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JavaScript Framework for a Beginners | Learn Everything about Frameworks


If you are new in that framework world, you’ll enjoy the content. But First, you can have a question like, why we use the JavaScript Framework?

How JavaScript can be work? Let’s clear the doubt first.

Do you know how many JavaScript Frameworks are there? The industry which type of Framework will use?

In the industry Angular JS and React JS are use.

It is similar to an application programming interface (API), and includes an API and servers as a base of programming.

API provides access to supports the framework.

It also includes a code library, a compiler, and software development processes.

You have a question like what is an API?

It is a software communication that allows two applications to talk to each other. For example, if you Instagram and share some pics or links on the WhatsApp using API.

I hope you can clear all the doubts. But what do we need to apply frameworks to JS?

Well, it can all communicate with APIs.

For example, all your social media apps are communicating with each other with the use of APIs.

Let’s Start JavaScript Framework for Beginners from Basic to expert.

What’s is in to learn for me

  1. Basics of JS Framework
  2. Usage of Framework
  3. Java Framework spring
  4. Java Framework history
  5. Frameworks for web applications
  6. Object-relational mapping framework
  7. Java frameworks 2020
  8. FAQ

What is Java Framework?

Framework used a platform for implementing software applications and programs.

It is a pre-written code that behaves like a ready mate cook foods.

Which developers can use to create an application, and put their ideas on it and ready to framework as own needs?

Frameworks include categories of objects and functions, and you can used to process, input, and manage your devices.

Also, they can communicate with your system software.

Let’s makes simple

Frameworks are the ready mate platform to serve as your requirements, and also developers serve to platform to out their needs, and services.

Usage of Java Framework

JavaScript Framework is dictating the structure of your application.

Some Frameworks are providing a large code, and developers can use only requirements according to code.

Also, they can design a small and quickly responsive code. So, our websites can easy to move, and attract more audience, use of the framework.

we can create very beautiful website and more responsive to the user.

Using a framework, we can develop a very interesting and beautiful GUI.

Now here one question is there what is GUI?

It is known as “Graphical User Interface”. It will interact with electronic devices via graphical icons.

Used to handheld mobile devices such as media players, gaming, and household.

I hope now you have clarity about what is the framework and usage of the framework.

Java Framework spring

Spring Framework is known as the “lightweight” framework.

Lightweight means IoC containers tend to be lightweight, especially when compared to EJB containers.

Create high performing, easily testable, and reusable code.

It can support different frameworks such as Hibernate, Struts, JSF, JSP, etc.

The framework, to a large, extent, can be defined as a structure where you can find the solution to various problems.

Spring framework targets to make J2EE development easier to use and promotes good programming by enabling a POJO based programming model.

What is J2EE?

J2EE stands for Java Platform Enterprise Edition.

The functionality of J2EE is developing and deploying multi-tier web-based enterprise applications.

Spring framework at runtime

The test layer provides testing with Junit and TestNG.

Spring core container contains four modules. In that core, and beans provide Inversion of Control (IOC) and Dependency Injection.

Context support internationalization, JMS, and remoting.

Expression Language defines JSP and provides the setter to getter property values, collections of indexers, variables, AIU, and object, etc.

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP), Aspects, and Instrumentation support aspect-oriented programming to create advices, pointcuts, and decouple the code.

Data Integration comprises of JDBC, ORM, OXM, JMS, and transaction modules, and they will communicate with the database.

Web comprise the Web-Servlet, Web-Portlet, and Web-Struts, and develop a web application.

Steps of Spring Creation

  • Create the class
  • Develop the XML file to provide the value
  • Implement test class
  • Load spring jar files
  • Run test class

Spring is fast development, easy to test, powerful abstraction, and ready mate templates, and declarative support.

Spring JDBC API is Jdbc Template, Named Parameter Jdbc Template, Jdbc Insert, Jdbc call, etc.

Java Framework History

In the data access layer, every business develops a class adapter to control.

Manage connections to their database and data mapping their privacy.

Some of the open-source frameworks are popular like Torque, Cayenne, iBatis, hibernate which is easy to inherited by developers.

In 2003, hibernate was upgraded to version 2.0.

That was a revolution in Object-Relationship Mapping via XML, and to start taking over the data access layer.

Presentation layer, there was competition between two frameworks:

Struts 1.x support via Apache, and Java Server Faces created by SUN.

In 2004, JDK 1.5 or J2SE 5.0 came in the competition.

This was a real revolution and led to many changes in java technology platforms in 2005.

In 2006, AJAX targeted web applications since google can introduce services like Gmail, Google Maps with high-speed and broadband internet access increases.

In 2011, JSF 2.0, released with AJAX functionality, and it will create a bunch of beautiful

UI components that helped to develop beautiful applications.

Nowadays, the JavaScript framework race is still going on.

If there is no change in trend, then spring and vaadin are continued to grow and hibernate and struts fail.

Framework for web applications

Web framework is a software framework.

That is designed to create web applications including web services, web resources, web APIs.

Simply they can help to develop web applications smarter and quick to respond.

Nowadays some web framework is more popular such as,

  • Django
  • Ruby on rails
  • Laravel
  • Angular
  • Symfony
  • Express.js
  • Flask
  • jQuery
  • Asp.net 

Django is a quality web application. It was fast-moving and satisfying the difficult needs of web developers.

It is very fast, secure, scalable, and versatile.

Ruby on rails is a productive web framework, and to create a database-driven web application.

Angular is developed by Google, and is to build large scale, and high-performance web application and easy to handle.

ASP.net is developed by Microsoft, and to build a robust, high-performance, and lightweight framework.

Laravel framework follows the MVC architectural pattern.

Express framework is the rapid development of Node.js based web application.

Object-relational mapping framework

Object-relational mapping is a programming tool that converts data to relational databases and object-oriented languages such as Java, C#.

Java ORM framework

  • Toplink
  • Hibernate
  • Java data object
  • Spring DAO
  • Castor

ORM is hiding details of SQL database, automatic key generation, database implementation, and fast to develop any application.

In this framework some developers are creating their ORM tools.

Overall, this blog only covers some basic introduction of JavaScript Framework. Next, we will discuss the Types of Framework in detail.

Java framework 2020

Some framework is very popular and large to use in the industrial world.

  • Node.js
  • .Net
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • JSF
  • Struts
  • Vaadin
  • Grails
  • Play


We conclude that In that we can learn the JavaScript Frameworks and its usage. Also, we learn the History of Frameworks. Moreover, We can Understand the concept of Spring framework and idea of new frameworks.


1) Java Framework for Desktop application?

For window desktop:
Microsoft Visual studio, WPF, UWP, WinForms.
For Mac desktop:
Cocoa, Cross-platform, Swing

2) Which Java Framework is best?

Spring, JSF, Hibernate,Grails and Google web toolkit is the best framework to use.

3) Java Framework for game development?

Anura, Aleph One, Game Editor, frostbite, etc.

4) What Java Framework does google use?

Google uses the Google web Toolkit and it is the open-source to use all.

5) What Java Framework should I learn?

As a developer, you should start first Spring and Hibernate. If you interest in Big data then you should first learn Spark and Hadoop.



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