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Jumpstart With Massive Financial Confidence-2020

Table of Content:

  1. What Is Financial Confidence?
  2. Financial Confidence VS Financial Freedom
  3. Factors that will help in boosting it
  4. Some key points
  5. Conclusion

What Is Financial Confidence?

Is it staying on your own?

Or paying all your debts by yourself?

It is similar to financial freedom?

it allows you to take long expensive vacation?

If you agree in any of the above then probably you are wrong, definitely wrong. Financial confidence is actually a strong belief.

You not need any business to be depend on you must have skill to be back even you start again.

Here’s a story for you

There were once arun and lakshay who were rivals from 9th. They used to have a healthy competition in everything whether it is study or any sport. In this rivalry no one was permanent winner. But yes if arun is first then lakshay would be secound.

In future when both started their businesses they did well in both and were growing at a rapid speed. They both meet one day and discussed about their well being. Lakshay said that he has a financial confidence and he is proud of him.

Whereas arun was enjoying his financial freedom. He didn’t even tried to understand what financial confidence is.

And suddenly one day due to change in policy by government businesses.

By arun and lakshay got out of fashion now they don’t have anything in hand.

After this arun got a job in an MNC and was working their well.

But one day he saw that lakshay was in his office for an business deal. There he was shocked to see lakshay.

As he thought that his business was destroyed. Later on while going back lakshay sees arun there and hugged him.

While arun asked lakshay that “I thought that are businesses got destroyed”.

Lakshay said “yes, but nothing can stop me because policies changed my business doesn’t me, Remember I have financial confidence”. After this arun got back into his work and thought how he could do this. But he just thought and never even tries to take action.

Mr. Dan Lok is the one who discovered this theory. So will wish you to go check him once.

Financial Confidence vs Financial Freedom

path to financial confidence

What normally people thinks that they ultimately want financial freedom in life. Freedom to buy an expensive mobile phone.  Freedom to enjoy vacation on the beach under sunlight. That they could have more than sufficient money.

But the fact is that this all may end. And what after that? For that you need a plan that could help you every time and in every phase of your life in that phase you could be a billionaire or a beggar.

And that’s where the role of financial confidence comes in place.

So what financial confidence teaches us is when you have a confidence to do well, financially each time you get low.

Like in above example arun feels him to be a loser but lakshay didn’t stop because he has that financial confidence to make all that money again.  And what actual goal of everyone should be.

Factors that will help you to boost it:-

boost financial confidence


A great philosopher once said

“A person is the average of 5 people surrounded to him”

And that’s why environment matters a lot. Once in childhood I heard a story whose moral was that every single in this universe is so powerful that he even couldn’t realise.

But it’s the society who tells him that he couldn’t do anything in life. And for us society matters a lot that if we trust our self then also it make us think that can we.

But if are surrounded by good people then you can do better every time by this you will encouraged to do better every time which will help you gaining financial confidence.

All you need is an environment which makes you confident each time to do better than previous time.


Mindset is the most important thing as you have to develop a mindset that you can do anything. If your mindset will not be with you then all the other boosters will fade away.

People keep talking about things to do this and that all time and if you will spent a little time thinking about that then you will realise that they are just setting your mind.

For example we all went to counsellor for what? We went to them just to make your mindset. We could have heard you mom or dad saying us “tera dimak sahi nhi h, ja shi krle”.

So it’s all about mindset. Just do one thing as a task think anything now that you have to do a particular thing at any cost and I bet you that if you have pure will then you will succeed in it.

Commit to achieve goals

Commitment is very commonly in found in people who lacks in achieving their goal. Most of the times blame goes directly to god that god doesn’t help them in this and that but if we have to succeed then we have to keep trying again and again.

Because it is only us who will get benefited by achieving our goals, so why would god help them to achieve? If we want to achieve some goals then we have to commit to it thoroughly.

It means that if you are committed to something then you have to keep trying it till you don’t achieve it.

Capability to achieve success

Yes, as for accomplishing those commitments you must have some capabilities to do that. You cannot achieve without having particular skills or capabilities which could be born within you or you must have developed it by yourself.

But ultimately you have to acquire then within you if you want to achieve some goals. And I don’t think that acquiring some skills in this era is difficult at all. Everything you desire is available on internet without any cost.

If you have a lot of money to spend then you can directly any paid course but if don’t have money but have a lot of time then you could search on internet.

Who is the person to whom you can understand because this is very important and with this you can achieve financial confidence

Go and get a Financial professional

financial professional

Getting a financial professional is waste of money and time but that’s the blunder mistake we especially Indians do.

Financial professional is the must I think as he gives you stability in finance he can guide us in how much and where to spend money.

As we are very unstable in our self when we think of something to buy we buy it immediately without thinking of is that worth purchasing or not and too that professional can manage your money in these times.

As he can balance some over spend with anything else so that it doesn’t act like a great stone in between your financial goals. 

 Be knowledgeable

After all this you too must have being aware about your financials. Either your professional is working on it or your father whosoever it may be but you must be aware about this briefly so that you must be aware of what if going on with your money.

Empower yourself

Empower means that you must give yourself believe or say power that yes you can do it. You have that power that will to accomplish this very easily. So empower yourself with financial confidence.

Some key points that you must remember:-

It is reward of hard work

There are few audiences present who know about this concept of financial confidence

So it will take a lot of hard work and pain to know about this skill but definitely the reward for this hard work will be worth hard working.

Gain it over time

Financial confidence is not an overtime game but it’s a long process as you have to do anything in repeat mode so that you could be confident about.

Even for other skills also if you need some confidence in any field you have to repeatedly do it to have confidence in that.

Forgive your past

Many of us can’t succeed in life you to some past incidence. But what have gone isn’t in your hand but whats coming in future is definitely I your hand. So forget past and just focus on how to get better future.

Get to know your number

You must have very well known about your numbers of where and how much money comes from and where it gets to.

You must have an idea of every expense and income doesn’t matter it is small or big because these little saving and income will help in keep you financially good.

Celebrate wins

celebrate wins

You must celebrate your wins if it is big celebrate it in a great way and if it is small celebrate it in small but do celebrate.

As it is meant for only to buck up to work more harder it is not meant to fell you happy and satisfy yourself because you can push your limits.

Limits are set by human itself so extend it.

Talk about money

Don’t fear to talk about money when you hang out or want to buy something for anyone, why to fear in talking about your budget to them, be free telling them their financial goals and you budget.


Try to fill you most with positive vibes the more you will keep you positive then it will automatically keep you in distance to some negative vibes and from over thinking about useless things too. And it’s upon you whether you want to be arun or lakshay in reference to that story told in starting. I would tell you to gain financial confidence as soon as possible.









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