6 Useful Apps That Helps You To Grow Your Skills

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For all of us, mobile maybe just a thing for communication with each other or just a tool to get time-pass. But if you know the right use of the mobile, it may become a booster for your skills. If you don’t see how it is possible, you are here at the right place. Here you will get all the information about the most useful tools that can be a value for money and will boost your knowledge to the next level.

According to the report of Statista in Dec-2019 total number of the apps on the google play store was 2.87 million, which was 1 million in July-2013. It means in the short time of period, the total number of the apps increases by 1.87 million. But most of the apps are not able to improve your skills.

That’s why we have created a shortlist of learning apps that can help you to enhance your knowledge, your skill set, and also it will help you to grow up on a professional level, no matter if you are newbie or pro in your field. And the main benefit is that no one has to be present there to get knowledge or go outside. You can get knowledge from anywhere. The only condition is that you need high-speed internet and android mobile phone. Take a look at our shortlist of applications and get ready to grow up your skills.


  1. Udemy
  2. Quora
  3. LinkedIn Learning
  4. Coursera
  5. Skillshare
  6. edX


Almost everyone knows about the app known as Udemy. Udemy is the platform where you can get knowledge of any field by paying little money to no money. Not only can you gain knowledge, but also it allows users to share their expertise and generate income from it. Udemy is a free app, but for some courses, you have to pay a little money that will be value for your money so that you can grow your skills.

The app has downloaded 10 million + times and got 4.4-star reviews out of 5 stars in the play store. These reviews indicate the importance that Udemy is giving to its users. Udemy Has also got 2,09,295 reviews on the Google Play store. This app is available on all platforms Web, Android, and iOS. It uses only 11MB of size on any Android mobile phone, so no need to worry about it. Here is the link from where you can get it.



Quora is the only platform where you can get totally free knowledge and improve your skill in your interest in the topic. Basically Quora is the platform that allows you to ask questions on it, in return you can get the answer from individuals. Anyone can write an answer or ask questions on Quora. It will enable users to put the link in the answers, and this is the reason almost all online businesses use Quora as a marketing platform.

Quora allows creating a group on it that is known as ‘space.’ By Creating a Space, Businesses also can market their Product or Business. And individuals use space to share and gain knowledge. You can join the space as your interest in Quora and can grow to the next level.

Quora also has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play store. In size, it is only 6.6MB on any android mobile. The user has been awarded this app by giving 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. And it has a total of 483829 positive and valuable reviews.



LinkedIn Learning is an online education platform that gives essential knowledge to start with the career path. If you want to choose any course, there are so many options to choose a category for your course.

LinkedIn Learning offers a monthly trial for free. Then you have to pay money to access the courses. There are two options to choose the plan Either you can select a monthly plan, or you can choose a yearly plan. For the monthly plan, you have to pay ₹1400 per month, and if you choose an annual plan, you can get the benefit of a 20% discount on full payment. And it will be renewed automatically as per your policy. It also allows getting access offline of the course by download option.

You will get the certificate after completing the course. Its certificate can give excellent value for your career. On LinkedIn Learning, you can get the courses that are made by professionals, but some of the courses are not enough for the advanced level. So if you are willing to learn advanced level skills, then LinkedIn learning is not for you to grow your skills.

LinkedIn Learning is a free download application available in the google play store. But you have to pay for each course as per its price. This app already downloaded more than 1 million times and already got 4.5 stars ratings out of the five stars. Not only rated by stars but also it got 21221 positive reviews on google play store. As of now, this app consumes only 15MB on your android mobile and can give support to upgrade your skills.



Coursera is a platform for e-learning education. This application is straightforward to use and very responsive to pay. We have to select the course and pay money for that specific course. It has a responsive layout that everyone can understand easily. Now the main focus on the content quality. All the content is created and certified by its professionals. And Many universities are contributing their courses on this platform. Universities like Yale University, Howard University, University of Michigan, Duke University, and more. You can also get a certificate after completing the course in the Coursera. Sometimes you can find a Course for free. But for a free course, you have to sacrifice with the certificate.

This platform is best suitable for the person who is in the advanced level. So if you are a beginner, then it could be difficult for you and also sometimes their courses have high prices compared to other Learning Platforms.

Coursera is a Free Downloadable application that you can get from the Google play store. You can get the link below. It is downloaded more than 10 million times by its users. Coursera does not contain the fixed size of memory to consume. It has 4.3 stars rating out of 5 stars and also has 101316 reviews.

It is good enough if you are willing to learn an advanced level of knowledge and grow your skills.



Skillshare is an IT-based platform for online learning and education. The content of the courses is made by industry professionals.

Students get interested in its course because of its method of teaching. This Learning app gives an assignment or project to complete. If you complete the assignment, you will be able to get a certificate from it. you can grow your skills by using this it based online learning platform at an intermediate level.

Skillshare offers a trial of a month for free. Then you have to pay a charge to access. There are two options to get a premium, either monthly or annually. You have to pay for ₹599. Per month for a monthly premium. It will be ₹359 if you pay annually. Because of the skillshares refund policy, you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase. You may be confused of find courses on Skillshare because many courses contain unclear wording, and there is a pricing problem too.

Skillshare is available for free download in google play store. This application is downloaded by 1 million users and also gets 30460 reviews by their users. Skillshare consumes only 20 MB size in any android mobile phones And got 4.6 stars out of 5 stars rating. It means it is most useful for its users.



edX was founded by the scientists of Howard University and Massachusetts University. It was founded in the year 2012. edX was created with one motto to serve as a non-profit organization so that edX’s users can get high-quality Knowledge at an affordable price.

It provides mainly two types of courses, the first is ‘verified’, and the second is ‘unverified’. You can access unverified courses free of cost, and you have to pay for verified courses. You will not be able to receive a certificate if you attend unverified courses. edX is also provided a facility to access it offline.

Various universities provide all the courses. So that students can get university-level knowledge, but some of the courses are poorly made, but you don’t have to worry about it. Most of the courses are good quality, and there is also one more positive point that this app is most easy to navigate.

edX is a less known app nowadays, but it also has good value in the google play store. It is a free download available for both Android and devices, five million-plus users have downloaded this app to improve their skills, and they give 4.7stars rating out of 5 stars. edX got almost 60422 positive feedback from the users. You are planning to download this app on your Android. Then you don’t have to worry about its size because it uses only 15 MB size.

we suggest you grow your skills with edX if you want to grow your knowledge to the advanced level.



We have created a comparison table that will help you to choose the right platform that suits the best for you. Take a look at it if you are a little bit confused. We had compared all the platforms by its download, reviews, size, and user-level.

3LinkedIn Learning1,000,000+4.515MBBeginner
4Coursera10,000,000+4.3Not FixAdvance


Now you have almost all the information about all the best platforms that can help you to grow your skills. So in conclusion, if you are a beginner and want to start a new career then you have to choose Udemy and LinkedIn learning. This platform also will help you at the financial level.

If you are at the intermediate level you can choose skillshare and if you are at an advanced level and want to grow more and more, you can choose Coursera or edX as your career path.

If you own a business or planning to start your business, then we have an amazing blog that you should look on it. You will get all the detail of the apps that must have on your mobile for business use.


Is online learning effective?

Yes, as of now online learning is the most effective channel to get knowledge

Will online learning lower the price of college?


Why is online learning good?

Because students can get the best knowledge from a specialized tutor on a specific topic.

Can online learning is as effective as traditional classes?

Yes, because on online learning students can clear their doubts by questions as traditional classes.

Is a certificate of online learning valuable?

Yes, all online learning certificates are as valuable as offline learning.

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