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LAAL MAANS RECIPE – 4 Easy Steps Of Making Authentic Laal Maans


Mutton is the favourite food most of Indians especially when it is cooked with lots of spices and have a punch of spiciness in the layers of soft mutton and It’s thick rich gravy or curry, Laal Maans is exactly that.

In this Blog you will explore through the amazing ride of the wild and spicy hot traditional dish of Rajasthan The Laal Maans is one of the spiciest Mutton dish of the country.

Rajasthan have much to offer in apart form it mesmeric acritical wonder and rich Heritage of Maharajas, Laal Maans is a living example of it.

What are the Thing to be Explored

  1. History of Laal Maans
  2. Ingredients
  3. Method Of Preparation
  4. Nutritional Information
  5. From Where To Try Laal Maans
  6. Additional Information
  7. FAQ
Country Of OriginIndia
State Of OriginRajasthan
Map of Rajasthan

1. History of Laal Maans

Rajasthan is known for the range of delicious vegetarian food

That does not mean that it has nothing to serve in non-veg Laal Maans is a living example of it.

It is said that the dish created by the Rajputanas the brave Rajputs goes for hunting and they cooked the hunted animals,

Usually boar and deer and they cook it with chillies and rich spices in their royal kitchens this is done to kill the odour from the animals.

Kashmiri Red Chillies

2. Ingredients

  1. Meat
  2. Yogurt
  3. Ghee
  4. Kashmiri Red Chillies
  5. Onions
  6. Ginger Garlic Paste
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Cardamom
  9. Black Cardamom
  10. Cloves
  11. Bay Leaf
  12. Cumin Powder
  13. Turmeric Powder
  14. Salt
  15. Coriander Leaves
  16. Mace
  17. Coriander Powder
  18. Garam Masala

3. Method Of Preparation

Laal Maans is a Traditional and very spicy dish of Rajasthan

The method of Preparation of Laal Maans is basically consist of four distinct part

First Marination of Mutton

Second Sautee of the Mutton

Third cooking the Mutton in Pressure Cooker

And last but not the least the fourth point giving the Mutton an artificial smoky flavour.

Marination Of Mutton

The first step for making the dish comes marination of the Mutton

So first, we have to soak the Kashmiri Red Chillies into the water so that the Red Chillies becomes soft and puffy,

Kashmiri Red Chillies are not hot as it looks likes but it gives a very intense red colour to any dish with which it goes

Giving a very hot and spicy look but actually it’s not so spicy in taste as it looks like.

We have to first grind the Kashmiri Red Chillies in a mixer grinder with a little bit of water

Then we take the pieces of the Mutton and cut few deep strips with the help of a sharp Knife so that we experience the flavours of Chillies and Spices from deep inside the Mutton.

Now the time comes when we have to marinate the Mutton so first take an empty bowl

And marinate the Mutton with Yogurt, the Kashmiri Red Chillies Paste, Ginger Garlic Paste, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, a little pinch of turmeric powder and salt and mix it well

And take the Mutton into the Refrigerator for an hour or few or a day or few.

We should remember that Mutton is comparatively harder than Chicken so it will take much more time to become tender and to absorb the flavours of Spices

So it is recommended that rest of marination for a couple of days will perfectly be fine before making this traditional non-veg delicacy of Rajasthan.

Sautee of The Mutton

The next step after marination comes Sautee of Mutton

We usually use oil for Sautee in any Chicken or Mutton Preparation

But in case of Laal Maans we use puree ghee because Ghee is used in almost all traditional dishes of Rajasthan

One example of it is Dal Batti Churma the most famous dish of Rajasthan

And Rajasthan people normally consume a large amount of Ghee.

We first take an empty pan turn on the gas to a medium flame

And let it to be hot and pour some Ghee into the pan

Put one black cardamom, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and bay leaf separately into the pan

And let the flavours of the spices absorb in the Ghee

Meanwhile cut onions remember that the amount of onions is much more in this dish,

Any dish made with Mutton needs more onions than any Chicken dish

like in Mutton Biryani the amount of Mutton and Onions are same,

put the onions into the pan and toss it and after a minute add ginger garlic paste and mix it.

After a moment it will release a great Fragrance of spices cooked in onions and ginger garlic

And mouth-watering starts by that fragrance it is the perfect time that we have to add the marinated Mutton into it and after adding mix it properly and cook it for few minutes,

Now comes the third stage where we have to cook the Mutton in a Pressure cooker.

