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5 Long-Distance Relationship Problems and Tips for Fixing it


In a Long-distance relationship both the partners are separated from one another as a result it creates many problems

What’s in it for me?

  1. Types of long-distance relationship
  2. Long distance relationship problems
  3. Ways to manage a long distance relationship
  4. Ways to make your partner feel special
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently asked questions

Types of Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship are of two types

1. When you get in a relationship so from that time only you both stay far away from each other means both are from a different state

2. You both were not staying far away from each other but due to some reason one or the other has to move to different state or country for example due to college or job he/she has to move

Long distance relationship problems

The main problem is to doubt. The starting stage of a long distance relationship goes well but after 2-3 months problems occur. The problems occur because both wish to travel with each other, meet each other but you can’t do this because of a long distance relationship.

It may possible for sometime after a month or so. You’ve come into a relationships to spend time with your partner, travel with him/her, you need someone to support you in your hard time but the possibility is low in a long distance relationship

If your relationship is a healthy relationship then it may possible that the problems you’re facing in a long-distance relationship will reduce


So in order to make a long distance relationship last you got to be really really good at communicating and the reason why 90% of people these days do not sustain a long distance relationship is because they can’t communicate properly with people if you can’t communicate properly with people you won’t sustain any type of relationship, if you cannot maintain communication with somebody you will never have a happy relationship or it won’t last.

Whenever you feel the urge to message them send them a message there is no secret there is no game to any of this it’s all about attraction and how long you can keep that attraction you can’t have an attraction with somebody if you’re not messaging them it just is not gonna work it’s just not there it doesn’t work it’s not possible all right so in order for you to do this you have to maintain that communication right


A lot of the times long distance relationships don’t work because somebody is obviously cheating


Do you don’t have to feel lonely but at the end of the day that’s what’s gonna have when your long distance relationship do

Just drifting apart

If you’re not communicating with your partner you’re eventually gonna drift and that’s just the reality of it right sometimes even when you communicate it happens right and then you move on that’s what you do with them that’s what you do with that and then you move on

Time in a long-distance relationship

You can only see the person a couple times a month then make sure you’re having fun then using that time to your advantage.

Ways to manage a long-distance relationship

1.Do Trust

Without trust in a relationship it won’t work

2.Deciding time to meet him/her

You both have to discuss with each other about the time to meet with each other after some weeks or months. You’ve to decide this at the starting so it will be better. If you’re not very far from your partner then you can meet after a few weeks.

At least once you both should meet in a month. We have come into a relationship for our happiness and it depends on the other person so you should meet at least once in a month

3. Don’t be over possessive

Don’t be so much possessive about a relationship or your partner. When you’ve fear of losing him/her then the chances of relationship to end are high.

When you become possessive then your partner can see it and he/she is sure that you’ll not be going to lose him/her then that person stops to care about you and because of this, you’ll get frustrated.

4.Giving space

Giving space to your partner in a relationship is very important. If the person is busy in some work is talking to someone then don’t become possessive at that time and don’t try to force the person to talk with you.

You’ll doubt at this time that why your partner is not talking to you. So you’ve to stay away from doubting your partner and should give space to him/her. Maybe your partner is busy in some important work so you’ve to understand and not to doubt him/her.

Thoughts will come to your mind that with whom your partner is talking with and in frustration you’ll create problems in a relationship

As you’re in a long-distance relationship so you will have more time compared to a non-long-term relationship so you should take some time for yourself. It can be for your studies/job or any career

5.Control anger

The main enemy of a relationship is your anger. Whenever you doubt your partner then anger comes to your mind and you’ll not be in a mood to talk with that person. The decision you make in anger will not be true. You’ll regret later that why you’ve taken that decision in anger so try to control your anger as early as possible.

Rather than talking while you’re in anger it’s better that you should remain quiet at that time

Ways to make your partner feel special


If they appear in your dream then share with them. It’s not necessary that you’ll remember every part of your dream but still share with them. It will make them feel special because they have appeared in your dream.

In a long-distance relationship, you are not able to see your partner every day and when they appear in your dream then it will make your partner feel special.

Dedicate song

If you like dedicating songs to your partner then dedicate newly released songs. You can also write lyrics and send to them

Replying on time

At least try to reply to them on time, if you’re busy in something and are not able to reply to them on time then tell them the reason for that. When you reply to them on time then it makes them feel special.

Edit pictures

Edit pictures and make a collage or a video by putting a song. This will make them feel special and this will make their day. Try to send collage or a video on their birthday


Long distance relationships are easier now because of technology to stay connected with each other.

Texts, video calls are really helpful in keeping in touch. As you’re in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean that you should talk long with your lover. They have their own personal space so don’t over-communicate. You’re alone so spend time with your friends and family and let your partner do the same

In long distance relationship to trust someone is hard but loving them is easy because we don’t have to deal with the annoying things of the person.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are long distance relationship bad?

A long-distance relationship is only bad if it’s not good for a person mentally and emotionally

2. Can a long distance relationship work?

Yes it will work if both the partners trust each other, deciding the time to meet him/her and making each other feel special

3. Are long distance relationship healthy?

It depends on you. If you both truly love each other then it’s healthy

4. What causes long distance relationship to fail?

Miscommunication, loneliness, trust issues, jealousy

5. Should you talk everyday in a long distance relationship?

It’s really not necessary to talk everyday in a long distance relationship



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