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Keto Diet For Quick Fat Loss|3 Simple Steps to Get Started


The full form of the keto diet is the ketogenic diet and it is the most famous diet out there in the market for fat loss, most of the celebrities are doing it due it’s Time to results ratio.

So back to point ketogenic diet is basically a high fat, low carbohydrates, and moderate protein diet, very similar to Atkins and low carbs diet. But we will only talk about the Ketogenic diet.

And yes a high-fat diet!!  in simple ways “EAT FAT TO BURN FAT”.

About Me

Hi I am Sparsh and I am a fitness enthusiast but not from my childhood. I used to be very fat even on my last to last birthday my body weight was like 105kgs and I was really concerned about my body structure. But the day I make the decision not being in the body that I’m currently right now.

Then I started searching on the internet about fitness related to losing weight or burning fat. There was not much clear information on the internet even though I try every single way of losing fat but none of the work.

Then I purchase the course and I become my own personal trainer and I’ve tried every diet out there in the market. Everything works unless you do everything that diet needs to be done, and from my personal experience, it is the fastest diet out there in the market for losing fat.

Taking these things aside let me tell you again every diet works. But you have to stay consistent with it long enough.

What’s in this 

Keto Diet Meaning

The ketogenic diet also famously known as the keto diet is where you limit or completely evacuate the amount the carbohydrates you eat in general. And adjust those calories in majorly in fats and moderate in protein.

As in simple language you’re shifting the fuel source of the body from glucose(carbohydrates) to ketones(fats).

Yes our body can utilize the fats as a fuel source if your lever has the opportunity to turn the fats into ketones. And this is where the ketones comes into play because the body have no choice when we get rid of the carbs,

The short answer is a short level of blood sugar level and low levels of insulin into the bloodstream and huge changes occur in the body composition equals you fell a lot better.

What keto is not

Ok let’s talk about “what keto diet is not” because this makes a lot of sense!! There are a lot of people out having misconceptions about the low carbs and keto diet. Let me tell you something about the low carb diet.

In the low carbs diet: You reduce the carbs from your calories but not that much you started to produce ketones in your body. On this diet, you usually feel fatigued and foggy but on the other hand in the

Keto diet you feel very good and energetic. Your cognitive function becomes very good, and the fuel source of the body changes completely and you can check your ketones level into small machines available in the market.

And its not paleo diet as well. paleo still utilizes some fruits and some starchy vegetables and in this also you’re limiting your carbs but not increasing that much that it starts to change its fuel engine.

And it’s not about eating a bunch of animal protein too. There are still a lot of fitness gurus too out there presumably think that it all about eating a bunch of animal meat.

in fact, The true ketogenic diet is all about eating healthy fats come straight for plant sources. You don’t need to eat tones of expensive meat. It also perfect for vegetarians and vegans contrary to fitness gurus says on the internet.


The last one keto is not the KETOACIDOSIS. It is the diabetes complication where the body produces excess ketones,  and completely irrelevant to the ketogenic diet.

And it is something that type1 diabetics deal with because their body stops producing insulin and due to those ketones produced by the lever in tremendous amount, way higher than we get from the diet!! We’ll discuss this later on about this because I have got a lot to say on this topic.

How to get started with Keto

because this will surely happen, simply because your body is going through the blood sugar balancing. Get the grocery all before getting started so that you don’t have any excuse to give up on your diet.

To get started I want you to make the protein lower in the first two weeks like 3:1 fats to protein ration and rest of them fill it up with fiber (fiber are not carbohydrates these are very essential for our gut mobility) for example vegetables like spinach, cabbage, carrot, kale, cucumber, tomato, onion, etc.

meaning you have to be under 30 grams or so which you should fill it with fiber.

You might be wondering that the amount of fat that we are getting from is huge, and yeah! Believe me we should go that extreme for the first couple of weeks because we are pushing the liver to get going with upcoming ketones production for an initial boost.

you can have coffee for sure it is the main component and very beneficial to go with due to it’s fat mobilizing properties and when the triglycerides(fatty acids) mobilize they go to the liver and convert into the ketones.


 Just add some creamers and fats and some sweetener like monk fruit or stevia but avoid these a much better idea.

And for some days you might get going with keto flu!! , you know keto flu is nothing but just the false flu, you going to feel low, lethargic, and headache.

Let me tell you why I’m telling it’s a false flu is because your body holds 3 grams of water per gram of carbohydrates and in the first week or so you were losing that water and with that water, a lot of electrolytes come from the body and that’s why you feel like sick but in actual you’re not.

So to prevent this keto flu you need a good quality salt like pink Himalayan salt, mix it with water and drink at least 3 -4 a day.

Keep your workout nice and normal in the gym and don’t go for too heavy lifts or any sort of high-intensity training because there’s some decrease in the strength due to being in a caloric deficit. I recommend you should work out after waking up so that you can easily tap the fat stored into the body we’ll discuss in-depth this blog.

What to eat or What not

                             Can eat                              Cannot eat
Monk fruit sweetenerSucralose container product
Stevia sweetenerAny kind of drink soda
Diet drink (diet coke , Pepsi)High fructose corn syrup (energy drink like Gatorade, Redbull)
Keto chips (might available near big mart)Any chips or beverages
Apple cider vinegar with mother onlyHoney
Bulletproof coffee with creamers add onCoconut and its water
KFC (but only nonveg part) no bread and burgerRegular sugar (super no go) and fruits
Any restaurant meat meal.Alcohol or bear
what to eat and what not


So after reading this whole thing the summary is if you go with an approach that what I’ve told you in this you will get the result of weight loss pretty quickly.

just keep these above eatable things in mind and no go food too so you don’t go out of the ketosis process and keep your cardio keep nice and simple meaning low steady-state cardio so make sure 

you’re not burning your muscles. For the protein source especially in India are very limited like chicken, eggs, fish, and mutton and for the vegetarian become very limited like cottage cheese(paneer), whey protein that’s it.


Why we’re eating that much of fats in the initial weeks?

We have eaten the fats a little high in the first couple of weeks to keep up with ketones production and give it an initial boost like the rocket needs more power when it going from earth to space in the same way we are doing it so.

Can I eat too much protein to conserve muscles?

You don’t need actually a lot of protein on keto because there are a lot of studies held on this muscle preventive measures topic and they found that the body most favorably uses fast as the fuel source unless you do too hard cardio with a intensive weight training in conjunction with a very active lifestyle

Why keto diet is bad?

keto diet could cause low blood pressure, kidney stones, constipation, and a lot of nutrients deficiencies.



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