Cooking of Laal Maans in Pressure Cooker

Cooking Mutton in Pressure Cooker

After the Mutton is cooked in the pan

Now comes to the most tricky stage of cooking the Mutton in a Pressure Cooker

It is tricky because Mutton is a kind of meat that is not tinder like Chicken,

It difficult to cook because if we undercooked it will be hard and difficult to chew

And if we overcooked it will melt and be apart form bones and the pieces will separate and form small pieces.

We first have to take a Pressure Cooker on the gas stove and turn the flame on and after Cooker starts heating

We have added the cooked Mutton into the Pressure Cooker and pour some water into it and salt according to taste

Remember that Mutton always need to be cooked in a Pressure Cooker due to hard nature

Now we have to cover the Pressure Cooker and turn the flame to low

And let it cooks until 6 to 8 whistle in the Pressure Cooker

After 6 to 8 whistle turn off the flame

Now comes the last stage we will introduce our Laal Maans to Artificial smoking.

Artificial Smoking of The Mutton

Artificial Smoking is the last step towards the fishing of our dish though it is not a compulsory step

It gives the dish a magical texture of smokiness, as well as the flavour of Smokiness

There are some famous dishes like Dhuaedar Dahi Chicken where Artificial Smoking is core for cooking this kind of dishes.

For giving Artificial Smoking to our dish we have to first burn few pieces of Charcoal on the gas stove

And wait till it becomes red and now place a mini steel bowl on the Mutton and put the red hot charcoal on the bowl and cloves

Now put Ghee on the burning Charcoal and the smoke will start to appear,

Immediately cover it not wasting a few moments of seconds and cover it for 5 to 6 minutes and after this process our fabulous dish ids ready.

The Laal Maans is ready to be served, garnish it finely chopped fresh coriander leaves

Now the dish is ready to mesmerize everyone with it’s too spicy and unique smoky flavours

If you love reading this recipe you can also the recipe of Butter Chicken, Shami Kebab , Aloo ka Paratha, Mughlai Paratha and Chicken Tikka Masala.

4. Nutritional Information

A serving of Laal Maans of 145 g consists of approximately 186 calories. In which it contains 5 g to 6 g of Carbohydrates out of that 1 g to 2 g is fibre. 14 g to 17 g of proteins

Depending upon the piece of Mutton whether it a solid piece or it has bones in it also the quality and breed of Mutton.

As the dish contains a large amount of Ghee in it and also Mutton so it is a rich in the fat dish it contains almost 11 g to 12 g of fats.

Eating Laal Maans is not at all Healthy. it recommended being eaten only occasionally.

5. From Where To Try Laal Maans

Laal Maans is a traditional dish of Rajasthan so it is best to try it from any Village in Rajasthan made locally by Grandma’s in the village because they practice the most traditional form of cooking the dish

It is always wise to try traditional dishes from the place of it Origin made by the local people of that place practising the traditional way of cooking is followed by their ancestors.

Like it best place to try Thukpas is from the in the hill station of Sikkim and North India made locally by the people of that place,

I have tasted the best Thukpa from a village of Sikkim made by Aunty in whose homestay we were living

And she has learned the recipe from her Grandmother.

6. Additional Information

Originally Laal Maans is made with Makhania Mirch means Makhania Chillies. Makhani Mirch is a special kind of Chillies Agriculture in village Makhania a small village in Rajasthan,

The village has one signboard in their Railway Station from there only we can identify that it is Makhania Village,

And the agriculture of Makhania Chillies are little bit different from normal ones they use asses form Cemetery

The people of the village say that it gives blessings of their ancestors into the Chillies

And they also use mud from caves of bats and give the logic that it gives the Chillies a red hot colour.

The speciality of these Chillies is that they are less spicy and have a sweet texture

So we can add a large quantity of it to the dish without having so much hot and spiciness to the Laal Maans.

But now it is the time of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Virus

Till the present time it is research that the virus transmitted from bat to Pangolins then to human

And it has it’s an effect in Rajasthan so it is better to avoid it as a slight chance of transmission in near future.

7. FAQ

1. Does we Can make Laal Maans with Chicken?

Yes, be carefully cook chicken in less time than Mutton in Pressure Cooker otherwise the Chicken will be melted.

2. Does Laal Maans is so spicy that children can’t eat it?

Spiciness depends upon the style of cooking, if you cook less spicy it will be less spicy and children can also eat it.

3. Does it Justiciable to prepare the Laal Maans at any Special Occasion?

Yes, Of course it is a very delicious dish perfect for any Special Occasion.

4. Does it Healthy to eat Laal Maans at a Regular Basis?

No, it is not at all Healthy to eat it on a regular basis as it a heavy amount of Fats and Cholesterol, it is recommended to be eaten very Occasionally.



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