is the inspiration for all the designers. There are many active appearance of different civilization impress us.

So let’s talk about each period

Indus Valley Civilization

Near about 5th millennium BC in this civilization, cotton was spun and dyed. Men mostly wore a long cloth wrapped over their waist and attached it at the back.

Turban also a one type of costume over there.

Turban or pagri image in modern times
Turban or pagri in modern times

While women mostly wore very scanty skirt up to knee-length leaving the waist bare and cotton made headdresses also worn.

Vedic Period

1500 to 500 BC is called the Vedic period. On that time,
Men use to worn a single cloth wrapped around the whole body and draped over the shoulder which was pleated in front and used to tie with a belt called Mekhala, as used for the lower garment.

And for the upper garment they used to worn uttariya(covered like a shawl), pravara(for winter).

They also have worn dhoti, lungi(cotton made white or coloured).

Women have worn saree, choli or blouse and dupatta along with Ghaghara.

Mauryan period ( 322- 185 BC)

Men wore Antariya as the lower garment. Which is made from cotton, linen and muslin covered with jewels and stones.

Also, it’s wrapped at the centre of the waist tied in a looped knot.

Also, a long piece of embellished cloth hang at the front and wrapped around the waist.

Women often used to wear an embroidered fabric belt and uttariya.

Some necklaces, satlari, chaulari and paklari also worn.

Gupta period(320 AD(After Decade) – 550)

This period is called the Golden Age of India.

In this time a long-sleeved brocade tunic became the main outfit for men.

But uttariya, antariya and other clothes still were used.
Royal people used to wear stitched garments.

However, King mostly wore block prints woven, silk clothes.

Women used to wear lower garments only and leaving the bust part bare.

Later on, several types of cholis used and sometimes antariya use as a saree style(turned into gagri).

Gold and ivory ornaments also wore.

Gurna kuntala style famous in here, basically, men used to have long hair along with beautiful curls which is called gurna kuntala.

Mughal period (16th, 17th, 18th centuries)

In this time Silks, Velvet and brocades were used to make dresses for men and women.

Jama(frock coat), patka(a type of griddle or belt), chogha(worn over Jama), and pagri or turban Usually worn by men.

Women wore a large variety of pieces of jewellery and used to wear Dhilija, garara, pyjama, Churidar, peshwaj and farshi. Also, they used different headdresses, embroidered footwear etc.

Rajput period (7th, 8th century)

Rajput men wore court dress including angarkhi(short jacket), pagri, Churidar-pyjama, sherwani and tevata style of dhoti or tilangi style dhoti.

Rajasthani people
Rajasthani people

Women wore saree, angia, kanchli, Kurti(after marriage),

While young girls wore puthia, sulhanki(lower garment), some ornaments are also worn like rakhdi, machi-suliya, pattia.

The beginning of eastern fashion

1945-1970 Indian fashions

After the independence, a business suit from Mr Nehru was very famous later it’s called Nehru suit.

Which is made from khadi(Nehru collar also famous).

But Dhoti, kurta, serwani and turban still using. In this time acrylic, polyester, spandex, triacetate was introduced.

Women mostly wore saree, ghagra choli, churidar.

Blue and beige safari suit became popular and all accessories made from shells, flowers, wood, stones such as bracelet, necklaces.

So from 1970s Bollywood fashions became an influencer to the Indian people.

In this time women used churidar(tighter version of salwar), Ghagra choli and pyjama still using.

But Retro and Disco style were famous a lot.

Silk, chiffon, cotton, synthetic sarees with high neck collar blouse became popular in women.

1980- 2000 Indian fashions

In these time Bright coloured clothes, fitted denim pants and jeans are the fashion trends in men.

While solid coloured sarees, shiny costume with gold, pearl, Diamond jewellery used by women in 1980s.

In the 1990s little changes happened and this time men wore oversized shirts, baggy pants, dungarees, colourful denim and women wore dresses with shoulder pads, tight fitted skirts, hair bands, chunky jewellery, scarves etc.

In the 2000s to today, clothing and fashion trends have been increased a lot. Everyone started using designer made dresses.

But if you see today’s trends, the 1970-1980s trend which is coming back again( today’s Bollywood celebrity mostly wear retro dresses). You could have better knowledge if you check Indian fashion Designers Steps.

So from 1970s, Bollywood became a style icon for everyone.

