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LG 437 Litre 2-star double door Refrigerator

LG 437 litre refrigerator

Are you looking for a perfect Refrigerator for your home? Are you loving the design of the LG refrigerator? Therefore, the LG 437 litre Refrigerator is would be an excellent option for you.

It’s mainly a double door Refrigerator which is working with frost-free Technology, If we talking about the compressor of this refrigerator, Therefore it’s an inverter type compressor with the capacity of  437liters.

So let’s talk about the key feature of this refrigerator.performance is outstanding..very less noise…

Lets find out–

  1. Specification
  2. Top Feature
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ with answer
  5. Customer ratings and reviews


  •      Power Rating- 2 stars.
  •      The capacity of the Refrigerator– 437 Litres
  •      Refrigerator- double Doors refrigerator
  •      Colour- Shiny Steel & Silver
  •       Refrigerator compressor-  Inverter Linear Compressor.
  •       Type Of Defrosting – Frost free
  •       Door numbers- One for Refrigerator and one for the freezer
  •       Refrigerant- Eco-Friendly refrigerant.
  •       Stabiliser- Built-in type stabiliser.
  •       Type- Double Doors.
  •       Freezer Interior Light- yes.
  •       Ice Tray – yes available and movable and twist available
  •       Air Flow Type- Multi airflow.
  •       Display- Not available
  •       Design- Solid.
  •       Handle Type- Metallic.
  •       Egg Tray- yes, available
  •       Refrigerator Doors Bins- Yes available
  •       Door lock- Not Available.
  •       Child Lock- Not Available.
  •       Door Alarm- yes, Available.
  •       Deodoriser- Yes Available
  •       Type of airflow- Multi-type airflow
  •       Temperature Control– Yes Available
  •       Moisture control- yes  Available
  •       Type of body material- Metal
  •       Refrigerator Shelf Material – Toughened Glass
  •       Depth- 70.3 cm
  •       Width- 58.5
  •       Height- 147.5
  •       Weight- 78 Kg

               Warranty- One year on the entire body unit and 10 years on the refrigerator compressor

             Package Contents main unit user manual, Warranty card, power cord and attachments.

2.Top Feature-:

Double Twist ice tray

As You Read in the title The LG 437 Litre 3-star frost free double door Refrigerator has a double twist ice tray. As a result, it helps you to access the ice tray quickly and easily when you need some ice.

Door cooling technology   

The door cooling Technology is immersive technology. Consequently, it helps us in reducing the temperature gap between the inside of the refrigerator. As a result, the inside compartment of the door cools the fridge smarter and faster.

Smart Inverter Compressor

 This LG 437 Litre Refrigerator Has a smart inverter compressor which is works silently and saves a lot of power.

Anti-bacterial Gasket

It’s an amazing feature of this refrigerator that helps our food from any kind of various kinds of bacteria, on the other hand, it keeps our food  fresh and healthy for a long time.

Multi Air Flow

 This Refrigerator works with multi airflow that works very specifically and sends the airflow in the inner part of the refrigerator. This system helps us to keep food fresh and healthy for a long time.

Auto Smart Connect

It’s a dominant feature of this refrigerator, it works with an auto-connecting system. As a result it helps us to keep our food for a long time, this system automatically connects your refrigerator to your home inverter. 

LG’s smart solar system–   

It’s a prominent feature of this refrigerator that helps us run this refrigerator on the social power also so you can connect your refrigerator with the solar power as well.

But you need a UPS or PCU that helps us to convert the DC power to AC power. 

Stabiliser-free operation

 This LG 437 litre Refrigerator needs a very low power to run. Therefore, this refrigerator doesn’t need any kind of power stabiliser, you can run this refrigerator without a refrigerator or you can say you can operate this refrigerator without a refrigerator.

Ice Beam Door Cooling

It’s a dominant feature that sends the cold air all over the refrigerator and helps our food stay neat and fresh for a long time.

Moist Balance Crisper

The moist balance crisper is an amazing feature of this refrigerator, it helps to maintain the moist in the box where we keep our food. likewise, it helps to keep our box packed food for a long time.


This LG 437Litre refrigerator has a fully led light on the outside of the freezer section of this refrigerator. As a result, it helps us to see our food in deep dark conditions. 

