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Make your Mehndi Function Unforgettable – 5 Things to keep in mind


Mehndi function has special importance in Indian weddings. If You want to make your function more memorable, entertaining, and memorable. Just follow this blog.

Here, I am sharing some amazing ideas with you about unique decoration ideas, return gifts, and food. Here I am updating you with the latest trend in celebration Mehndi ceremony.

So, If you want to make your ceremony unforgettable, just follow this idea.

What in it

  1. How to organize mehndi party
  2. Mehndi party decoration Ideas
  3. Trends for mehndi function
  4. Games for mehndi party
  5. Food ideas for mehndi party
  6. Mehndi Return Gift Ideas
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

How to organize Mehndi party

The function of mehndi occupies a very important place in the wedding ceremony. A mehndi party is a fun day during the wedding season. But more than a party, it is tradition, and in some families, an important part of the wedding itself.

You know how weddings are. Everything is a big deal. Mehndi night is definitely a big deal.

It is always good to get two girls’ night, one in the form of a mehndi night and the other with some bachelorette party ideas.

Some brides celebrate their bachelorette party on the same night. Why should boys have all fun? You can make that night unforgettable you can play some games and unlimited fun.

Here some game that you can play at your bechlor night

 In the Mehndi party, everyone dances and sings together and has a lot of fun.

when to organize

We arrange the Mehndi function before two days of the wedding. It had done only for women where they would sing folk songs, Mehndi songs, and play Dholkis.

By singing songs, they wish bride to good luck for her new life. Men miss all these fun of function.

Nowadays the trend has changed. Now the bride and groom’s family celebrate it together. In this party, women are getting to apply Mehndi to their hands.

You can arrange mehndi function with the help of your family members and friends. Otherwise, you can go for a professional event planner to make your mind ceremony unique and most memorable.

Mehndi party decoration Ideas

In Mehndi Ceremony, everything is taken care of, but it pays no special attention to decoration. Especially, if the function is being done at home, then there is so much work in the wedding house that there is no talk of separate decoration for Mehndi ceremonies.

If you want to make your Mehndi memorable and want to click some great pictures, then it is important that you also focus on decoration. If the background of your picture is tremendous, then pictures will surely come out great.

Not only this, you can make your Mehndi ceremonies memorable not only for yourself but also for all the guests through unicorns in decoration. So, today we are telling you about some of the best decor ideas for Mehndi Ceremony-

Use bird cage

Bird cages are used for birds like this, but if you want, it can also be decorated in mehndi ceremonies. Just bring some birdcages from the market together. You can decorate your mehndi ceremonies with some flowers by giving it a bohemian look.

Flower decoration

Talking about decoration and the name of flowers is not taken, it cannot be done. You can also use flowers to make the Mehndi function special. But you can use flowers in décor in a different way. Just like, you use one or two types of flowers in decorations.

 Apart from this, if there is a swing or swing in your house, decorate it especially with flowers. It would also be nice to see and you can also click some good pictures sitting on these swings.

Unique sitting arrangements

If your Mehndi ceremony is going out, then you can give a unique look to the seating arrangement. For example, do not keep chairs, instead use colorful pillows on top of mattresses. This is a great and unique Mehndi interior idea.

Decorate with pinwheel design

While decorating for Mehndi ceremonies, try to create a focal point. For example, you can decorate the pinwheel on a wall in Ceremony, or make a pinwheel design in the center of the Ceremony.

Prepare Photo booth

Similarly, you can prepare a photo booth or decorate a bicycle or rickshaw and keep it in the ceremony function. This will surely get everyone’s attention to that and at the same time there you can click something unique.

Nowadays there are many unique ideas for celebrating Mehndi parties

Folk singers

Music is the most important part of any party or function. It makes whole your Mehndi function most enjoyable and memorable. You can arrange folk singer or group of singer for your party. The beautiful and sweet voice of the singer make the entire evening enjoyable. A family member of the bride and groom prepare to dance and perform. They can also sing a song.

Nail art Bar

In Mehndi function, you can have a nail art bar that will perfect the idea to pair with this function. Your guest can get their nail art for the function and get customized to match with their outfit for a wedding function.

Fashion show

You can arrange a small fashion show at your function to entertain your guest. Call all the beautiful ladies of all ages on stage and let them spill their charm and beauty by doing ramp walk.

You can do it for a couple. Isn’t it a cool idea to make this function memorable?

Tattoo corner

 In routine life many people not able to get a tattoo due to the job profile or their families, so it is the best time to have fun and enjoy having a tattoo for some days.

So it is the best idea to have a tattoo corner at a party for friends and relatives. You could have the non-invasive ink tattoos for a few weeks.

Food ideas for mehndi party

Food is the most important element to make your Mehndi party memorable.

You can go for unique food ideas rather than a common buffet, Add some mini snacks finger foods too.

Include a unique combination of food stalls like pav bhaji, Pizza, Chatpuri, Bhelpuri, Panipuri, Baraf Gola, Ice dish, popcorn, cotton candy, etc..

  This food idea never goes wrong.

some game ideas that can be played

Arrange a different couple of games is the best way to engage people in the party and make the Mehndi function most enjoyable.


In, this game tie band on grooms’ eyes and he has to guess her bride touching face and hands of lots of women there. Just watch his funny expression. You can play this game with many couples.

Paper Dance

You can play this game with many couples. Play music and the couple have to dance on a piece of cloth. Every time when the music stops, they have to fold their cloth into half and dance on it. The rule is that the last couple standing is the winner.

Do You Have It?

In this game, you have to call out random things like a bangle, a watch, a tie, and things like that and the person runs to the stage first that wins.

Another game is that you have to collect the items from women present in the function like a handkerchief, lipstick comb or bangle, etc…You can choose the things that only women have. The person to run to the stage first with it wins.

She’s mine

In this game, you have to collect different items from women present in the party like purse, lipstick, clutch, etc.., the item should be that only women have only. Then the husband has to guess the item that belongs to her wives. The first of three men who get the correct answer wins the game.

Ring the gift.

One other game, you can try it for your Mehndi party. Remember this game we play in fairs and carnivals. In this game, you have to throw a ring on a variety of gifts that layout on a table, from a distance. And if ring land on the gift, that will be yours.

These are some ideas that you can do for your party and make your party most memorable for many years.

Mehndi Return Gift Ideas

You can gift your guest some memorable gift to make our Mehndi function memorable. It’s not compulsory to give the gift to the guest but you can add it according to your budget.  You can buy it from the wholesale market for a reasonable rate that I am sharing here. Look at these gift ideas.

Fancy potlies

Fancy potlis are the best gifting options that can you find easily in your local market. You can find many types of fancy potlies in your local market like mirror work, gota patti, embroidery, etc. You can fill this with chocolates too.

Instant Photo

I like this gifting idea very much. Because, it’s a memory of our event, that we can give to our guests. I think it is the best way to make your Mehndi function most memorable. Capture the photos of everyone and gift them in a personalized paper frame or envelope. But it can be up to your budget.

There are so many ideas for a return gift like chocolates, cupcakes, crackles, colorful accessories, jewelry, etc. it depends on your choice and budget.


With these simple unique and latest ideas about the Mehndi party will surely help you make your Mehndi function most memorable and enjoyable.

Do you know how to choose a Henna artist for your function? Here you can get tips to choose Mehndi artist.


Q-1 How much cost to organize Mehndi function?

A-1 There is nothing fix amount of cost, It totally depends on you. How much you want to spend.

Q-2 When to organize Mehndi party

A-2 It is advisable to organize Mehndi party two days before wedding.



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