2. What is the First Cloth Made in India

You already knew that India is the largest producers of cotton which I indicated a lot of time.

Before the Indus Valley civilizations, Cotton made apparel was used by Indian people.

Dhoti and the turban was first clothes made in India according to the history(exception is always there). Dhoti and turban is still used in a moderate way.

Woman wearing Indian traditional wear

3. Traditional Dresses in India

Each religion has its own respectful dresses in India.

Firstly, India has 29 states and there are also 7 territories.

Secondly, according to the different geographical, cultural, religious differences, traditional dresses and fashions also different from each other.

Take a quick look at the traditional dresses of each States

Andhra Pradesh

Sari and dhoti

Arunachal Pradesh

They use a very bright, vibrant colour and myriad patterns are very famous.


Dhoti- kurta, mekhela-chador, or riha- mekhela.


Dhoti-mirjai, sari

Type of Indian fashion- women in sari


Kuchhora style sari, dhoti and turban.


Pano bhaju (local language), half pant, coloured shirts, bamboo hat


Chaniyo choli, Chrono and kediyu


Damaan, kurti, chunder, dhoti

Himachal Pradesh

Various types of kurtas, cap, body Hugging churidar

Jammu and Kashmir

Suit and Burgha and pheran, shalwar, churidar pyjamas


Sari, lehenga, Kurti, sherwani, dhoti, pyjamas


Dhoti and silk sari


Mundu(lower dress for men), Kerala saree or Mundum neriyathum (local language)

Madhya Pradesh

Lehenga choli with orni and Lugra, men-dhoti, bandi headband


Dhotar (local language, basically it is dhoti), Pheta and women Nauwari saree or Lugda


Innaphi and Phanek

Indian fashion- Tribal nature people wear traditional dress


Khasi, Jaintias, Garos


Puran, Kawrchei


Kilt, wrapper, skirt, shawl, apron


Dhoti, Kurtha, Gamucha and sari (sambalpuri sari)


Salwar suit, Kurta, Kameez


Dhoti, Kurta, Angrakha, Churidar Pyjama


Dumvum or Dumdyam, Nyamrek, Bakhu or Kho (local language)

Tamil Nadu

Sari, Men-Lungi along with shirt and Angavastra


Sari, Churidar, Salwar Kameez, Langa Voni, men- Pancha


Rikutu, kamchwlwi borok (local language)

Uttar Pradesh

Dhoti kurta, Kurta Pyjama, Sari


Dhoti, kurta, Ghagra, Aagari, Bhotu

West Bengal

Sari, Dhoti(Dhuti), Punjabi

Fashions has always changed from time to time and some things which continue the same; is a style.

Style can not change but it is improved by the designers and present with new designs.

But presently the 1970s style is coming back.

So, Crop top and ruffled dresses are very famous in women these days.

Different types of ruffled neckline dresses, tops, skirts, shirts and palazzos are in trends these days. Know more about Different Clothing Styles.

Men usually wear various types of shirts, t-shirts, denim pants, jeans.

Denim fabrics

Ethnic wears such as long Kurti with palazzo and trendy kurta with a long skirt also is used by women.

And men mostly wear kurta, pyjama, bandhgala suit, Punjabi etc.

5. Indian Fashion Facts

You already knew that why Indian fashion is called the Bollywood fashion.

Because of continuous following the celebrity style by people.

Indian fashion facts infographic


At last, I don’t have many words to say because I discussed completely in this blog. I just want to explain some other important issue. Which you might have yet.

So Indian fashion trends did not make any period but it was created by people. Famous designers also create fashion trends.

Because In Puran(different religious Scripture indicated to the dress style of gods), different god and goddess also has different styles.

But In later time, everyone inspired by those styles.

Bollywood fashion impact in these days or can say from the 1970s.

So, In my opinion, fashion isn’t a Bollywood style it is someone personal choice to follow the trends or listen to own heart and mind to make their own style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who is the best Indian fashion designer?

This is very complicated to say who is the best designer. One thing also important we suppose not to judge a particular person. Fashion design is an art, every designer is a creator and inventor. So it should be fair to all and respect every individual persons work. However, some of the popular designers are Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tahiliani, Anamika Khanna and many more.

2.What Indian suits are in fashion?

A skirt with a suit is in fashion trends for women and for men, it was the same ethnic dresses are in fashion(already mentioned above).

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Inventory specialist • Blogger • Designer

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