Ever Fresh Zone

Ever fresh zone is mainly a vegetable bucket that helps us to keep our favourite vegetable fresh for a long time.

Eco-friendly Refrigerator

This refrigerator is emitting a very less amount of carbon that helps us to keep our nature clean and neat.

On the other hand, most of the parts of this refrigerator are made by eco-friendly plastic that also helps our nature be neat and clean.  

Manufactured Details:


3. Conclusion

After A lengthy Discussion, I can tell you one thing, if you have a lot of family members than you should go for it.

Because not only is has an impressive space to keep food, it’s design and colour combination also amazing, you can consider it.

Door alarm turns on after 1 minute of a continuous door open. I never believed in the 5in1 convertible concept and opted for this over Samsung.

4.FAQ with answerer

 Q: What is the energy star rating of this LG 437Litre refrigerator?

 A: This is a 2 Star rated refrigerator, giving you Energy Savings of up to 40% approximately.

Q: There is a cool pad?

 A: No cool pad.

Q: Do we have to contact someone for the installation? How long does it take?

A:  No, they will contact you by themselves within 48-72 hours

Q: Does this fridge have a lock?

A: Yes

Q: Bottle cool airflow indoor?

A: yes

Q: Can’t decide what size of fridge is fit for me. How do I decide on the capacity ideal for me?  

 A:40-80L: Ideal for Bachelors or as bedroom fridge, 80-240L: Ideal for Couples and Small families,240-400L: Ideal for Family of 4 to 5, 400 plus litre and Above: Good for Large Families

Q:Is it ok if i use a stabiliser (V Guard ECS 50) with this model?

A: it’s  recommendation using stabilise in the Manuel

Q: According to new norms 4-star refrigerator will be 3 stars it is true or false

A: true

Q: How many shells are there in the door?

 A:2 on the top first door and 3 on the second door.. just as shown in the picture.

Q: What difference of two stars and three stars, etc..

A: The stars represent energy saving. More stars, less energy consumption. I have purchased 3star in LG. It is using less power and no noise at all.

Q: What is the actual weight of the LG 437Litre 2-star frost free double door refrigerator,54kg or 127.43kg?




5.Ratings & Reviews

1) Brilliant product

We had an LG refrigerator before which we used for nearly 20 years.

My mother had instructed me to buy an LG refrigerator only while replacing it as she was very much happy with its performance in these many years.

By tubai

2) Medium product

This refrigerator has a 2star rating which ultimately lowers your Electricity bill. It’s quite spacious inside & also has good storage shelves for keeping original sizes of items.

By papai mishra

3) Good light and best brands

The LED light is bright & the compressor doesn’t sound at all. We all are happy & satisfied with product usage & performance.

In short, I would recommend all the buyers to buy an LG brand refrigerator only. Thank you, LG, for making my Mother Happy & Satisfied with Your performance & Thank You.

By Rajesh parakh

4) Highly recommended

It’s only been 4 days since the use of the refrigerator, however, I Am a big fan of LG brand in appliances and they did not disappoint with this fridge.

The fridge is spacious and has all the required facilities.

Also, the Net space is more in LG compared to Samsung, ultimately that is what counts the most.

By Raju das

5)Bang for the Buck

This Refrigerator is one of the best deals I have ever got through the Market. Best Refrigerator in the 400-450 litre segment.

I was confused between two of the best models in this range. Samsung 415 litre and LG 420 litre.I opted for the LG 437 litre just because of the size and after-sales service.

If you have a small family, then you can also consider Whirlpool refrigerator range as well.

By  amit singh

6)Terrific purchase

Amazing Packing and superior quality! Love the design and performance !!

confusion in warranty period….

By Rajnath Paul

7)Pretty good

Very good product with this price

By Rahul Singh

8)Perfect product! a very nice product..

it is a very good refrigerator, I just love its working and design.

By Raj

9)Expected a better product

LG 437Litre 2-star frost free double door refrigerator has stopped working after 3 weeks. as a result, I contact technician. Though Service personnel attempted two types.

But still, it is not cooling. Requested service from LG and they have given an appointment in May 2019. Very disappointed with the product.

By Md Raja.



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