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Learning Platforms for Android App Development-2 Types


Now you all will be looking for from where I should start learning android and what are the resources which will be helpful for learning. In this blog, I will discuss the various sources available on the internet, So be with me till the last.

In the beginning, we all need to know from where to start our journey in any field either is android or any other field, for it we know that we should need a teacher in any form whether it will be one of our friend, online tutor or best teacher Google. And one should start looking out as early as possible.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Video Platforms
  2. Documentation platforms
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs

I have categorized the platforms available on Google in 2 parts so one can go to the content which he/she would like.

If someone likes learning from video content( which I think most of us) can go through them for learning and if someone likes reading and then learning they go to written( blog ) platforms.

For learning introduction to android development refer- Android

Video Platforms


It is one of the biggest learning platforms from which you can learn anything which you want to learn. If you ask about android there are various good tutors available here from which you can get a good amount of knowledge.

You can go and search as there are varieties of tutors available.

One you choose the tutor from which he/she can understand very well. But from YouTube, you cannot learn that much which you can make one a professional developer. As no one provide that much amount of content on this platform as it is free. So, from my suggestion you have to move forward after covering the basics to other platforms.

Source-: Youtube.com


It is one of the good sites which provides courses related to android development. From various top universities courses are available on this subject. Some universities are-: Harvard, Oxford, Stanford.

On these platforms some courses available are free and some are paid, you check out all and should find out which one suits you. And if someone wants a certificate then he/she has to pay some amount.

Visit- Coursera


It is one of the biggest platforms which is owned by Google which provides every category of course in Android development from basic to advanced.

And the tutors available are one of the best and they are the best in their field. But the courses available are somewhat high cost for normal people, everyone cannot afford that.

I would suggest if someone can afford it then one should choose it otherwise I am giving more recommendations below.

Visit- Udacity


It is also one of the good platforms for learning android development. There are thousands of courses available here and you can choose among themselves according to your choice.

After seeing the preview of every course as you can check which tutor is understandable to you.

Here some courses are free but maximum are paid and you will get valuable content there only. Lookout the courses and move your journey forward.

Visit- Udemy


It is one of the platforms which offers various university courses top one like Wharton, Princeton University. It has some courses on android development, One should look out on it and go for it. Very trained professors are here for providing you the knowledge.

Here there are some paid courses and some free courses, you can go check it out and start whatever you like.

And if someone wants a certificate from it, then he/she has to pay for it and it comes underpaid ones.

Visit-: EDX

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is known for its professional network where it is used by us for looking for jobs, internships, and for HR it is used for hiring the best potentials from thereon.

But LinkedIn has also established a learning platform for the students for gaining up new skills and be a professional from thereon which is known as LinkedIn learning (Lynda). It is a good platform for one to start his/her android journey.

This platform is paid if you want to access its courses, It also comes up in a bundle with the LinkedIn premium plan. You can lookout and then decide whether to go for it or not as there are some free trials available. And It also provides a one-month free trial.

Visit-: LinkedIn Learning

MOOC From Big Universities

There are also some good MOOC (Massive open online courses) that are provided by some universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, and much more which are available separately on their platforms rather than other platforms as you have seen above.

You can lookout and choose one of them as they are highly professional level courses. In these some are paid and some universities provide them for free.

Documentation Platforms

Some students like to read and understand the concepts by reading with the help of documentation which is written in the form of blogs. Under I am explaining some of them-:

Android Developer site

It is one of the best documentation which is provided by the Android platform for learning Android development. There is almost every dilemma explained in a very intuitive way and one can grasp it easily.

One should always read this site and it is a bible for learning android development and become a professional developer further.

Visit-: Android developer


It is one of the good blogs which also provides a good amount of information for android. You can go and check out these blogs and they are very helpful in moving forward in our journey.


As we all know books are one of the important resources to learn any skill moving forward. As the foundation is not changed the way of learning can be changed. So there are some good books which provide an ample amount of knowledge about developing apps.

But moving forward you have to upgrade as this cannot be efficient to take you to the level of a proficient developer.

I am listing some books under which can be useful for you to learn the Android-:

  • Head First Android Development
  • Android Programming: Pushing the limits.
  • Hello Android

And there are many more books which you can go and search online and see a free preview of it and then buy it.

There are also many more blogs in which you can go and search by yourself and choose what you like according to your liking or disliking and understanding.


As a conclusion I would like to say that I have identified various sources of learning android development above, you should start looking for it and recognize which suits best for you to understand well.

And you can also recognize that the field which you have chosen is best suited for you or not.

As don’t come in this field without searching and developing your mind that what I have to do to perform extravagant in this field.

Give time and you will able to learn it and become a professional developer.

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Now I will be taking some questions

1. Which platform is the best for learning and why?

If you ask from mine then I will say all are best at their perspective as I have used many of the listed above, and they provide good resources and tutors to provide you ample knowledge about it. And one thing I want to say to all of you that it depends on us how we use the resources which are available to us and make it big with it. As things are almost the same which one teaches us but it depends on us how we use and make it big. At last, I would like to say that one must don’t think which platform is best and study the course which he/she understands well.

2. Is a certified course as best as I think it helps get a job in the future?

I want to say that one will get the job based on the skill he/she is having not the certificates he is having. Certification is proof that you know but it is not fruitful if you do not have enough knowledge in it. One manager can hire a person without certificates if he/she shows that he has much amount of knowledge through the projects, but one cannot hire you if you are having dozens of certificates and knowledge is nill. So I would like to say that focus on the basics and develop your knowledge and make projects associated with it.
Projects will work like a magic sword for you to make an entry to the company.

I have done my best to discuss the platforms which are helpful for one to learn the android development and would think it would be helpful for you.

Happy Coding….



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