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Indian mentality on Property


From past Indian people have some special affection towards real estate. Real estate is found to be the most preferred investment for Indians.

What we are gonna talk in this blog

  1. Short story
  2. What we as an Indian think about property?
  3. Why we have this affection towards property?
  4. Topic fully explained
  5. Other investment opportunities?
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

Short story

From the time I was a teenager I was always thinking that why is there so much love and affection towards property.

 My father used to tell me that real – estate is the best and highly profitable investment.

 I used to think a lot about it as I was studying in the field of commerce, I was thinking that there are a lot of things in which real estate is not good at.

And there are many other investments which can even give higher returns than this, for example, share market is also a form of investment, yes its reality that it has higher risk but in long term its more beneficial.

Apna Ghar mentality

 I got the answer to this question why we Indian people chose real estate ver any other form of investment, it’s just a thing of our mentality, since we are child we are hearing a term called “ Apna Ghar”.

What it means we will get to know about this in the letter part of this blog

What we as an Indian think about property?

In our country most of the people think that real estate is the only safe mode of investment. And real estate is a form of tangible property, you can see it you can feel it. And in our society if we talk about it it is a proud symbol that someone owns this much of property.

We think that by investing in real estate we can solve our two major concerns

  1. I have done a good investment, which is going to grow and we can sell it at any point in time.
  2. We can live in it or we can give it for rent, and by the rent collected from it or rent saved by shifting to own house, we can pay the EMI and after some years its going to be completely free.

Yes its seen over some time that real estate has been proved as aq very good investment, but we have to understand one more thing that many other options can give you more returns as compared to this.

Why we (Indian) have this affection towards property?

We are living in an area where real estate is said to be best as investment or as savings.

Real estate attracts a large number of clients as it is something which they can touch, feel for real, not like most of the financial assets like mutual funds or shares which are available in Demat form.

It is said by our society if you have a stable job or business, you have money to pay down payment and you can pay the monthly EMI, you should buy a piece of land or a small home.

biggest investment

No matter you can go for a big property or a small one you should buy it and when u make progress in your career then you should go for a big property or do some more investment in it.

Property is said to be the biggest investment of one’s life.

Now the question arises why? why is this affection towards real estate in our minds, the simple answer to this is just our mentality.

From a  young age we are listening that investing in property is the best place for saving and investments, and when we are listening to these things from our young age the it reflects to our mind, and we also start to think the same.

As I am working in the real estate field for the past 2 years I am watching people that who got a stable job 1 year ago are opting for real estate, for which they are willing to pay half their monthly salary as the EMI of the loan taken.

Topic fully explained

As you have read in the above paragraph about why real estate has so deep impact in Indian minds.

Most people buy real estate as it’s a real asset and not just a piece of paper or ain any de-materialized from.

Most people believe in the long term, most real estate price will grow and there are low chances of loss, as their risk is very low people love to go for it.

declining property growth

 From the past 5-6 years the demand for real estate is going down and price also went down causing a crash in the real estate market. Now the price has started to grow again, but there is no or just a slight growth in demand.

 In this crash many Indian people changed there prospective about real estate and shifting towards other investment circles. As with increasing knowledge and awareness more people are going towards the share market leaving real estate on the side.

 As per a report of 2019, there is more than 12.76 lac houses that is ready for possession but there are no customers for it.

credit – businesstoday.in

 In our society there is a saying about “Apna Ghar ”, this means that in our society a persons success matters most with is he living in his own home or a rented house.

A  person who has invested in real estate is said to be more successful than a person who has not invested in  this and living in a rented commodity however person 2 is earning 5 times more than person 1  but person 1 is said to be more successful.

Many times it is seen that real estate continues to 70-80% of clients portfolios.

 There are a lot of things one should keep in mind before investing in real estate as it has the following features which will maybe make you think twice before buying real estate.


 It is not very convenient to liquidate real estate and hence even if real estate is recommended from the investment perspective, it is said that plan real estate for long term.

If you are planning it for short term than you should think twice as liquidating real estate is a tough task and takes a lot of time.


 Irrespective of what the client feels, unless he/she ensures personal upkeep and maintenance of real estate, it is not recommended.

In the beginning, there is enthusiasm but over the years, small renovations, paying property taxes, water leakage in house, whitewash, looking for good tenants, and so on can. You will be thinking what should I do look after the property or do my job.

Therefore, invest only if you have time and accessibility.


 In times of urgency, it is not possible to simply sell a portion of real estate. You have to sell of the full investment and it takes a lot of time


There are a lot of frauds nowadays in real estate. From small to big every type of fraud so you should check the title and all the things. Which I have mentioned in the previous blog. If you are a first-time buyer then you should be extra careful.

Bad deal:

One bad deal can become the biggest mistake of your life, as in most cases it is a person’s full life-saving.

Other investment opportunities?

 There are a lot of other investment opportunities that we miss for real estate. Which have a lot of potential than this.

 Major of them are share market, equity funds, mutual funds.

 We can add fixed deposits, reccuring deposits, bonds etc but their growth is nearly equal to that of real estate.

But these are the safer options as compare to real estate.

 These options are easy to liquidate.

If you need money you want to liquidate your investment with this other options. You can do it in  2-3 days.

In case of real estate It will take months. And if you want to sell a portion of your investment. You can do it in this other forms but in case of real estate.

You have to sell all the portion you have, you can’t make its small piece and sell it off.

credit – theladders.com

If we look at previous data of around 30 years share market has been proved as the best investment

In the Indian market with almost double the growth of the real estate sector.   


After reading this I think you must have concluded. If you are confused let me help you, I am not saying that one should not invest in real estate. But one should invest in other investment options too.

Your portfolio should be well-diversified and not based on only 1 type of investment,

If your one investment sinks you have other options too recover. One should not invest more than 30-40% of there portfolio in real estate.


Can property lose value?

Yes property can lose its value there can be multiple reasons behind it.

Can property make you rich?

Yes property is a kind of investment it can make you rich by the rent or by the growth in its price.

Who pays property tax ?

The one who owns the property pays the property tax.

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