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Indian Film Industry – The 2 Biggest Film Industries of Indian Film Industry

Indian Film Industry-Top 2 INDUSTRIES OF IT

The Indian film industry is one of the largest industries in the world.  It is one of the highest-earning industries of India and in the whole world.

In Indian cinema films are made in languages like Gujarati, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc. There are a total of 27 types of film industries in India.

The most popular industry amongst the Indian Film Industry is the Hindi film industry and the south film industry.Indian Film industry produces more than 200 films in different languages 


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 Hindi film industry 

Bollywood is another name of the Hindi Film Industry. The epicenter of Bollywood is in Mumbai. Since the last decade the Hindi film industry has grown into a profit-making and globally loved industry.

Bollywood-Hindi Film Industry

 In recent years Bollywood movies gained some International acclaim. The International Audience also love watching Bollywood movies.

As a result Bollywood movies have grown its audience in various other countries like in Europe, London, South Asian countries, and many more.

 Today Bollywood has crossed 100 years entertaining the people all around the world and has made history. As we say, Behind every great thing there is a history.

Let me take you from where the journey of Bollywood started.


  Dada Saheb Phalke started the culture of films in India.

Phalke is known as the father of the Indian Film Industry . In 1914 India got its first  “silent film”  called   Raja  Harishchandra. Dada Saheb Phalke directed this film and was presented in London. 

Raja Harishchandra-The First Indian Film Industry

From 1914  to  1918 Dada Saheb directed 23 films.  But in this period Indian cinema was way behind  Hollywood. In 1914 Indian cinema was making mythological films while in  Hollywood action films were made. Dada Saheb Phalke also has award after his name, To know more about that click here : FILM AWARDS

The era of silent films ended when Ardeshir Irani Released the first Voice film, “Alam-Ara”.  Ardeshir Irani also made the first color film “Kisan Kanhaiya”.

Gradually the Indian Film Industry progressed and from 1949 some modern films were made on the life of common man and their difficulties. 

From 1950 Hindi cinema uplifted it’s game and made films with good stories. In 1960 directors like Hrithik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen.

The period of 1950 to 1960 was the golden period of the Hindi cinema.

In this period Hindi cinema got the greatest actors namely Guru Dutt, Nargis, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Madhubala e, MeenaKumari, etc. But Hollywood was still way ahead of the  Bollywood in the period of ’70s. 


In ’70s Bollywood started the trend of major masala movies where there would be action, drama, comedy, etc. This era is also known as the era of Superstars . Eventually The Indian Film Industry got is first superstar Rajesh Khanna.

To know more about the Masala movie Genre and other film genres lick here: Top Film Genres

Film Sholay, 15th August 1975 of Mr. GP Sippy was also released. It was the biggest blockbuster of that time.  every character of this film is still remembered.

This film changed the career of Amitabh Bachchan and gave him overnight stardom. Superhit films like Mard, Satte Pe Satta, Amar Akbar Anthony were also released during that time.

Film Hum Apke Hain Kaun starring Salman khan and Madhuri Dixit changed the game. Because action films were in trend at that time. But suddenly a pure romantic film receiving such a success was surprising. If you want to know more about these superstars click here: Superstars of the Film Industry

This period also had fils of Director Actor duo like David Dhawan-Govinda, Yash Chopra-Shah Rukh Khan.


According to me, Bollywood evolved drastically in the year 2018 When people started liking the stories of the over the actors. Because before that only the films that would have superstars would be successful.

But this changed in 2018  When Badhaai Ho released which saw a massive success at the box office. To know more about Badhaai Ho click here: Badhaai Ho

Badhaai Ho-Evolution of cinema-Indian Film Industry

Before this Audience only wanted to see films starring their favorite superstar and they did not care about the story, cinematography or other technical aspects. 

It was not that Bollywood was not having a good story to tell. But if a Superstar does a film with the average storyline it would be a hit film. Because of the love of their fans

To Know More About Superstars and Their Era click here

But now the times have changed And stories have now become the main priority of the people.

Even the film which has superstars in them and not a great story isn’t working. You might have witnessed it in 2018 when films like Race 3, Zero, Thugs of Hindustan, etc didn’t work and the audience didn’t like it.

So the superstars are also on their tiptoes to deliver good stories with the wholesome entertainment to the people.


Well, personally I am a big fan of Bollywood films and their superstars. I have grown up watching Bollywood movies that are my sweetest memories

I truly feel that Bollywood has its own separate set of audiences and the elements that Bollywood films serve no other industry has.

 Everyone believes that Hollywood will one day outdo Bollywood. But I believe, that day will never come because Bollywood has a separate audience and a feeling of high that Bollywood gives to its audience Hollywood would never be able to match that.

South film industry

in India every year thousands of films are made targeting a versatile set of audiences with a different set of languages. 

I truly believe that if one has to give the example of Regional cinema one has to start with the south film industry. If you want some best examples of Regional films click here : 7 BEST REGIONAL FILMS South Indian cinema itself has a variety of cinemas under it, like:



The first south industry film was a Madras production film Keechaka Vadham. Kalidas was the first Talking motion film released on 31st October 1931.

Sati Sulochana was The first-ever Kannada talking film released. In 1938 Balan the first-ever Tamil Talking film was also released.

Bahubali The Biggest Film Of The Indian Film Industry

Recently south film industry has given the biggest blockbuster movie of Indian cinema Bahubali. The film was SS Rajamouli in Association with Rajamouli films and Dharma Productions. It is a 2 part film.

Bahubali-The Bigget Blockbuster of Indian Film Industry

It is surprising that people in India and all over the world consider Bollywood as the biggest film industry in India. But The South film industry gave the biggest blockbuster of the Indian film industry.

   When the list was announced of the top five highest grosser films of the world. Out of  5, one was Bahubali and another one was robot 2.0. To know more about the business of films click here: Business Model of Films

Bahubali and Robot 2.o are also on the list of top five highest grosser films of the world

And both the films are of the South Indian film industry. On the other hand only 1 film Dangal is in that, list that belongs to the Hindi film industry.

 People often think that Bollywood is the biggest film industry in India but after this film, the games have changed.

South films are also released in the main Bombay. Also In India at a much higher scale and the distributors are ready to invest in such films.


So these were the 2 top industries of the Indian Film Industry who make a major proportion of films released in India i.e, the Hindi Film Industry and the South Film Industry. Hindi Film Industry is also called as Bollywood.The Soth Film Industry is divided into various cinemas based on language


1.who started indian film industry?

 It was all started by a man named Dada Saheb Phalke.
He is also known as the father of the Indian Film Industry . in 1914 India got its first  “silent film”  called   Raja  Harishchandra. The film was directed by Dada Saheb Phalke and it was presented in London. 

2.which south indian film industry is best?

Kollywood is the best in the South Film Industry but on the other hand Tollywood is growing faster than any other industry.

From Where did Dada Sheb Phalke got the inspiration of making films?

Once he went to theatre with his Grandchild and Jesus .Watching Jesus in the film, Phalke imagined Hindu Gods like Krishna and Rama instead. Therefore he decided to start the business of “Moving Pictures”.



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