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JAVASCRIPT For a Beginners| Learn Everything You Need to Gain Your knowledge


If you are new in the Web Development world, you’ll enjoy this guide.But First you can think that question, why do we want to learn about  JavaScript (JS)?

Why JavaScript is the best language in Web? Let’s clear the doubt first.

Do you know how many web languages exist in web development?

Here there are main three languages are used to develop websites

1) HTML   2) CSS   3) PHP

And JS is the best scripting language web development.

Did you know how many types of scripting languages are used in the industry to develop a dynamic website?

Can you get an idea of it?

Are you know how JavaScript works?

It changes the content, modifies the styles, and provides functions like onclick, pop-up, mouse click, etc.

Now if we want to use an interactive website, we need to create JS that will help to understand what the client what to do.

Let’s Start JavaScript for Beginners from Basic to advance.

What’s in it you learn in this content

  1. Basic of JS
  2. What is JS
  3. How to write JS
  4. Create one program using JS
  5. Embedded JS
  6. External JS
  7. Applications of JS
  8. Comparison of JS vs PHP
  9. FAQ

Basic of JS

So, you are new to this web development and you don’t know what it is.

Consider JavaScript as logical part and heartbeats of your body.

Think of Java Script that way, if a Client focused on your Interactive behavior like Teacher then JS is the student.

I hope you do know JavaScript. But what do we need to write and apply to web development?

Well, it can your logic, links, and connection.

For example, JS can be learned how can we drive a website in the correct direction, and also, they can teach how we can provide better attractive and interactive websites.

What is JavaScript (JS)?

The unit of JS Guide for Beginners is Basic of JavaScript (JS)

JS is the main Client-side scripting language.

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language for the web. It is also known as the lightweight programming language. JS is a third layer cake of web technology.

The first layer is HTML and the second is CSS.

Let me easier for you.

It is the butter that you need to put into your pav bhaji for better taste whenever someone easily navigate and easily use your function. Also is creation being simple and easy to use?

Talking about JavaScript (JS), there’s an interaction with Document Object Model (DOM) elements and HTML pages.

Here now you can have a question like, what is DOM?

The above image says that how the DOM works in JavaScript. DOM can be accessed using JS. HTML DOM methods are actions that you can perform it and DOM properties are values that you can set or update.

Before we move in details of JavaScript (JS)

First, we learn some Basic of web languages.


Once if your basic are clear then we move on towards the upper level and you can easily understand.

Here there are mainly three web languages are there,

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. PHP

We learn the basics of the languages for your better knowledge.


It is “HyperText Markup Language” for creating Web pages. It can be describing the structure of the Web page and its elements represented by tags.

Basic structure of HTML



<title> ……. </title>






It is a “Cascading Style Sheet that describing the style of HTML. It used for developing an attractive and decorative website.


PHP is “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is a sever scripting language and widely used and efficient alternative to competitors and used as stored data of a website that means backend of your web page.

Basic Structure of PHP







I hope you got the basic of web languages in JS Guide for beginners.

How to Write JavaScript (JS)

So,The first most important thing in JavaScript is Syntax.

Syntax of JS:



You write your JS code in between Script tag. The browser will understand.

Which language you use.

But with this guide,

Firstly, make one program.

So,How do you write a whole program using JS?

What is the result of that?

Program of JS



  <title> Small program </title>



<script type=”text/javascript”>

   document. write (“Hello, JavaScript user!”);




Output of program:

Hello, JavaScript user!

I hope you will be clear that how to write the JS.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • What kind of different logic you can provide to more interactive your website?
  • Which services you can provide the client for using JS?
  • What suitable Structure we use?

You have the answer to these questions, you have become an expert in Use of JS.

Let’s discuss Types of JS.

We discuss two types of JS and how to use them

Embedded JS

JS can embedded in an HTML document. To embed it in HTML you must begin it with:

    <script type = “text / javascript” >

 And end with:


Moreover, The script tag has the effect of stopping the JavaScript begin printed out as well as identifying the code enclosed. In HTML, the JS tag used in the head or body section.

Here is the example of it,



<script type=”text/javascript”>

   document. write (“hello, JavaScript user!”);




External JS

Can you want to use the same script on several pages it could be a good idea to place the code in a separate file. In that way, if you want to change the code, or update the code, you only need to do it once.

Simply take the code you want in a separate file out of your program and save it with the extension .js. here the script tag is not needed in the external file, you can only write the code.

HTML connect with the JavaScript file..

Above program we can saved as my.js



<script src = “my.js”>




 That’s it!

Application of JS

Comparison between JS vs PHP

JavaScript PHP
JS is the client-side scripting Language.  PHP is the server scripting Language.
Used as front-end developmentThere are used as backend development.
They can be combined with HTML and XML. The personal home page can be combined only with HTML.
Create a dynamic web interface with HTML and CSS.Managed custom web content, handling forms, and stores the data.
It is a single-threaded language.It is a multi-threaded language.


Overall, we conclude that in JS we most use External JS, because it is easy to change the code. This content includes the basics of JavaScript and its structure. In the next, we will cover the Fundamentals of JS. After that next, we use more functions of JS and develop the Full-stack web.


1) Why JavaScript is Used

It usually designed for front-end development. Along
with interactive web elements, a strong knowledge of
JS will allow to create Games, Mobile app etc.

2) Why JS is called as a lightweight programming language?

JS can provide programming functionally inside but up to a certain extend. Also, it has simple syntax and simple to implement that’s why it is known as “lightweight” programming language.

3) Are JS and PHP similar?

Not 100% similar. But some function is quite similar in both. Like, both are object-oriented, both are case sensitive to variables, both requires HTTP to execute, both have supports framework. both are open source and memory management.

4) Why JS is Single-Threaded?

It is Single-Threaded because it can be giving an out in order. Like first we complete one piece of code after that they move on next. They don’t break the order of code.

5) Where JS is used?

It is used to develop a web-site, web server, games, mobile app, web app,etc.

6) Where JS is used in HTML?

You can use js in HTML as in the head section or the body section of the HTML.

7) JS who developed?

JS was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 during his time at Netscape Communication. It can inspire by Java. First, they started a standardization process to prevent control of the JS language.



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