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What is Startup & How You Can Start Your Business – Introduction to Startup


While the term startup has been used frequently in recent times that it has been a part of a person’s vocabulary most of us are not exactly clear on what is a Startup.


  1. What is a startup?
  2. Some of the Examples of startups
  3. CoolBerg
  4. Digital Insurance
  5. Shuttle
  6. Dunzo
  7. Paytm
  8. Cars24
  9. Nykaa
  10. Funding & Investors
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs

What is startup?

Is small recently open shop a Startup? There are several more such questions that have become relevant in the undercurrent of starter buzz.

According to Harvard

According to Harvard Business School, startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Another key feature of a startup is its a plan of rapid growth.

According to Yahoo founder, a Startup is a company designed to grow fast being newly founded does not in itself make a company

It is not necessary for a Startup to work on technology or take venture funding or have some short of exit

They only essential thing is growth everything else is associated with startup follows from growth

According, to book start-up is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

Some successful startup

There are startups like Uber and Ola which have simplified things by strategically full-filling consumer needs or demands.

The world of startups now plays a role in our day to day life from MakeMyTrip commonly used for travel and tourist service provider two Paytm, Freecharge offering E-wallet.

Facilities to Zomato food restaurants services in your area the way startups have changed the face of Business and consumer preference over the years validates its relevance in today’s time.

Moreover, to understand startups one distinctive feature that is growth can be traced in its model to classify it.

As a Startup on startup all startups will be found for long term growth in its operation to scale up its business model growth is the DNA of startup

Every startup will have its own very different DNA from the others which will decide the future of such startups.

The number of investors has grown 490 in 2015 from 220 in 2014 there are 156 active bases in the space as on 2015,292 Angel investors and 110 accelerators catering to the startup in India.

INVESTOR’S helping founders

Most start ups in the Nations are from three major sector E-Commerce ,consumer service and aggregators.

The boom Indian startup ecosystem has made up used in packed in certain sectors like education health care employment agriculture etc .

Funding & investors

Japanese multinational conglomerate SoftBank, with $13 Bn left in its corpus for the SoftBank Vision Fund, has been in talks with 15-20 companies to strike new deals in India.


Rajeev Misra, CEO of SoftBank Vision Fund, said that the Japanese investor is on the lookout to strike new deals “at the right valuation”.

He assured that SoftBank will reveal the deals in the upcoming three months.

“SoftBank Vision Fund I and II are both interested in buying secondary positions from early-stage investors who are wanting to exit as their fund lives come to an end.

Next three months, we will announce deals as currently

We are in mid-stages of talking to 15-20 companies for both secondary and primary investments”

Some of the Examples of startups are :-


Coolberg, a Mumbai based startup, works with a unique idea of having a non-alcoholic beer.

Coolbergs help to make parties and gatherings easier for people

Who feel odd in doing such things during such occasions by providing a wide range of flavors.

Digital Insurance

Is a General Insurance company on a mission to make the complicated insurance system transparent and straightforward for everyone through their platform.

They have insurance for Cars, Mobiles, Travel, and Jewellery as well.


Shuttl is an app based transportation service for commuters.

Firstly launched in 2015 to improve India’s disorganized public transportation system by allowing people to pre-book rides on affordable busses.


This famous Indian startup connects users to the nearest delivery partner who can make purchases, pick up items from any store or restaurant in the city and bring them to you all by just utilizing their app. They also offer a bike taxi service as well.


Razorpay is the only payments solution in India which allows businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its user-friendly product suite to all companies from startups to large enterprises.


Fresh Menu is another delivery service. Food will be cooked and delivered to you within minutes.

The company was founded in 2014. In 2016, they saw 3x growth when it came to orders. This company is a clear example of how to grow.


Another very successful startup is ptm . This startup is a payment service that allows people to pay funds to each other.

It is very similar to PayPal. While it’s not at that level yet, it still seems to dominate all over India.

Wow! Momo

This is a food chain who are growing ever so fast in India. You will find branches in Delhi, Chennai, Kochi, and many other spots.

Wow! Sell burgers, Tibetan food and just about anything you can imagine. You will never go hungry when a Wow! Branch is nearby!

Doctor Insta

Doctors Insta’s business model is to fix the current state of accessibility, reliability, and consistency in India’s $100 Billion HealthCare Market and to bring Healthcare to everyone.

Basically,This amazing startup is India’s 1st video medicine company where an individual can consult care-givers anytime, anywhere.


Cars24 makes selling a car an easy, fair and quick experience.

However,This new startup creates an efficient and reliable way for car owners to sell their used cars at the Best Price


Meesho is India’s Largest Reseller Platform, moreover poised to be the next big e-commerce distribution channel, where homepreneurs sell on WhatsApp, Facebook. And Instagram.


Milkbasket is India’s first subscription-based micro-delivery service fulfilling daily grocery and household needs of customers every morning.


Policybazaar is India’s largest and leading insurance aggregator website.

They specialized in making a comparative analysis of the insurance products of various insurance policies based on price, quality and key benefits.


ShareChat is the fastest growing social network in India.

With ShareChat you can share videos, jokes, GIFs, audio songs and funny images from India in Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam.


Nykaa is a premier online beauty and wellness destination.

It offers beauty and wellness products for men and women at the best prices. Their products are 100 percent genuine and authentic, sourced directly from the brands.

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder is a Bangalore-based online furniture company.

This hot Indian startup furniture company aims to provide a curated destination for home solutions, to help the Urban Indian build well-furnished, beautiful homes.

Funding & Investors

Funding Investors, typically want to see that a venture capitalist or angel investor has already put down a reasonable sum of money

Before they ever give any funding to Indian startups and their founders.

So, to get the right amount of money for a new startup in India you must have to already the right amount of backing.

That is, Your new company must be seen as one of the popular startups in India with a good track record.

For upcoming startups, the pressure to succeed is massive in comparison to American startups because failure is looked down upon severely.

Given, some famously failed startups in India such as Blackberry, reputation for a new startup is crucial to get even further funding.


There are endless money-making opportunities in today’s world.

Startups can have a high success rate in India, but why so? Education seems to be a reason for this.

There is a great education system in India, and people are clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to business.

What can you learn from India? Well, you can learn that Indians are not scared to try new things.

Even the startup names are quite disrupting! (We should also write a new naming guide taking into account the top Indian startups!).

Some of the top Indian startups are quite out of the ordinary.

Also, If you want to create the most profitable business in India, you need to think outside of the box.

Indian startup

Indian startups have an edge on their competition for this very reason.

Their startup ideas are obviously unique, which always attracts customers and brings forth profit.

Obviously, The internet is a big place, and if you need startup ideas in India, you will find tons of information on what you can do.

You need to find a gap in the market and again, do not be afraid to do something that you have not seen before.

That is what leads to success, a brand new idea. Moreover, You will not gain much success from the belief that everybody has.

The top Indian startups are of course the result of persistence. You may wonder how this is possible.

Although, It can be done by having complete faith in your ability and believe that your idea will go far.

Moreover, You need to trust the people around you and have confidence that they will take your business in the right direction.


1) what is a startup ??

Startups typically begin by a founder (solo-founder) or co-founders who have a way to solve a problem.

2)why startup fail?

An incredibly common problem that causes startups to fail is a weak management team. … Weak management teams make mistakes in multiple areas: They are often weak on strategy, building a product that no-one wants to buy as they failed to do enough work to validate the ideas before and during development.

3) startups like Paytm?

Investors said big startups like Oyo, Paytm, Swiggy, Ola, and Zomato will now begin to focus on making money and bring in efficiencies into the system, such as automation



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